Death Star Grinder Review

The Death Star grinder is heavy and can sit on the shelf as a daily Star Wars reminder if you'd like. But it also works as a useful grinder to mince dry herbs and keep the fingers pollen free.

by: Hannah P. | 03/26/18 1:30PM


The Death Star Grinder is a uniquely designed three-piece grinder, complete with sharp blades and pollen catcher. It functions like the average herb grinder to replace fingers for breaking up any dry herb. Herb grinders are especially recommended when using dry herb vaporizers and even glass pipes because the evenly ground herbs allow for a more even vape or burn.


This grinder is a replica of the Star Wars Death Star famously used to turn entire planets into vapor. The grinder’s intricate design makes it impossible to tell it’s actually a grinder until it’s opened. Also, this death star only obliterates nugs into smaller pieces. But the sleek design makes it fantastic for keeping on a desk, dresser, or table. The pieces of the Death Star Grinder are magnetized and held together by a strong magnetic force, no pun intended.


Top Attribute -- It is the Death Star!

Everyone needs a cool grinder in their life, something unique to show off, so it might as well be the Death Star! This grinder doubles in function as both a quality grinder and stylish decor. There are some pretty cool grinders on the market these days-- grinders that vibrate, grinders with hand cranks, grinders with see-through tops… But there is no grinder as cool, as stylish, or as unique as the Death Star grinder. It’s worth obtaining just for the movie paraphernalia, much more for the fact that it grinds herb too!

Herb Grinder Specs

  • 1 Measurements: 2” Height x 2” Diameter
  • 2. Weight: Crafted with various high-quality metal, ensuring a nice, heavy weight
  • 3. Pieces: 3 piece total. 2 parts grinding, 1 herb particle catch
  • 4. Assembly: High-grade magnetics allow for a tight seal between the grinding halves, the herb particle catcher is attached by twisting on and off.
  • 5. Blades: Blades of grinder are sharpened and of excellent quality, allowing effortless grind

How to use the Death Star Grinder

The Death Star Grinder functions like an average herb grinder. It’s simple and allows for a smooth, even grind. First, break up the nug if it is massive by pulling it apart with your fingers. Once the bud is small enough to fit inside the two halves of the grinder, place it onto the the bottom half. Then place the top and bottom grinding pieces together. Push the two pieces together and perform a twisting motion at the same time. Continue this motion and collect and gather the ground herbs in a neat pile. As you grind, the bottom piece, or herb particle collector, will catch the herb particles in its rounded storage area. This herb particle collector is actually more efficient than others because of its natural concave shape.

Maintaining your Death Star Grinder

Maintenance and cleaning of the Death Star grinder are very minimal. After you’ve finished grinding your herb, simply brush out the remaining herb pieces before placing the grinder together and putting it away. This will reduce the amount of residue that is built up over time. Sometimes particles get wedged in between the blades of the grinder, so these can be cleared by loosening them with a cleaning brush. A thorough cleaning of the Death Star Grinder is not necessary to its upkeep, but if you’re really into cleaning, the grinder can be soaked in warm water. If the grinder is soaked in a cleaning solution that one would use for a glass pipe it could cause the exterior of the Death Star to be damaged, so this method is not recommended. If you want fresh blades and a clean interior, you might consider replacing the grinder with a new one.


Should I get the Death Star Grinder?

This comes down to your personal preference. A couple of things to consider when deciding if the Death Star is the best grinder for you are budget, quality preference, and appeal to style. If you’re a Star Wars fan looking for a mid-price range grinder, this is a no-brainer. However, you may want to consider your other options if, for instance, you are looking for a top-quality 4-piece grinder, you may want to consider a 4-piece grinder that might be easier to use.


Using a Grinder vs Using Fingers

There are obvious benefits to using a grinder instead of your fingers to break down your herbs. When using your fingers, you must break apart each bud separately. This method is much more time-consuming than giving your grinder a couple of quick turns to grind your bud into perfect smoking size. In addition to this, grinding with your fingers is messy. You lose herbs on the floor, your fingers end up in a sticky mess, and you end up with herb particle in your eyes. Most importantly, though, is that a grinder can give you a more even grind which translates to a smooth and even smoke.

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