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Real Butterfly Spoon Pipes - Cherry Glass Art

Beautiful yet very functional & cool, these unique glass pipes by Cherry Glass is part of a very special collection that electroforms REAL bugs and turns them into amazing art pieces for viewing, and smoking pleasure.

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    Cherry Glass is an amazing glass artist out of Northern Minnesota, USA.  They produce a wide range of quality glass art, and this Butterfly Spoon pipe is part of a very special Cherry Glass collection designed to give bugs a second life as art.  This piece contains a REAL Butterfly that is electroformed with the glass to create functional art.  A Butterfly's life span is only a few weeks, so after they pass, electroforming encases them in a metal coat that will keep the form and beautiful colors around forever to be shown off and admired - not to mention the artistic additives such as the Swarovski crystals serving as the new eyes.

    Glass Pipe Listing Includes

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    • Butterfly Spoon Pipe - functional art

    Spoon Pipe Details

    • American Made Hand Blown Glass by - Cherry Glass, Minnesota USA
    • Made with a REAL Butterfly - an electroforming process encases the bug in a light coat of metal to ensure durability and a long, second life as art
    • Includes Swarovski Crystal Eyes
    • Total Length - 5.5 inches
    • Bowl Head Size - Deep bowl for healthy packings of herb
    • Width at widest point - 2-1/8 inches, big airway for big hits
    • Carb Hole - Comfortably placed on the right side of the bowl head