Below you will find a great selection of dabbers, aka wax tools designed for handling concentrates. We carry various tool designs bundled with various dab containers and other great products. Choose any dabbing product that comes with FREE US SHIPPING & always Discreet Packaging.

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How to Choose a Dabber

This dab tool is essential for anyone loading a vape coil or dabbing with a domeless nail. Wax is sticky so any dabber is better than using the fingers when it comes to handling wax. Some dabbers may be better than others, but ultimately it comes down to a user's preferences and needs. Plus these tools are often found bundled with dab containers essential for storage.

Shape & Design

The average Dabber can be used more or less with just about any wax concentrate. However, dabber tools vary for a reason and it is because some shapes and sizes work better or worse with the various wax products in use. Sharper tips are best for the hard wax types and flatter, shovel-like wax tools are better for soft wax types. Many dabbers are two-sided and can offer more than one option when it comes to handling wax.

Metal or Glass Dabbers

The average dabber is made of metal, usually some sort of titanium composite. The metal option can be found in an almost endless supply of options, plus most will last a long time and cannot be damaged easily. Glass dab tools on the other hand are delicate and can be broken far more easily. This category of dabbers is usually higher-end and hand blown by a glass artist.

Short vs Long

The shape and design help define what wax is best handled by the tool kit, but the overall size is important too. Smaller tools are inexpensive and can be found in multi-packs with nonstick covers. However, the longer tools are easier to handle and load wax with, plus they can be found in a huge variety of styles.

Dab Container Bundle

More often than not you can find dab bundles with cool storage containers for wax. The dab containers themselves can vary widely from model to model, so your choice of dabber ultimately may be paired with your choice of container. Whichever is more important will likely win out so you may have some give and take on this one.

What is a Dabber

Also known as a dab tool kits or dabbing tool, the dabber is designed to properly handle wax concentrates. Wax can be very sticky and loading it into a vape pen or onto a domeless nail can get messy. With a dabber, simply scoop a ball of wax and avoid getting the fingers sticky or losing the concentrate to finger surfaces. This Wax Tool Kit comes in many designs to specifically handle the different waxes and concentrate variations available.

Pointed Dab Tools

Pointed dabs are ideal for hard wax type because they allow you to easily “cut” smaller, individual hits from a larger piece. Additionally, due to its small surface area, a very small amount of concentrate gets left behind on the tool itself. Use With: hard wax and Sap Avoid: soft wax, honeycomb, and harder wax

Multi Use Dabbers

If you tend to change up the type of wax used, having a dabber with 2 different sides is beneficial. You can often find these options, like the arrow dabber, with ends designed to work with different types of wax. This feature is not a must, but it certainly is a bonus to be aware of while browsing for cool dabber options.

Spatula Dab Tools

Spatula dabs are best used with harder, dryer concentrates because you can use it as a sort of shovel. It is also helpful for waxy concentrates that need to be pressed into a hit. However, make sure you clean your dab with the instructions below after packing to avoid buildup. Use with: soft wax, wax, harder wax, sugar Avoid: Sappy wax, less viscous concentrates

No Stick Covers

Dabs with non-stick silicone covers are a perfect way transport sticky wax concentrates because any wax that is left on the dab can be easily wiped away. Silicone is also a great insulator, meaning the concentrate will remain cool and at the same consistency until you place it in your vape pen.

How to Use a Dabbing Tool

Before using your dab tool, make sure the coil is properly attached to the battery. Press the power button to make sure the coil heats. Nothing is worse than loading a coil with some sticky wax to realize the coil has burnt out. If the coil is working correctly, you can begin to load the wax. Open your No-Stick Wax Container and use your dab tool to create a rounded dollop (a dab) of wax concentrate and gently place it directly into the heating element. *Be extremely careful loading the wax chamber with the dab tool. Don’t poke the coil directly or pack aggressively. Once your dab is loaded, slide the mouthpiece back over the coil and turn on the battery. Once the vape is loaded and powered on, you can enjoy your wax. Press the power button to heat the coil and start vaping. As the coil and wax is heated, take smooth steady pulls from your vape for the best experience.

Why Buy a Dabber

Wax is sticky and can easily be lost without the use of the proper tools. Dabbers are designed to handle concentrates so if you ever need to load a wax vape pen or top the surface of a domeless nail with wax, this tool's for you. Proper storage is even more important and often you will find the dabber paired with a dab jar, all under $10 with Free shipping, a no-brainer for any wax consumer.

ny vape shop guarantee

Every Wax Dabber Tool purchased at NY Vape Shop comes with easy to follow specifications and use instructions located right on the product detail page. If you have any additional questions about your specific dabber, see our useful blogs, vape shop dictionary or please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.