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Our vape shop carries 2 Piece Herb Grinders for those that like to achieve a medium grind for paper and cigar rolling purposes. We carry several models with varying designs and sizes. Click each grinder for more information and remember US Shipping is always FREE & Packaging is always Discreet.

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How to Choose a 2 Piece Grinder

Picking the best grinder for you is all about your preferences, wants, needs and budget. Whether using a cool bong or a dry herb vaporizer, a 2-piece herb grinder may be for you. And even if you are set on a cool 2 piece grinder, you will face many options from size, blade setup, exterior design and more. Below we have compiled some useful information about these herb grinders so that you can shop educated.

Material in Question

You will face many options, even once you have zoned in on the 2-piece grinders. Options include the usual metal, plastic and wood materials found within all grinder categories. As usual, metal is best and will last the longest. Especially when the herb has no place to fall, more pressure is placed on the blades and plastic can easily crack.

Blade Structure

In a 4 piece grinder, herbs get chopped and fall to the storage compartment below. But not with the two piece herb grinders, the herb stays in the grinding area and needs to be cycled out as it is freshly ground. So grinding may take more finesse and it helps with the sharp teeth and more advanced the blade systems.

Color & Design

All medical grade herb grinders are more or less designed to do the same thing, and often there is not much difference between them. Fortunately, if you like to get something unique, or find that cool design no one else has, you can find something. While browsing around you will find and can compare a ton of cool designs and color combos.

Diameter of Grinder

With a larger the diameter you will have more blades to dice to herbs, and more can be chopped at once. That can lead to faster grind times, plus larger diameters are usually easier to twist back and forth. While browsing among herb grinders you will notice the diameter can sometimes vary by a substantial or tiny amount.

What is a 2 Piece Grinder

A 2 Piece Grinder is a category of Herb Grinders in general. This type of herb grinder option has only two pieces, versus the 4 piece grinder that includes a pollen catcher and storage compartment. 2 Piece herb grinders are great for getting a medium herb grind, versus the finer grinds that you often get in 4 piece grinders.

Sharpstone 2 Piece

Sharpstone is a company that has long been around in this space and they provide quality choices for consumers. They offer a wide array of options include 4 piece and vibrating grinders, but if you seek the best 2 piece grinder, the one from Sharpstone would at least compete.

Choice for Paper & Cigar Rollers

A great benefit of the 2 piece grinder is the ability to fully control the coarseness of the herbs while they are being ground. The average 4 piece will offer a finer grind, best for dry herb vaporizers. With the 2 piece, you can more easily control the situation and achieve a larger grind size that is better for rollers of all types.

Skull Grinder

This option looks really cool and is a great way to give your herb grinder some character. It performs and gets the job done, but obviously is not the best option when it comes to performance. But what it lacks there it certainly has in coolness, plus it is very affordable with Free Shipping.

Why Buy a 2 Piece Herb Grinder

If you have a dry herb vaporizer, an herb grinder is needed and a 2 piece will suffice. But also, when looking among the various grinder options, the two piece grinders are the go to if you want a more coarse grind size. Also, the 2 piece does not have a pollen catcher so most of the tiny particles will stay with the herb versus falling to a lower level.

ny vape shop guarantee

Every 2 piece grinder is different in some way. Each herb grinder purchased at NY Vape Shop comes with useful information, blogs, tips and more, all located right on the products page. Find easy to follow use instructions plus more. If you have any additional questions about a specific grinder, please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.