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How to Choose the Best Dr. Dabber Vape

Perfectly suited for the modern vaper who looks for the best the industry has to offer! Dr. Dabber has it all, from handheld portable vape pens to electric dab rigs. Dr. Dabber is dedicated to providing the best customer service & high-quality vaping products to satisfy your needs. One of the leading innovators in vaping technology, Dr. Dabber lives up to its moniker as being a provider in the medical considerations of the vaping community.

Types of Dr. Dabber Vapes

No matter your preference, Dr. Dabber shines through as being a trusted name within the vaping community. With the advent of popular vaping alternatives to traditional smoking, Dr. Dabber provides the industry with leading technology for popular devices that are portable, sleek, stylish, and highly efficient. From effective & discreet dab pens to ergonomic designs in handheld electric dab rigs, Dr. Dabber has what you are looking for. Only premium products comprise what is offered by Dr. Dabber, and you will find your next favorite go to vape right here!

Dr. Dabber vs Other Brands

Quality always shines through when you are featured on big platforms such as Forbes, Maxim, and other leading brands in the media! Dr. Dabber differs from the competition through not only their accolades, but through their sheer brilliance in design. Their unique dab rigs are some of the most popular devices in the vaping community, boasting reliability & high efficiency. A trusted name in the vaping industry, no other brand comes close to replicating what Dr. Dabber has done, and no other company can boast as many award-winning models either!

Dr. Dabber’s Dab Rigs vs Dr. Dabber’s Dab Pens

Let us be the first to tell you that no matter what you end up choosing from Dr. Dabber, it will always be a high-quality product that can rely on! What you end up with will ultimately be a matter of your own personal preference. Dr. Dabber’s electric dab rigs are convenient & highly efficient! An ergonomic design ensures you will have a comfortable experience every time. Dr. Dabber’s dab pens are made to maximize your vaping sessions by providing the latest in vaping technology. It is all just a matter of choice, since there really is no competition!

About Dr. Dabber

A prominent company with many novel concepts, Dr. Dabber has been around since 2013 with a goal to come up with the world’s finest vaporizer. Specializing in convenient portable vape pens, Dr. Dabber creates products that are stylish enough to use anywhere, yet stealthy enough to keep a low profile. More than just a novelty product, they are committed to providing the vaping industry with truly innovative award-winning devices. Customer satisfaction has always been Dr. Dabber’s number one goal.

Types of Dr. Dabber Vapes

A broad selection means Dr. Dabber focuses on their name brand production line without all the hype that accompanies some other vape brands. While Dr. Dabber does not offer anything for the smoking market, this means they can concentrate all their efforts in vaporization methods instead. From slimline dab pens to sophisticated electrical dab rigs, Dr. Dabber hosts a unique collection of top-quality vaping devices for the modern user. Come see why Dr. Dabber is such a recognized name within the vaping community!

Dr. Dabber Switch Vape

Their claim to fame, Dr. Dabber’s pride & joy is called the Switch. Capable of both dry herb & oil concentrates, the Switch is aptly named for its ability to alternate when required. Patent pending induction heating technology allows the device to heat to the best target temperature in an incredibly short amount of time, roughly 4 seconds depending on the temperature setting. With over 150 uses on just a single charge, no other vaporizer on the market comes close to what the Switch can do. This vape truly is in a league of its own!

Dr. Dabber Boost Vape

Presented as the world’s first portable battery powered dab rig for oils & concentrates, employing a domeless dab nail much like what you would see in traditional glass dab rig setups, the Boost is the next generation of e-rigs the world over! Utilizing a water percolator, this vape is designed to trap heat inside the glass for a safe & enjoyable experience. With the Boost, you have the option of using either a titanium nail, ceramic or quartz nail, making this a versatile product that only Dr. Dabber can produce!

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape

Another great concept from Dr. Dabber, the Aurora is a lovely vape pen with options for dual quartz heating rods, dual ceramic heating rods, and an atomizer ceramic halo. The difference in these depends on what material you can vape, making this a versatile little pen for all your concentrates. A three click variable heat setting customizes your session for big flavor, big clouds, or the happy medium in the middle. With a clog free ceramic fluted mouthpiece, the Aurora is designed for maximum performance.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape

The original low heat vape pen for maximizing flavor on all oil & wax concentrates, the Ghost utilizes Titanium Technology to heat up your material to the optimum setting, instead of burning it up on contact. No electric or scorched flavor here, only pure, smooth draws with a rich flavor profile. Sleek, stylish, and totally discreet, the Ghost lives up to its name by being an inconspicuous piece of high-quality vaping technology.

Dr. Dabber Light Vape

Considered to be the compact version of the Ghost, the Light packs the same punch as it utilizes Titanium Technology to create a low temperature vaping experience. If you thought the Ghost was slim & sleek, you have not yet tried the Light which is even more compact & discreet. Designed for those who want to highlight their privacy without compromising on flavor or efficiency, the Light is the answer for those wishing to vape on the go.

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