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Grind herbs in a matter of seconds versus minutes of hand grinding. The much-needed accessory for vapes and smoking pipes makes life a lot easier. We carry a huge selection from the small grinders with 2 parts to the larger grinders with 4 pieces and a pollen catcher. Browse the specialty electric and vibrating grinders, plus so much more. Discreet and FREE USA shipping on all orders.

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3-Piece Metal Herb Grinder
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Rick and Morty Herb Grinders
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Lightning Metal Herb Grinder
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4 Piece Grinder with Herb Catcher
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Small Herb Grinder with Razor Teeth
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Sharpstone Grinder with hand crank
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Large Metal Herb Grinder
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Razor Sharp Silicone Herb Grinder
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Electric Herb Grinder
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Pokeball Herb Grinder
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Belt Loop Herb Grinder with Storage
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Beer Bottle Herb Grinder
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How to Choose an Herb Grinder

Grinders are fantastic smoking accessories and a must-have for anyone using dry herb vaporizers. The most common grinder is a 4 piece metal grinder with a herb particle catcher. But, the world of grinders is vast and also available are 2 piece, 3 piece, plus vibrating herb grinders and other electric grinders that do the work for you. Plastic herb grinders are cheap but not very sharp and all grinders have different blade structures so some are better at chopping than others. When shopping, you will face many grinder options. The option you choose will depend on your preferences and budget. To make the decision easier for you, we have broken out some helpful information below.

Two, Three & Four Piece Grinders

2 Piece grinders are the smallest and most portable option. They give herb a medium grind, not too fine, so they are usually best for those that roll herb in papers or blunts. 3 Piece grinders can be very similar to the 2 piece, but they are not as common, and they sometimes come with a pollen catcher, like the popular Death Star grinder. The 4 piece grinder is great for vaporizers because they usually result in a fine grind, plus they come with an herb storage compartment and pollen catcher.

Hand Crank, Vibrating & Other Cool Grinders

Not every herb hand grinder is basic and if you browse around you will find models with clear tops so you can see the herbs being ground. The helpful hand crank option is best for those that cannot get a strong grip and want some help grinding the buds. Vibrating grinders increase how much pollen is collected and they really work. Other electronic grinders will chop the buds with the press of a button and the new silicone grinders with metal teeth are super sharp.

Size Preference - Diameter & Height

Herb Grinders can be classified by the amount of pieces they have, such as the 4 piece grinder. A 4 piece is naturally taller than a 2 piece, and from model to model, heights will differ due to larger or slimmer storage and pollen catcher areas. More important is the diameter of the grinder. The larger the diameter, the more surface area and blades there will be for grinding herb.

Plastic, Wood, Metal Grinders & More

Metal Herb Grinders are the most popular material, but plastic herb grinders, wood and even silicone grinders exist. Plastic herb grinders are pretty cheap and not very sharp. Wood grinders are a step up, they have metal teeth, but are still prone to breaking over time. Silicone grinders are new and are equipped with super sharp metal blades that makes grinding herbs very easy, plus a non stick herb particle catcher.

What is an Herb Grinder

An herb grinder is a smoking and vaping accessory made of plastic, silicone, wood or metal material with sharp teeth that are used to grind up dry herbs and other small plant material. They are designed to grind herbs quickly and easily, plus some have compartments to store the herb and pollen. Grinders keep the fingertips clean and break up the larger buds into smaller, evenly ground pieces. Evenly ground herbs will lead to a better smoking or vaping experience. Keep reading below as we break down the general grinder categories.

4 Piece Grinder

This is the most popular category of herb grinders and it comes with the normal grinding area, a storage compartment, plus a little bonus pollen catcher. If you check out our 4 piece grinder section you will find many options to choose from. From metal grinders to plastic and wood, the various grinders available will have differing blade systems and other small details. Small and large grinder options exist, and black or silver are the most popular colors, however it is not uncommon to find a Bob Marley Grinder design.

2 Piece Grinder

In a 2 piece grinder, there is only one compartment where the herb is placed, ground, and retrieved. Very simple grinder that is typically used on demand because there is no storage compartment in this type - basically grind right before each smoke or vapor session. The 2 part grinder is portable and great for use on the go, especially if all you have are a couple pockets.

3 Piece Grinder

The most uncommon of the bunch, a 3 Piece herb grinder has the grinding area with sharp teeth and either a storage compartment or a herb particle catcher - there are not enough pieces to have all 3 compartments. For example the popular 3 piece Death Star Grinder has a pollen catcher but some options forgo the pollen catch for storage. These grinders work well and get the job done.

Metal Herb Grinders

The most reliable and best herb grinders are made from metal, or at least the blades are. Cheaper plastic herb and wood weed grinders are available but eventually break and don't work the best. We would recommend a metal grinder that can last just about forever and perform well when it comes to grinding. Or try the silicone grinders which are equipped with the newest, super sharp blade system made from metal.

Cool Herb Grinders

An herb grinder is specifically made to break up herbs quickly and easily without getting pollen all over the fingers. Just about any herb grinder will get the job done, but some are better or easier to use than others. Cool options exist that you may not know about. Read further as we break down cool grinder features to give you an educated, well-informed shopping experience.

Vibrating Grinder

This electric herb grinder with 5 pieces is guaranteed to build up pollen much faster than any other grinder. Press a button to turn the vibrations on and small particles that would normally linger in the screen or blades will now fall into the herb particle catcher at the bottom of the grinder. As a bonus this in turn will reduce the resin build up that eventually occurs on all herb grinder blades.

Sharpstone Grinders

This name has been in the grinder space for a very long time now. Sharpstone is well known for quality metal grinders at affordable prices and they continue to innovate and come out with new designs constantly. They offer 2 piece and 4 piece grinders, plus options to make grinding easier are also available in the form of the hand crank and vibrating grinder options.

Death Star Grinder

If you are a fan of Star Wars, this is a no-brainer. The grinder has a heavy weight to it and can sit on your desk or shelf looking like a cool piece. But on the inside it is a totally functional herb grinder that acts like a 2 piece but actually has a herb particle catcher.

Clear Top Grinders

Whether the average cylindrical type, vibrating or hand crank, having a clear top can be useful, and even mentally rewarding. Simply, it is satisfying to see the herbs get ground up and chopped into smaller pieces, and then fall to the lower levels. In addition, you can see the progress so there is no guess work when opening the top which can result in lost nug. And of course you can zone in on the buds for precision grinding.

Why Buy an Herb Grinder

If you are debating an herb grinder to begin with, remember that using fingers to break up buds will result in small, dense, uneven pieces, not at all recommended for vaping - the heat needs to travel throughout the herbs. Using your fingers to grind up your herb will also lead to the loss of fine crystals on your fingers that can irritate the eyes. Grinders are easy to use and will break up buds in seconds versus minutes, they store the herb, and over time a pile of pollen will grow.

ny vape shop guarantee

Every herb grinder works a little differently. Each herb grinder purchased at NY Vape Shop comes with instructions, reviews, tips and other easy to read information located on the product page. If you have any additional questions about your specific grinder, please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.