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Ceramic domeless nails are affordable and a great option for those that enjoy dabbing with a rig. We carry male and female nails, plus universal options that fit multiple dab rig set ups. Browse the options below and get FREE US Shipping on all orders.

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How to Choose the Best Ceramic Nail Product

A great deal of experienced dabbers will argue that ceramic is the superior material in nail construction in comparison to materials like titanium and quartz. Ceramic nails are known for their heat retention, superior flavor, and overall durability. In comparison, other materials can be more delicate or offer less flavor when dabbing waxes. One can find ceramic nails in multiple sizes and designs. Nails with deeper bowls are suitable for people looking to take larger hits during their dab sessions whilst smaller ceramic nails are best for both beginners and general users. The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a ceramic nail is to purchase a gender that fits your dab rig- male components fit female components and vice versa. Don’t forget to determine sizing as well (14mm, 18mm, and etc.). We will go into depth on these aspects in the next section.

Nail Sizing Matters

Dab rigs are much like bongs when it comes to the sizing of various components. All dab rigs have a slide which inserts into the base of the rig — it is important to determine the size of your slide as well as the nail to ensure each piece fits properly. If you would like to avoid the hassle of finding the correct nail size, there are also interchangeable nails which have been designed to fit multiple setups.

Male & Female Nails

In addition to multiple sizes, nails also appear in different genders. Your rig will determine the gender nail you will need. Male nails are meant to slide directly into the rig whilst female nails slide over the rig’s stem. There are also interchangeable nails which will fit both genders which is great if you plan on using multiple rigs at once. At NY Vape Shop we offer ceramic nails in both genders and in interchangeable options.

Types of Ceramic Nail Products

You can expect to find a lot of variation when it comes to ceramic nails in terms of size, design, and gender. There are also domed and domeless dab nails — choosing which type of nail is purely personal preference. While domed nails are around, the domeless nail is far more popular and can be easier to use. To make your nail purchase easier we have included a list of some of our favorite ceramic nails at NY Vape Shop.

Male Ceramic Dab Nail

This dab nail is suitable for rigs with female slides and is domeless in construction. A dab nail like this is affordable but offers incredible flavor and high heat retention. Both beginners and experienced users alike will be able to find value in this type of ceramic dab nail. The size of this nail is 14mm.

Female Ceramic Dab Nail

The same nail as the male variant minus a small change in design. Instead of fitting a female slide this ceramic nail is designed to fit male slides at 14mm or larger. This dab nail can fit a range of dab rigs in different material from silicone to glass. Overall, this dab nail is a great option due to its affordability which means practically anyone can enjoy the benefits of dabbing with a ceramic nail.

Interchangeable Ceramic Domeless Nail (14mm & 19mm)

A ceramic nail such as this is perfect for people who have multiple dab rigs in with varying slide types and for those who use their friend’s dab rigs whenever they have group sessions. Of course, this dab nail also has all of the benefits of being ceramic in material — solid heat retention, insane flavor, and increased durability when compared to another material like quartz. Ultimately, going with a ceramic nail like this is personal preference and will depend on the type of dabbing setup you have.

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