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Congratulations on your new bong! Now shop for accessories! We have all you’ll need here: new downstems (diffused downstems, honeycomb downstems, etc), ash catchers, and glass bowl pieces! We have all the accessories any smoker can ask for! Just browse our selection!
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8" Metal Rolling Tray
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Long Glass Diffuser Downstem
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Short Clear Glass Downstems
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Universal Clear Glass Downstem
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Dragon Claw Silicone Bong Bowl Piece
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Heat Resistant Bong Bowl Piece
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Bong Mouthpiece Adapter
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Silicone Downstem for pipes
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Bong Funnel Bowl Piece
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Seashell Bong Bowl Piece
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Clear Glass Bong Bowl Piece
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How to Choose the Best Bong Accessories

When it comes to customizing your bong, there are several accessories you can choose from. Deciding on the best one is ultimately determined by personal preference. Whether you want a fancy hand-blown bowl piece, a colorful downstem, or an ash catcher, there are many great pieces to choose from. From simple to complex, we have a little bit of everything for anyone.


One of the things that is important when you are deciding on the right accessory for your bong is how durable the tools are. If you are clumsy and find yourself bumping your piece often, a thick hand-blown bowl piece would be helpful. If you want a higher level of diffusion than you get from the downstem that is built into your bong, a diffused bong stem would be a good choice.

Bong Needs

Another thing to think about when shopping for accessories for your favorite bong is what you need. Maybe you need a downstem and really want a new bowl piece. If you do not have a large budget and can only afford one piece, it would be best to choose the downstem over the bowl piece.

Bong Bowl & Downstem Sizes

One of the most important things to do before purchasing something to use in conjunction with your bong is to measure your piece so you do not accidentally order the wrong size. You should measure the opening where you place your slide or downstem and see how deep the bong is as well so you do not end up with a downstem or slide that is too tall.

What Are You Planning on Smoking?

While bongs are typically used for dry herbal blends, that is not all you can use your piece for! As wax concentrates gain popularity, many people are opting to use their bong for their oils and waxes. Luckily there are plenty of accessories that will allow you to use your bong for dabbing or you can use it for herb if that is what you prefer.

Types of Bong Accessories

One of the best things about smoking is all of the various methods you can choose from. From bowls to bubblers to vaporizers, there is a little bit of everything. One of the most popular pieces amongst enthusiasts is the bong. Whether you are new to smoking or you have been partaking for decades, a bong is a great tool to use for all of your smoking needs.


This is an essential accessory to use so you can get the most out of your bong. Whether you prefer a higher level of diffusion or you want something simple there is a piece for everyone. Downstems come in a wide array of materials, from silicone to glass to metal. Whichever you choose will make your smoking experience even more enjoyable.

Bong Bowl Pieces

If you do not have a bowl piece, your bong is essentially useless. There are many great options available whether you prefer an artistic blown-glass piece or a simple funnel style bowl. Whichever you choose will be a great choice to load your herbs for the next smoking sesh either by yourself or with your friends.

Ash Catchers

While a bong’s main function is to diffuse and filter smoke, preventing from you accidentally sucking in any ash, you still do get some ashes in the water. A great way to keep the water fresh for longer is by utilizing an ash catcher. This is a great tool which will help extend the life of your bong water.

Filter Screens for Bong Bowl

Another accessory you can use with your bong is a screen. Some bowl pieces have a built-in screen while others require an independent screen. Either one will be beneficial in helping your herb stay in your bowl in addition to reducing the amount of debris that ends up in the water, prolonging the life of your bong water.

Using Dab Nails with a Bong

Being able to transform your piece from a classic bong into a dab rig makes your bong a versatile tool that you can use for all of your smoking needs. Having the ability to switch between dry herb and concentrates will allow your bong to be an all in one smoking tool.

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