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Titanium Carb Cap with Dabber

Stop wasting precious vapor every time you dab. The titanium carb cap will fit over the domeless nail attached your rig and improve the performance and volume of your dabs. The attached dab tool makes dabbing and capping a seamless motion.

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  • Product Details

    Dab Tool Listing Includes

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    • Titanium carb cap with dabber tool

    Carb Cap Dabber Details

    • Length including dabber and carb cap - 2.75 inches
    • Carb Cap diameter - 22mm
    • Carb Cap has 1 carb hole, 1 screw hole for dabber

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    • User Manual

      What is a Carb Cap with a Dabber

      The Dabber is just like any other dab tool. The main function is to use the tool to pick up wax and apply it to a domeless nail of some sort. The tool goes hand in hand with dabbing and using a carb cap which is which the tool conveniently screws into the one end of the carb cap. The Carb Cap itself is a hallowed out cap that fits over a domeless nail and is typically applied after wax has been applied to the top of a hot nail surface. The cap restricts airflow and allows you to optimize and gather every bit of vaporized wax as you take a hit. Where the wax first hit a raging hot surface, the carb cap will create a hot but optimal heat that will allow you to gather thicker, more abundant clouds of vapor.