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How to Choose the Best Sigelei Vape Product

Sigelei has been a trusted brand in the vaping community for a number of years. All of their products are crafted with care and are built to provide the user with a consistently great experience regardless of the unit they choose. Sigelei is another brand that focuses on e-liquid vaporizers with a diverse product line that is sure to please just about anyone. Here at NY Vape Shop we offer a range of different Sigelei vaporizers to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for something compact and simple to use then Sigelei has you covered! Do not worry if you are a seasoned veteran either however because Sigelei also makes vaporizers with plenty of customization and features. There is truly is something for everyone at Sigelei!

Sigelei E-Liquid Vaporizers

With Sigelei the goal is to provide the best vaping experience with all of your favorite e-liquids. These vaporizers are built to last and come with a whole host of features depending on the model you opt for. Want something simple? Sigelei has you covered with their range of pen vapes. What if you are looking to for huge clouds and personal customization with your vape? Luckily Sigelei has your back in this regard as well. Whichever way you cut it, Sigelei really does keep their customers in mind.

Types of Sigelei Vape Products

Like most other vape manufacturers out there, Sigelei has a range of vaporizers to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. On the low end one can find compact and super portable vaporizers that are great for beginners or those looking to avoid the fancier, more complicated box mods out there. In comparison, Sigelei also offers an array of powerful and highly customizable box mods that are the perfect choice if you want to up your cloud game or just want a more powerful vaping experience in general. When choosing a Sigelei product there is one principle to always keep in mind — choose the vape that best fits you. Below we have listed a few of our favorite Sigelei vapes here at NY Vape Shop.

Sigelei 213

The Sigelei 213 is a MUST HAVE if you are looking for a solid box mod to either begin with or add to your budding collection. This vaporizer has all of the standard features one comes to expect like an OLED screen, variable wattage, and a customizable 510 thread that allows you to attach whatever atomizer you might have. The 213 utilizes 2x 18650 batteries which should provide all of the power you would ever need. All in all this is a fantastic box mod vape that will consistently give you the vaping experience you desire.

Sigelei 150

A slightly less powerful box mod vape than the 213, the 150 is another solid choice if you want to explore the benefits of a mod vape without needing that extra power. The Sigelei 150 comes with an OLED screen, variable wattage, safety protections, and 2x 18650 batteries that have all the power needed for the unit’s 150 watts. This vaporizer is also compact enough to easily fit into a pockets, purse, or backpack. In addition, the 150 is DIY friendly and you can build your own coils with this unit if that is something you are looking to do. Choosing between the 150 and 213 will purely come down to how much power you are looking for. Both are robust vapes that serve their purpose perfectly.

Sigelei Kaos

Not just a single vaporizer, the Sigelei Kaos box mod product line is another solid addition to the Sigelei vapes repertoire. There are a few different version of the Kaos — the Kaos Z and Kaos Spectrum. The Kaos Z is capped at 200W and comes in an array of super unique colors. In addition, the Kaos Z has glass siding allowing for the user to see the computer chip inside the unit. You can also customize the unit’s LED lights and have them change to the color that you desire. In comparison, the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum is capped at 214 watts and has less of the flash of the Kaos in terms of design and color. Both units use 2x 18650 batteries that are easily removable and can be charged via USB.

Sigelei Fuchai

Akin to the Kaos, the Sigelei Fuchai series has a range of different vapes with features that will change depending on the vaporizer you choose. The standard Fuchai 213 is affordable, compact, and easy to use. The total wattage on the 213 is set at 213w with a single high-drain 18650 battery. A step up from the 213 would be the Fuchai R7 which has an entirely different design, color profile, and firing mechanism. The R7’s wattage is capped at 230W and is a capable cloud producer. On the cheapest end of the Fuchai series is the Fuchai V3, which easily fits into the palm of your hand and is shaped like a vape pen. Unlike the other Fuchai models, the V3 uses a pod that is replaceable and re-fillable.

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