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Herb Grinders

Grind herbs in a matter of seconds versus minutes of hand grinding. The much-needed accessory for vapes and smoking pipes makes life a lot easier. We carry a huge selection from the small grinders with 2 parts to the larger grinders with 4 pieces and a kief catcher. Browse the specialty electric and vibrating grinders, plus so much more. Discreet and FREE USA shipping on all orders.

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Useful Information about Herb Grinders

A  grinder is a small device made of acrylic, wood or metal material with sharp teeth that you can use to grind up dry herbs, and other small plant material.  Keep the fingertips clean by using a grinder - it will also break up the herbs and large buds into smaller, evenly ground pieces.  Even ground up herbs will allow for a more efficient burn or vape.  Especially with vaping it is important to use a grinder, but with a glass pipe it is not as important only because you are dealing with a higher direct heat, aka a flame - however in both cases a grinder is the optimal way to be.

Using a Grinder vs. Your Fingers

Using your fingers to grind up your herb, can lead to the loss of thc crystals on your fingers.  Those crystals on your finger are sticky and need to be washed off - don't touch the eye or you will be rubbing it until the kief works its way out.  Additionally, you’ll also tarnish some of the resins left on the bud that you’ve been touching with the oil on your skin, nothing crazy but just saying.

Using a grinder means that you can retain all the thc crystals and avoid damage to your dry herb.  The tiny crystals aka the kief will collect on the lower level of most grinders, which would be the kief catch.  The most important aspect is the even break up of the herbs which is especially important when using a vape pen - the evenly grinded herbs will allow the warm air to circulate around the chamber without issue - little dense nugs in a vape pen are a no no.

The Main Differences Between Herb Grinders

There are so many grinders out there!;Choose something with a clear top so you can see the process as your bud gets sliced and diced.  Get a vibrating grinder so that you can optimze and speed up the kief build-up.  And then choose from the various layouts of the holes and razor sharp teeth.  And additionally, just about each of the different models come in varying sizes in terms of the diameter.;The larger the diameter the more herb that can be grinded and held.  But regardless of your choice, there are some main differences and classifications that can help you pinpoint which weed grinder works for you.  Just check out the different options below...

2 Piece Grinders

In a 2 piece grinder, there is only one compartment where the herb is placed, ground, and retrieved.  Very simple grinder that is typically used on demand because there is no storage compartment in this type - basically grind right before each smoke or vapor session.  The 2 part grinder is portable and great for use on the go, especially if all you have are a couple pockets.

3 Piece Herb Grinders

This is one step up from the 2 piece.  The 3 piece is slightly larger because not only does it have the compartment with the razor sharp teeth, but there is also a storage compartment below the grinding area.;The grinded flower and herbs fall through the holes into this storage area.  The small holes allow only certain sized pieces to fall through, resulting in the retrieval of a more evenly ground herb.  You can use this type on demand or throw in extra so that you can easily and quickly pack a vape pen or bowl on your next session.

4 Piece Grinder

This type comes with the normal grinding area, the storage compartment, plus a little bonus feature that has made the 4 piece grinder the most popular type of grinder for herbs.  It contains the same storage compartment as the 3 piece but in the 4 piece grinder, the storage area floor is a metal screen.  This screen will allow for small, fine particles to fall through to the lowest level.;This fine particle, aka pollen or kief will build up overtime and eventually it can be sprinkled or added to your herb for a super hit, or for some super potent vapors.

Tips for using a Grinder

1. Break the buds into smaller pieces - sure take a giant nug and toss it onto the sharp blades, and then push down as you turn to try and cut into the nugget.  This will work, but if you instead break that large piece down into 2, 3 or 4 smaller pieces, the process will be easier and with more surface area, the job will be done more quickly.
2. Make sure the storage is not filled to capacity - A 2 piece grinder has no space for ground herbs, but all the other types do.;As the bud is torn into pieces by razor sharp blades, the flower parts will fall into the storage below.;But as the storage area is filled, the herb pieces will have no place to fall and grinding may become difficult because the compartments are overflowing.;You can max out capacity for sure, but just check there if grinding seems to be off.
3. Use a Grinder with your Vape Pen, Always - a hot flame can eat through the exterior of a dense nug and eventually burn it before you empty your bowl.;But a vape heats the herb via hot air so if dense nugs are packed into a vape, you may find yourself dumping out half vaped weed nugs.  Use the grinder to break the herb into smaller, evenly fine pieces - this will allow the hot air to circulate and evenly lift the aromas into vapor form.;This will give you the best vapor experience, the most evenly vaped chamber packing, and the smoothest vape experience.

Cool Grinders Available

1.  Vibrating Herb Grinder

This is for the smoker, or vaper, that loves kief.  No matter the grinder, as the grinding process is going on, the broken up flower will fall to the storage area and the kief will fall to its place.  But the average bud is sticky and particles get stuck along the way, and over time you will see this build up.  It is inevitable, even with no stick grinders because the particles still stick to the screen above the kief catch.  But with a vibrating grinder, you can gather particles that otherwise would have been stuck.  The vibrating motion increase the amount of kief build up because so much more will fall - this is definitely the most efficient way to grind.

2.  Hand Crank Grinder

The original and average grinder is cylindrical and you have to turn it as if you are opening or closing the top of a jar.  Especially with dense nugs, or if you do not have a strong grip, the hand crank grinder will be your savior.  It is exactly how it sounds.  Instead of turning the circular top left and right, just spin the crank left and right to slice and dice your weed.  This is a very popular style and it has made grinding so much easier for so many people.

3.  Clear Top Grinders

Whether the average cylindrical type, vibrating or hand crank, have a clear top can be both mentally rewarding, plus useful.  Simply, it is fun and satisfying to see the weed get ground up and chopped into smaller pieces, and then fall to the lower levels.  In addition, you can see the progress so there is no guess work when opening the top.  You can zone in on the nug and give it a quick left, right, left, right to get it chopped up. 

Grinder Material

Acrylic Grinders
Acrylic is the cheapest material for a grinders and because of that they are the most prone to breaking, usually cracking.  Sometimes, small parts of acrylic will get into and contaminate your herb if you aren’t careful, so be aware.  If you are really short on cash, feel free to get one of these, but for under $25 you can find yourself a metal grinder that will last so, soo much longer - and we highly recommend so.  The acrylic will do the job, but it may be tough since plastic is not as sharp as metal and it wears down much faster, plus is prone to breakage.

Wood Grinders
For a wood grinder to be effective, it must be made out of raw wood.  These grinders are very good looking but, because they must be carved, they are usually only available in 1-compartment grinders.  Make sure the inside of the grinder is not finished - paint or any other finishing can get in and contaminate your herb. Additionally, the teeth on wood grinders are not as good as metal grinders. Sometimes, the teeth are nothing more than nails and with some dense, sticky nug, they are prone to breakage.

Metal Grinders
Metal grinders are the best in terms of durability, sharpness, and quality. Most metal herb grinders are made of aluminum and some have a thin titanium coating.  A metal grinder really is the way to go.  You can get some real expensive ones but you can also find some really good ones for under $25.  A metal herb grinder can last you a lifetime, seriously, unless you lose it, there is no reason to get another.  Over time they can dull down, but it will still work and provide a much better value than wood or plastic grinders.