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Vape chargers, like lighters, are a necessary evil if someone wants to enjoy their vape pen or box mod. There are different chargers that fit different vape pens so make sure that there is compatibility between the vaporizer/box mod and the charger that is being purchased. While not necessarily a hard task, it is made more difficult when it’s a replacement and must be purchased separately from the vape pen itself. A quick search will usually produce enough info to verify the correct charger.
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How to Choose the Best Vape Charger

With the popularity of vaporization in today’s world comes the inevitable need to maintain your individual high-tech devices, and since most of them run off of batteries, you will need the right type of charger! Nothing is worse than having a full tank or chamber ready to vape with your plans set for the day, only to shortly discover that your battery has run dry. Thankfully, most vapes run on rechargeable batteries, which makes them quite convenient.

Types of Vape Chargers

Choosing the right type of charger for your vape is even more important than choosing the vape itself! You can get any vape you want, but it will not mean anything or function very long if you do not have the right charger to go with it. Not all chargers are the same, and not all function universally with one another. Unlike 510 threading for example, some chargers are not as readily compatible. The chargers themselves range from USB cables that can fit into a laptop to traditional box adapters that have to be plugged into the wall.

Vape Charger Accessories

Believe it or not, even certain vape chargers can come with their own little accessories. Some of them require an adapter to be able to plug into a wall socket, while others plug directly into their own units for a wall outlet. Laptops can also be used to charge those vapes that are standard USB cable compatible to plug directly into a live port. Some are attached in a fixed construction, while others come in separate pieces. The best part about a standard USB cable is that you can even use it to plug into and charge your vapes using a car charger!

Vape Charger Sizes

When considering how much room you need in a purse or pocket, knowing how big or small your charger accessories are can mean the difference between having a new go to vape, and choosing to leave it at home if you plan to be out for most of the day. Obviously, it would be rather inconvenient to carry around a typical fixed box adapter, versus carrying something like a short USB cable. Make sure you can either carry your vape chargers without hassle or settle for knowing you can only realistically charge your vapes at home because they are too big.

Vape Chargers vs Replaceable Batteries

What is interesting to not here is that even though some batteries are technically rechargeable, eventually they will also need to be replaced. What we refer to here is the difference between batteries that cannot be recharged, versus those that can be. Vape chargers offer the convenience of saving you money in the long run by having the luxury of extending battery life, instead of having to go to the store every so often just to replace your vape battery. Being as how vapes are used daily, this is an important factor to consider.

Types of Vape Chargers

Whether you have a slim dab pen, box mod, or a 3 in 1 combination vape pen, the type of charger that comes along with it will be of great importance if you plan to use it daily, and frequently throughout the day. Obviously, if you cannot fit the charger in a pocket, then it can be rather pointless to have that as your on the go vape. Vape chargers come in all shapes & sizes. Luckily, manufacturers are aware of this and usually accommodate the market by producing smaller chargers. Here we can take a closer look:

JUUL Vape Charger

We can see that not all vape chargers are compatible with other vapes. The JUUL is meant for e-liquids, thus while it does incorporate the use of a standard USB cable to plug into a charging port, the other end can only fit other JUUL vapes. This one in particular is only 3 ft long, which is convenient in terms of length. It is also made to be portable without being cumbersome in taking up too much room. It is advisable to use a twisty tie to keep it from tangling up with other items in a purse or pocket.

Flowermate Vape Charger

Another charger that is unique to the specific brand of vape, the Flowermate vape charger is compatible with most models of Flowermate vapes. Using a fixed box adapter for plugging directly into a wall socket, this charger is best suited for putting inside a purse or carrying case. Utilizing the twisty tie that comes with it can also be of some use to prevent the cord from tangling up with other items in a bag or purse.

Snoop Dogg G Pen Vape Charger

While the battery can accompany the charger as an additional accessory, the charger itself is actually quite small & convenient. An LED light indicator can tell you when the battery is actually fully charged. It is worth noting that this vape charger comes in two variations – on that uses the original G Pen threading and the other which is 510 threaded. On the other end of the vape charger, a standard USB port cable plugs into a laptop or small cube adapter for a wall outlet.

Universal Vape Charger

Capable of charging up many brands of portable vapes, this particular vape charger only works with those that have a micro USB charging port to connect from. This charger comes in 2 separate pieces; one being the USB cable that can plug directly into a laptop, and the other being the adapter that can be plugged into a wall outlet. The best part about this charger is there are no wires to deal with when traveling! The cable coils itself up for storage, just like a garden hose, and it is to be carried with you in your purse, carrying case, and even your pocket!

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