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Welcome to the world of dabbing, so you’ve purchased your dab rig, what next? Accessorize! Below we have all you need from carb caps, quartz bangers, puddle pushers, dabbers, reclaimers, glass converters, titanium nails, silicone nectar collectors and even dab mats! Check out our selection below.
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How to Choose the Best Dab Rig Accessories

Choosing the right dab part and accessories is not as hard as it seems! We all know that having the right tool for the job is paramount to ensure a great vape session. The world of dabbing is fraught with various gizmos & gadgets. Though picking out what you need might seem like a daunting task, allow us to demystify the process by discussing some of the basic essentials & how your next dabbing experience can benefit from them.

Types of Dab Rig Accessories

Carb caps, dab nails, adapters, oh my! When it comes to choosing your accessories, it is important to first consider what type of dab rig you have, and what type of accessory you want to use or replace. The three main materials you will find for any accessory will come in either quartz, ceramic, or titanium. What you end up with will depend on whether you want to replace an accessory with a better one, or simply try out something you think might be more beneficial.

Dab Rig Accessory Materials

The obvious winner in terms of durability will always be titanium. The main drawbacks in comparison to quartz & ceramic is that titanium stays hot for extended periods of time which can sometimes leave a metallic aftertaste. Quartz is perfect for glass on glass, plus it is also more affordable. On the flip side, they are also easier to break, and it takes a little longer to heat it up. Ceramic seems to be the happy medium between the two in that it holds heat for a long time and is also more fragile at higher temperatures.

Dab Rig Accessory Sizes

Size counts, and when we refer to what size is needed for a dab rig accessory, you want to make sure you know the difference between a male & a female! The last thing you want is to have a female dab rig nail for example, and then discover that your downstem is also a female! Without the proper adapter, it will just not fit. Female fittings are usually lipped and wider at the opening, whereas a male adapter tapers off slightly narrowing at the opening. This allows for a male to fit into a female fitting. The 3 main joint sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm.

Dab Rig Accessory Maintenance

When choosing the best dab rig accessories to buy, always consider that you are purchasing the right tool for the job to begin with. One great tip to remember is that in order to maintain the long-term integrity of your dab rig accessories, you must treat them with respect & clean them regularly to avoid residual build-ups that can prematurely wear them out. These accessories are what make the apparatus function, and maintenance should be taken seriously. Protect them when not in use, keep them safe until you are ready to use them, and make it a habit to keep them clean. This will enhance every vaping session!

Types of Dab Rig Accessories

Whether you find titanium to be your material of choice, or you are looking for a more sophisticated piece that maximizes a flavor profile, the type of dab rig accessory you get all function similarly. The main point to consider when shopping around is to know that it will ultimately come down to what you want. While some perks are known when comparing materials, all accessories are sound & practical.

Carb Caps, Dabbers, & Nails

Carbs caps are great for regulating airflow & maintaining heat at lower temperatures, which in turn allows for a much larger hit & greater flavor profile. A dab tool can often be found attached to the carb cap, making for a convenient, very useful combo. Nails can come in either quartz, titanium or ceramic which makes them versatile enough to personalize a dab rig. Styles differ in that the nail can also be domeless. Other technical dab rig accessories can also include downstems, torches, and e-nails.

Titanium Dab Nails

Elaborating further on this material reveals that not only is it more durable than the others, it can also retain heat rather well. This can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Titanium nails are efficient as they retain heat, allowing for a hit that can maintain a temperature, though this may not be a perk on a dabber for example. The main downside is having a slight metallic aftertaste in comparison to other materials.

Quartz Dab Nails

Quartz heats up the fastest and is considered a food-grade component, unlike metal for example. Perhaps the most affordable of the three, quartz is rather delicate and can crack or shatter from overheating and of course, being dropped onto a hard surface. While quartz is a sound material for your vaping accessories, one must bear in mind that quartz cannot hold heat for a very long time, rendering it tedious reheating your concentrates. However, this can actually be a good thing when considering how your concentrates can stop vaping immediately when you are done with a hit.

Ceramic Dab Nails

Ceramic can hold heat the longest out of the three, making it the most convenient for low temperature vaping utilizing a carb cap for example. It is also a food-grade material which enhances the flavor profile of your concentrates and is considered inert & safe. The downside to this is that it takes the longest to heat up, and like quartz, can break & shatter from heat stress. Nonetheless, ceramic remains an ever-popular material for dab rig accessories to better off your overall vaping experience.

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