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We carry quartz nails for wax in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Choose a domeless nail that fits your dab rig and enjoy FREE US Shipping on all orders, all the time. From bangers to honey buckets we have cool options and more information below.

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How to Choose the Best Quartz Nail

Unlike other dab nails on the market, high quality quartz banger nail remains a popular & unique material when it comes to dabbing. Here we can explore the why is & what is about quartz dab nails and how they have become to be so popular among dab enthusiasts. Quartz remains the most affordable out of every other dabbing nail material out there, which undoubtedly adds to its appeal. Choosing the best one will depend on what you are looking for, as it will always be not only a matter preference, but also of necessity.

Types of Quartz Nails

The various sizes here will ultimately determine what type of dab nail you will end up needing & using. There are so many different types of dab nails made from quartz banger nail that can be used with almost all high quality dab rigs on the market, so while some come in distinctive sizes to accommodate contrasting setups in a traditional dab rig, others are made in ways that differ to uphold different dab materials. Other factors come into play that we can explore here to give you a better idea of what type of quartz nail you can use for your own dab rig.

Quartz Nail Accessories

Accessories like torches are undoubtedly a crucial part of heating up your concentrates, while carb caps for example can regulate airflow to keep your quartz nail hot at much lower temperatures, which allows for a full flavor profile. Dabbers easily move your concentrates around and can also be used to place the material inside the nail itself. Like other dab nails on the market, accessories for a quartz nail is rather straightforward. From torches & dabbers to combination carb caps, the accessories constituting the majority of quartz dab nail accessories can also be used on other types of dab nails.

Quartz Nail Sizes

In terms of size, the differences here revolve mainly around the design and structure of your nail. A male nail for example will fit into a female joint, which is usually tapered slightly narrower towards the opening. A female nail will be slightly wider tapering outward, which can fit onto a male joint, however. This is important to determine before purchasing! Aside from 14 & 18 mm joints which some high quality quartz dab nails can naturally accommodate, size is referenced to tell the difference between a male & female adapter.

Quartz Banger Nail Benefits

Unlike ceramic or titanium, quartz heats up the fastest, which in turn means you can technically vape much quicker using less flame from a torch. Of all materials, quartz is also considered to be the most affordable. The main downside here is knowing that quartz can actually crack or shatter if exposed to prolonged heating times or is inadvertently dropped. Another main point to consider is that quartz does not retain heat as long as ceramic or titanium does, which is good if you want to save on concentrates after taking a hit!

Types of Quartz Nails

There are many different types of quartz dab nails on the market to suit your individual needs & style. Whether you are looking for a male joint nail to fit into your favorite dab rig with a female receptacle, or a birdhouse design that can fit into both male & female joints, there is a quartz nail that can accommodate your dab rig. Here we can take a look at what is popular on the market and what is available here at NY Vape Shop.

Domeless 10 mm Male Quartz Nail

One of the most popular types of domeless quartz nail, the dab plate is 3 quarters of an inch in diameter with a 5 mm hole for optimal vaporization & airflow. Quartz is an inert material which is perfectly suited for the health-conscious vaper that chooses purity & flavor for every vape session. This male nail is designed to fit directly into a 10 mm female joint. Pairs perfectly with most dab rigs that can accommodate this type of size.

Domeless 10 mm Female Quartz Nail

All the benefits of the mail jointed nail, except that this is a female joint that can fit directly onto a male. Unlike other dab nails on the market, this type of nail is perfect for dab rigs that already come fixed with a male joint stem. Simply fitting the 10 mm female quartz dab nail on top without the use of another adapter is most convenient for those wanting to simply vape without all the hassle of guessing whether or not they need another part to accommodate their rig.

Domeless Male & Female Birdhouse Quartz Nail

Capable of fitting into both a 14 mm female and a 10 mm joint stem, the birdhouse design is made to minimize vapor waste by trapping the vapor as it is drawn in. An enlarged 9 mm hole maximizes vapor intake and makes for a powerful dab nail. A lovely design that can accentuate any dab rig into a unique & elegant piece for a strong & memorable session every time! Transform your rig into a powerhouse of pure vaping excellence by incorporating this piece into your next dabbing routine.

18 mm Female Quartz Nail

A large quartz nail made for fitting onto 18 mm male joints, this nail has a lovely 15 mm dab plate to fit your favorite concentrates onto, with a decent 6 mm hole for optimal airflow. An enlarged chamber above the joint accumulates vapor for the 18 mm opening which is massive for drawing in a hit. One of the most popular standard quartz dab nails on the market, this 18 mm female is great for those who understand that sometimes bigger is better!

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