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Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig
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How to Choose the Best Puffco Vapes

Without a doubt, one of the most innovative & original brands in the business of vape products, Puffco defines the industry of vaping technology. Unique designs mark this brand as being a leading force in aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient vaping devices. A newer company to hit the vaping market, Puffco sets the bar high for their standards. Whether your next vaping session calls for your favorite wax or oil, make sure it is done with a Puffco!

Types of Puffco Vapes

There are two main types of vapes that Puffco produces. One is called the Peak, the other is called the Plus. Both are designed to vaporize your favorite concentrates and are considered some of the most high-end vapes that anyone can consider buying. Because of this, you can be sure to know that both of these vapes are going to be one of the best, if not THE best, vaping experience you have ever had! Puffco is hands down number one when it comes to providing products on the cutting edge of vaping technology.

Puffco vs Other Brands

No other brand comes close to creating the ingenuity in design that Puffco has been known for. Other brands in the industry claim to be a jack-of-all-trades, while they remains the master of one, which is creating the best desktop & portable vaporizer on the market. Puffco has focused their efforts into creating an effective & original design in their desktop vaporizer, as well as designing one of the world’s best oil dab pens. Come see why Puffco has been known to be one of the best in the industry.

Puffco’s Desktop Vape vs Puffco’s Portable Vape Pen

Let us be blunt when we say, both are exceptionally well made, and both are some of the world’s best vapes. The difference here is what your personal preference will be. Whether you want a unique dab session with a powerful & original dab rig, or you are looking for a more portable & discreet means of vaping your favorite concentrates, Puffco provides two main products that will undoubtedly be your next go-to’s! Made specially for the serious vaping connoisseur!

About Puffco

Puffco is so world renowned with success, that they have been featured in magazines such as Rolling Stone and have consistently won many awards throughout since their inception. Originally started back in 2013, Puffco dedicated their focus to becoming the world’s leading brand & manufacturer of providing the best vapes for your concentrates. Their accolades speak for themselves and is a testament to the trust & reliability that this company has came to be recognized for. They are without a single doubt, one of the best brands within the vaping community!

Types of Puffco Vapes

With the popularity explosion of the vaping movement, Puffco has been on the forefront of vaping technology. A true pioneer in the vaping world, Puffco has come up with two world renowned vapes that have been awarded by prominent magazines, and have been featured in many vaping competitions as the winner. Some say no other concentrate vaporizers come close to being able to pull off what they have, as they continue the march towards success.

Puffco Peak

Conveniently sized, portable, and efficient, the Peak defines class by being one of the world’s most unique designs for a modern dab rig. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, wanting small sessions or giant clouds, they Peak labels itself as a Smart Rig, capable of intelligent temperature calibration. With 4 unique settings to tailor your experience with just a 20 second heat up time, the Peak is ready when you are. Supporting haptic feedback to keep your vape sessions on point, come see why the Peak has the positive reputation that it does!

Puffco Plus

One of the best portable oil vape pens to ever hit the market, the Puffco Plus is simple, elegant, stylish, and truly a one of a kind piece. The coil-less ceramic bowl evenly heats the oil instead of scorching it the way other coiled dab pens can. 3 heat settings provide a customized vape session for those who either want a flavorful dab, or a fat cloud of goodness. The built-in carb cap allows the user to tailor their experience even more by regulating the airflow within the mouthpiece!

Puffco Peak Attachments

Personalizing your Peak has never been easier with the many add-ons & attachments made by them. Choosing your style is all a matter of preference, so whether you want your chamber to look like a sriracha bottle, carrying your vape with the specially made belt clip, or want a stabilizing base with a handle attachment, Puffco has the right piece to make your Peak soar! No other brand hosts so many add-ons just for one product, so come see this award-winning vape today!

Puffco Peak Accessories

Along with all the fabulous attachments you can add-on to your Peak, Puffco also provides several accessories to enhance & maintain the integrity of your device. A worthwhile investment, items like a tethered carb cap are ideal to attach directly to your unit. From atomizers to colored glass, the accessories made for the Peak ensure your device will remain in good working condition for years to come. Chargers & glass stands also comprise the accessory list to further enhance your Peak experience.

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