CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are creams, lotions, or salves that are infused with CBD to provide targeted pain-relief to inflamed muscles or joints. They are available in weaker concentrations for daily use like a daily lotion, or thicker, more potent concentrations for targeting acute, periodic pain like salves. We offer a variety of CBD topicals here to choose from in a variety of CBD concentrations and popular brands.
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How to Choose CBD Topicals

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CBD Salve, Cream, and More

CBD topicals can be found in a variety of consistencies and intended uses, most of which are intended to treat pain. CBD salves are generally thick with wax and fatty oil base. This allows higher concentrations of CBD to be present. Lotions can be infused with CBD but have water as a part of the mixture and are generally less potent. Creams offer a nice middle ground between the two, being of medium texture. The biggest differences between salves, creams, and lotions are their consistency and the levels of CBD present.

Topical CBD For Pain

Unlike CBD vapes, tinctures, or edibles, topical CBD is not used for treating anxiety or depression. Instead, it has a specialty of not only being able to treat pain but can target specific areas of pain. This makes it an ideal solution for muscle soreness and pain from arthritis or other inflammatory problems. Another characteristic setting topical CBD apart from other CBD products is that it can be used for treating different skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis.

CBD Skincare

CBD topicals are not relegated to the occasional application for flare-ups of inflammation or serious skin condition. CBD lotions can become a normal part of your daily skincare regimen, offering a number of benefits. It helps keep your skin moisturized, it can prevent acne flareups, and it can even help reduce wrinkles. Even if you already have an established routine for helping maintain healthy skin, CBD topicals make a great addition to any regular skin care system.

CBD Lip Balm

It should come as no surprise that if CBD topicals are great for daily skin care, then they should also be ideal for keeping your lips moisturized and looking healthy as well. CBD lip balm can be used to keep lips moisturized and feeling soft, especially for those that suffer from chronic chapped lips. It can also be used to minimize pain from cold sores or other maladies present on the lips, though its specialty is simply keeping the skin looking healthy and smooth.

CBD Topicals FAQ

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What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are lotions, creams, salves, and other topical products that have been infused with CBD. These kinds of products not only excel in helping your skin looking and feeling healthy, but they can also be used as targeted pain relief. CBD topicals are especially effective at treating inflammatory pain, like that associated with arthritis and general muscle soreness. These products have gained in popularity simply because of their effectiveness while also having the benefit of being “all-natural” (no artificial compound is needed to produce benefits of CBD topicals). They also lack any kind of harmful side-effect and offer relief from chronic pain that might otherwise have to be treated with addictive opioids or other addiction-prone pain relievers.

How to Use a CBD Topical?

How a CBD topical is used depends on exactly what kind of product the CBD has been infused to, be it lip balm, lotions, etc. However, the presence of CBD does not require any kind of specialty application or care. General instructions of their CBD-less counterparts are sufficient for use. For example, CBD lip balm is applied to the lips, CBD lotions are simply rubbed into the skin, and CBD salves are applied directly to where pain is most acute. Unlike other products, CBD lacks any kind of negative or harmful side-effects, so no special precautions are needed when applying CBD topicals.

Do CBD Topicals Work?

In short, yes. However, when answering this question, it is important to lean on research-based evidence as opposed to anecdotal testimonies. Personal testimonies are great, but they fail to show if a CBD topical product is actually effective or not. Early research has shown that the skin has its own endocannabinoid system and that the topical application of CBD products is enough for effective interaction between that system and CBD. The results are helping manage pain as well as promoting healing and promoting the normal function of the skin. Again, the research is still new, but what has been shown so far is extremely promising and continues to point to the effectiveness of CBD topicals.

CBD Topicals VS CBD Tinctures

Topicals and tinctures, though both having a common active ingredient of CBD, are generally used for very different purposes. CBD tinctures are a concentrated oil meant for oral consumption, and whereas they are used to treat chronic pain, tinctures are also effective in treating mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression. CBD topicals are not effective in treating mental health disorders and, while they do manage pain, are far more effective in targeted pain relief. This is in opposition to CBD tinctures, which offer a more overall pain relief experience. Both are great and both have their niche uses involving the application of CBD.

FAQ Continued

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CBD Salve VS CBD Cream

CBD salves and creams have very similar uses and effects, but what is different is their consistency. Salves have no water in their ingredients, they are generally wax and fatty oil-based products. This means they are thick, but the oil allows more CBD to bind to the product, making them more potent. CBD creams have water in the product, which helps those products soak into your skin. However, because of the added water, less CBD can be bound to it and they are generally not as potent. Creams are generally for daily use as part of a regimen, whereas salves are more targeted use for especially painful areas.

Where Can I Buy CBD

CBD topicals, though not quite as popular as tinctures and vapes, are starting to rise in popularity. Since CBD became legal through the 2018 Farm Bill, there has been more room for the development of CBD products like topicals to enter the market. They can often be found in vape shops and dedicated CBD retailers. However, you are likely to find the most variety through online retailers, especially if you specifically want a kind of topical product or a brand. If you want to buy CBD topicals with guaranteed quality and always free shipping, they can be purchased right here at nyvapeshopcbd.com! CBD topicals make a fantastic addition to your skin care and pain-relief regimen. Happy shopping.

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