Animal Pipes

Animal pipes are probably one of the cutest things to hit the market – ever. There’s nothing better than taking a hit of an excellent pipe – unless that pipe also happened to be in the shape of a favorite animal or just some badass expression of nature. Add a little pizazz to any collection by incorporating some realistic (or fantastical) animal pipes to spice things up and break up the monotony of any pipe collection. Different materials will of course provide different advantages and disadvantages.
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Low Angle Sherlock Glass Pipe
$16.99 $24.99
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Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe
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Silicone Dragon Bubbler
$19.99 $24.99
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Silicone Elephant Bubblers
$18.99 $24.99
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Lobster Claw Silicone Pipes
$13.99 $17.99
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Dragon Claw Silicone Bong Bowl Piece
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Octopus Chillum Pipe
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Elephant Glass Pipe
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