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If you want a water bong that can offer features beyond the standard, an Ice Catcher Bong is a great way to improve the smoking experience. These pipes have a built-in design a few inches from the mouthpiece that allow you to stack several ice cubes so that you can cool the smoke before it reaches your mouth. These water bongs are great and we highly recommend them.
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How to Choose the Best Ice Catcher Bong

Ice catcher bongs are one of the most popular types of bongs. An ice catcher holds ice cubes in your bong to cool down the smoke as it passes through the stem. This allows you to inhale more smoke as it is much smoother than hot smoke. There are many variations of ice catcher bongs and they can have a wide range of quality and price. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, keep reading to find the best ice catcher bong for your needs.

Ice Catcher Bong Materials

Most ice catcher bongs are made of glass. Glass cools quickly and cold glass does a great job cooling down smoke. Ice catcher bongs can also be made of ceramic which also maintains a cool temperature well. In an ice catcher bong, there are small indentations near the bottom of the stem. These are meant to catch ice cubes and hold them in the stem. Smoke in a bong is already partially cooled as it passes through the water. The ice in the stem will cool it further as it passes through the stem. The cool glass or ceramic will further cool the smoke as it passes through each part of the bong. You can also find silicone ice catcher bongs. These will still cool the smoke well but will not cool down the bong so this can be a good choice for those who do not like the feel of a cold bong but still want cool smoke.

Durability of Ice Catcher Bongs

With glass ice catcher bongs, the thicker the glass, the more durable it will be. This being said, glass is breakable and dropping a glass bong onto a hard floor will almost surely break it. Ceramic is about as breakable as glass. Silicone ice catcher bongs are definitely the most durable. Of course if you are using a glass bowl piece in a silicone bong, this could break. That being said, bowl pieces are easily replaceable, bongs are not.

Cool Ice Catcher Bongs

There are tons of cool, unique ice catcher bongs out there. Check out our wide selection of colorful glass ice catcher bongs. The Cheech Glass Double Percolator bong is one of our personal favorites for its unique design and smooth delivery. While glass has always been a favorite for ice catcher bongs, silicone bongs are a cool, new trend. The great thing about silicone is that it is highly heat-resistant and extremely durable.

Sizes of Ice Catcher Bongs

Ice catcher bongs can vary quite a bit in size and shape. This being said, most small bongs do not have ice catchers. There are two reasons for this - the stem is too skinny and too short to fit regular ice cubes. However, on medium to large bongs, an ice catcher is a fairly common feature. Just because your bong has an ice catcher does not mean you have to use it every time. It is simply an extra feature that can be used to enhance your smoking experience so there really is no downside in buying an ice catcher bong.

Types of Ice Catcher Bongs

To help you find the right ice catcher bong, we will go into more detail on the different types of ice catcher bongs. You can find simple, glass ice catcher bongs, ice catcher bongs with percolators, silicone ice catcher bongs and more. Each type has its advantages so keep reading to find the best ice catcher bong for you.

Glass Ice Catcher Bongs

The majority of ice catcher bongs are glass. These can have different features and could be a traditional round base, beaker or straight stem bong. They could also vary in size but most glass ice catcher bongs will be at least a foot tall. The longer the stem on an ice catcher bong, the more ice it can hold. If you like a really cold bong, it is best to go with a larger bong.

Ice Catcher Bongs with Percolators

Most ice catcher bongs with percolators are made of glass. A percolator is an additional chamber of water filtration on top of the base. Bongs with a single percolator or double percolators are most common, but you can find bongs with three or more percolators. Most users actually find that more than two percolators negatively affects airflow and does not provide any additional benefit of water filtration. This is why single or double percolators are most common.

Silicone Ice Catcher Bongs

In recent years, silicone has become a new material for water bongs and smoking pipes overall. Silicone has gained popularity due to its durability and affordability. Most long-term bong users have at least one broken bong story and glass bongs can come with a high replacement cost. High quality silicone is highly heat-resistant and does not affect the taste of the smoke. You should still use a glass bowl piece in a silicone bong as you should try to avoid direct contact between flame and silicone. Silicone ice catcher bongs are the best combination of quality, value and durability.

Other Ice Catcher Bongs

There are endless possibilities when looking for a new ice catcher bong. Whether it be made of silicone, glass or ceramic, ice catcher bongs come in all sizes, shapes and designs. You can even get a custom glass ice catcher bong from a local glass blower. For the best prices, check out our vast selection of ice catcher bongs at where US shipping is always free.

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