Animal Pipes

Animal pipes are probably one of the cutest things to hit the market – ever. There’s nothing better than taking a hit of an excellent pipe – unless that pipe also happened to be in the shape of a favorite animal or just some badass expression of nature. Add a little pizazz to any collection by incorporating some realistic (or fantastical) animal pipes to spice things up and break up the monotony of any pipe collection. Different materials will of course provide different advantages and disadvantages.
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How to Choose an Animal Pipe

There are many species of animals you can find on smoking pipes and you can even find pipes that are shaped like animals out in the world today. The most common one known is an elephant pipe, this classic has the body as the bowl and trunk and the stem. The reason why most smokers enjoy these pipes is that they can be made so creatively and uniquely, making them an eye-catcher and fun for get-togethers.

Types of Animal Pipes

As mentioned, the most thought of animal pipe is in the shape of an elephant but there are also others in the shapes of sea creatures like an octopus or a turtle. Another type would be clear pipes that have either creatures inside of them or added onto a piece, merged to the glass. Another aspect to keep in mind is the material, creators can often do more with glass than silicone, but it is up to the preference of the smoker.

Animal Pipe Size

When buying a new piece that is shaped like an animal, size can be fairly important because of the way some pipes are made. For instance, when glass pieces have thin parts that extend outward, this could lead to it breaking. These pipes are beautiful as long as they are handled delicately. Other pipes, that are similarly shaped to traditional pipes, generally have a thick glass and are more sturdy; this type would be perfect for those looking for something cool as well as a reliable piece for everyday use.

Glass versus Silicone Animal Pipes

Pipes made from silicone can offer the best of both worlds: an interesting and unique shape as well as something unbreakable and dishwasher safe. For those looking for an elephant pipe but has heard they are too fragile to use often, then a silicone version would be the next best thing. On the other end, for those looking for intricate pieces, glass sculptures, then note that glass can be made into more complex and rich textures and colors than silicone.

Types of Animal Pipes

Similar to buying a new piece and picking between a typical bong and smoking pipe, animal-shaped bongs and pipes can be tough to choose from. This often comes down to each individual’s taste: bongs and bubblers can offer larger hits whereas pipes and chillums are a more direct route to smoking. In adding water to bongs and bubblers, they also give a smoother smoke because of the way it aerates the smoke.

Animal Themed Pipes

Pipes in the form of an animal can be fun and unique, especially when placed next to a plain pipe. Animal spoon pipes, the classic pipe shape that people think of, can come in a few ways: with an animal as the pipe, with an animal formed around the pipe, or with smaller animals embedded into the glass of the pipe’s stem, and sometimes even the bowl. The pipes with animals inside of the glass are the easiest to clean as they are generally smooth.

Animal Themed Bongs and Bubblers

Bongs and bubblers can be found in the shape of animals but are more frequently found with animals built onto them. In some cases, either the stem or the water chamber of the piece can come in the shape of an animal. In other instances, animals can be seen taking the entire shape of a bong or bubbler but this form is the rarest to find and are therefore generally higher in its price.

Animal Themed Chillums

Animal themed chillums are most repeatedly seen in the whole shape of the chillum. Bongs, bubblers, and pipes are larger and can fit more additions to its shape, chillums are small and are ordinarily the size of a large finger. With this size limit, animal-shaped chillums most commonly an animal itself, this is the opposite of bongs. The bonus to chillums is that cylinders are the strongest shape and without curves and chambers, even glass chillums can be securely durable.

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