Rolling Papers

Whether you seek the popular raw and zig zag brands or the flashy gold rolling papers, scroll below to easily shop online.  From hemp to rice papers, smokers can relax and have this smoking accessory delivered right to the door quickly and discreetly packaged. Take advantage of the rewards program to start earning points on every purchase or other activity such as sharing the product pages and leaving reviews.

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How to Choose between Rolling Papers

Rolling papers come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, thickness, and even paper material. All of this will depend on how big or small, fast or slow you want to smoke your herb. Particularly when thinking about the different materials, you will be able to adjust the flavor and feel of your smoke. Because of the sheer diversity of products and options, we have broken down the major considerations you may have to make when shopping for rolling papers.

Rolling Paper Types

So, there are a ton of different types of rolling papers. For starters, you can simply purchase tobacco rolling papers and use those for your herb. Now, herb and tobacco burn differently and this may not suit you. If not, go for something made out of hemp, clear plant cellulose, rice and other materials. These different varieties were made and designed with dry herb in mind and not just tobacco. Not to mention, each has their own flavor profile and can burn more or less slowly, etc. All have their own advantages.

Cool Rolling Papers

Just like with pipes or bongs, rolling papers have evolved beyond the basic design to incorporate all sorts of helpful or fun additions and features. For example, a popular option include rolling papers with a thin wire to hold onto to avoid burning your fingers as you smoke. Other papers come with tasty flavorings to make your smoke more enjoyable and there are some that incorporate filters to make the whole experience smoother and ‘healthier’. There is certainly a rolling paper to reflect your tastes and preferences.

Size and Shapes

Rolling papers come in a variety of different lengths. Just imagine the different sizes of cigarettes and cigars and its easy to imagine there being varied lengths for dry herb rolling papers as well. This will affect how long you will be smoking and how much herb you can fit. There are also a variety of different shapes you can purchase too. For example, cones are sold that are made to be easier to use than rolling papers – you simply stuff them and smoke.

Rolling Paper Brands

As with any product, there are a number of different brands available to choose from. Some have better reputations than others and some specialize in certain niches over other generalist brands. For example, the RAW brand of rolling papers and cones advertises a chemical-free experience. Smoking brand rolling papers advertises healthy, tree-friendly business practices. Others simply advertise a reliable smoking experience. Whether you value corporate social responsibility or just watching out for your wallet, there is going to be a rolling paper brand for you.

What are Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are exactly what they sound like – paper used for rolling your dry herbs so that you can smoke them like a cigarette or a cigar. The idea behind rolling papers is simple – you don’t need to worry about cleaning or maintaining any smoking accessory when you are using the papers, just one use. This practice goes back to the early 1700s when the Spanish began to trade with Native Americans for tobacco. While both cultures enjoyed using a pipe, the Spanish found rolling papers easier and simpler to use in certain circumstances. It still remains the case today – when you want something quick and on-the-go without any of the cleanup rolling papers are your best option.

Best Rolling Papers

It is hard to describe what the best rolling papers are because it depends so much on your personal preferences. Between the different textures, sizes, and flavorings, it would be impossible to properly describe the best rolling paper to suit everyone’s tastes. To make things easier to narrow down, however, we have incorporated some of the most important brands and features to consider when making your decision while searching for the best rolling papers.

Raw Rolling Papers

RAW, as mentioned earlier, is a powerful, industry-leading brand that has been around the block a time or two. They prefer to produce environmentally and socially conscious products – but this doesn’t distract them from producing consistent quality wherever you find their label. If you are new to rolling papers, you should certainly at least give this brand an honest thought. They come in many different sizes and can be user-friendly for beginners.

Gold Rolling Papers

Gold rolling papers sound exactly like they are – rolling papers made of/look like gold. It’s the same concept as ‘eating’ gold leaf and yes these are ‘safe’ to smoke (in reality, smoking anything is technically not good for you). These rolling papers have been popularize by artists like Wiz Khalifa and others who like the quality and flaunt value of rolling up a fatty with shiny, gold rolling papers.

Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp has become an increasingly trending word and material lately. Valued for the easy production as well as chemical-free nature, hemp rolling papers are pretty popular and are good for smoking purists who prefer the taste of herb over anything else. Not to say that you won’t taste these papers at all, but, they are less noticeable than some other more pungent, thicker rolling papers or flavorings. Certainly worth the money and they are sometimes inexpensive.

Clear Rolling Papers

These rolling papers are made with plant cellulose. While all paper is made of plant fiber, these are thinner and made to be as discrete and tasteless as possible. It is also helpful to see inside the rolling papers and make sure that everything has been evenly distributed throughout the paper to prevent uneven burning, or ‘canoeing’. Overall, clear rolling papers can provide a nice way to burn your dry herb and get the most herb flavor from your smoke.

Flavored Rolling Papers

These are rather self-explanatory. They come in a variety of different flavorings to add a little flair to your smoke. This is especially useful if you have begun to get a little bored with your regular rolling papers or if you are new to smoking and don’t quite like the flavor of smoke. Sometimes, these can be useful to mask any funky tastes if your herb is of lower quality or not as fresh as you might like as well.

Cone Rolling Papers

These are perfect for beginners who aren’t sure if they are even going to like the flavor of smoking, much less whether or not they are trying to buy an entire pack of papers. While not expensive, no one wants to be wasteful. So, instead, consider a cone – they’re simple, big enough for 2+ people to smoke from, and don’t require knowledge of rolling. Just stuff it to the tip with herb and you’re good to go until it burns down.