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3-Piece Metal Herb Grinder
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Rick and Morty Herb Grinders
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Large Metal Herb Grinder
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Lightning Metal Herb Grinder
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Razor Sharp Silicone Herb Grinder
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Electric Herb Grinder
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4 Piece Grinder with Herb Catcher
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Small Herb Grinder with Razor Teeth
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Sharpstone Grinder with hand crank
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Belt Loop Herb Grinder with Storage
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Pokeball Herb Grinder
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Beer Bottle Herb Grinder
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How to Choose the Best Herb Grinder

If you recently purchased a new dry herb vaporizer, you are likely in the market for an herb grinder as well. Picking out an herb grinder may not seem like the most difficult task. However, there are various types of herb grinders. The quality of an herb grinder is also affected by the materials used to make it. We will break down the different types of grinders and their materials to find you the best herb grinder.

Different Types of Herb Grinders

First off, the number of pieces will determine an herb grinder’s capabilities. The materials and quality of materials used will affect its effectiveness. Finally, there are unique herb grinders that make excellent gifts and conversation pieces.

2-Piece vs 4-Piece Herb Grinders

The simplest grinders are 2-piece grinders. These have just one compartment and are made up of a top and a bottom, both of these having interlocking teeth. 2-piece grinders are easy to use and are usually more economical than 4-piece grinders. 2-piece grinders are best for light to average users. 4-piece grinders have three compartments: the herb grinder, ground herb storage compartment, and kief catcher. The teeth are found in the first chamber and this compartment has small holes that allow finely ground herbs to fall to the second chamber. Below this is a fine metal screen that allows only the smallest particles or kief to fall through and collect in the kief catcher.

Materials of Herb Grinders

Herb grinders are usually made mostly of metal and often use stainless steel. The quality of metal used in the teeth highly affects the ease of use and quality of grind. Check out our Sharpstone grinders for the highest quality products. Herb grinders can also be made of wood and metal. These are usually 2-piece grinders where the body is made of wood but still has metal teeth.

Unique Herb Grinders

Grinders can have all sorts of cool themes and designs. The Death Star grinder makes an excellent collectable for Star Wars fans. You can also find pokeball and pikachu grinders if you are into Pokemon. Beyond these, there are all sorts of unique designs so you can find a grinder that matches your personality.

Types of Cool Herb Grinders

To find you the cool herb grinder for you, we break down some different types of grinders and list the pros and cons of each.

2-Piece Herb Grinders

2-piece herb grinders are simple and best for light to average users. One downside of a 2-piece herb grinder is that it can be more difficult to get as even as a grind as a 4-piece grinder. All the herb stays in the same chamber while grinding so you want to make sure you do not overpack a 2-piece herb grinder. These do not have a kief catcher so any kief you would be collecting will probably get stuck in the edges of your grinder.

4-Piece Herb Grinders

4-piece grinders are a standard tool for most daily users. If you are grinding a fair amount of dry herbs, you will probably collect kief rapidly. 4-piece grinders usually allow for more herb to be ground at once and you can even store ground herbs in the grinder after they’ve been ground if you are not going to use them right away. Another benefit of a 4-piece grinder is that the holes between the first and second compartments only allow finely ground herbs to fall through. This allows you to ensure you have a perfect grind every time.

Electric and Hand-Crank Grinders

Electric and hand-crank grinders take any wrist strain out of grinding. Traditional grinders can get a bit clogged up after a lot of use and they can be hard to turn if this happens. Electric grinders work at the press of a button so it does not get much easier than this. The only downsides are that you need batteries and it can be harder to get a more coarse grind. Hand-crank grinders are a great alternative. The hand crank makes grinding much easier on your wrists. Not to mention they look cool!

Unique Styles of Herb Grinders

You can find all types of unique styles of grinders, here on and at other online shops or local smoke shops. We sell both Pokemon and Star Wars themed grinders. There are all sorts of other cool grinders like the belt loop herb grinder that can attach to your belt and has extra herb storage. This is the perfect addition to your toolbelt.

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