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How to Choose the Best E-Liquid Tank

While most e-liquid tanks are advertised for e-juice, the truth is that many people use them for their oil concentrates as well. This is no surprise considering the compatibility of consistency with both types of material. Choosing a refillable e-liquid tank is a matter of choice, so long as the tank itself is compatible with your particular vaporizer. Here we can take a closer look at what goes into choosing the best e-liquid tank.

Types of E-Liquid Tanks

Aside from disposable flavor pods that are not intended to be refillable, certain e-juice tanks or atomizers can accommodate both e-liquids & oil concentrates. There is an assortment of different e-juice tanks on the market, so choosing the right one will depend on what type of vape you have to begin with. Not all tanks are compatible with every vape pen out there, which is why we will break down some of the more popular ones to give you options for a more informed decision.

E-Liquid Pods vs E-Liquid Tanks vs Oil Cartridges

It may surprise you to learn that there really is not much a difference, since ALL are capable of both e-liquids & oil concentrates. The only real differences here are the compatibility with certain tanks fitting into certain vape models. Not all can be interchangeable, despite the fact that they can all vape the same things. The good news is that while there may be some sizing or fitting issues, each one is able to vape your favorite e-liquid & oil concentrates, just by filling them the same way you would any refillable tank!

E-Liquid Tank Sizes

For certain box mod vapes for example, the 510 threading is the most common, which in turn can accommodate 510 threaded battery atomizers. Cartridges that fit into these are easily interchangeable so long as they actually conform to your specific model of vape. Obviously if you have the right threading size but not the right length, you will be left with an inconvenience. Always make sure you have the right type of e-liquid tank to use with your particular brand of vape!

E-Liquid Tank Maintenance

Having a refillable e-liquid vape tank means having to routinely keep up with the maintenance to ensure a pure flavor each & every time. Fortunately, this is a very simple thing to do. To clean one of your cartridges, simply use a dab tool or a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol to wipe the cartridge clean, but do not wet the wick! Always make sure your cartridge is dry after cleaning it. Doing this will prevent cross flavoring and keep your tanks running smoothly.

Types of E-Liquid Tanks

Knowing what type of e-liquid tank you have, or need is paramount to ensuring a smooth vaping experience. Having an ill fitted or dirty e-liquid tank will ruin every session, which is why it is most important to do the research before going out and buying an e-liquid tank that may or may not be the right one for your vape. Here we can take a closer look at specific types of e-liquid tanks, and how they are best used.

E-Liquid Vape Pods

Made typically with a flavor already embedded into the pod as an e-liquid, most of these are made for a certain vape battery counterpart, like JUUL vape and other pod compatible vape pen models. Most hold about 1 ml of e-liquid and are usually a salt-based nicotine varying in strength. Other pods are refillable and can also be used to fill up with your favorite oils and used in the same way. This is not as commonly employed by e-liquid pod makers however, which is why they are usually sold in flavor packs.

E-Liquid Vape Tanks for Box Mod Vapes

Box mod vapes have become one of the most popular vaping devices for their versatility and ergonomic designs. The use of a high-quality atomizer, such as the X6 Plus by KamryTech, is capable of vaping not only e-liquids, but all your favorite oil concentrates as well! Equipped with a drip tip, plus an advanced airflow system to optimize the vaping experience, box mod e-liquid tanks like these are some of the best atomizers available in the vaping market today.

E-Liquid Oil Cartridges

This type of e-liquid cartridge is specifically for use with oils, though can also accommodate your own flavors of e-liquid. The oil cartridge has a 510 threading for use with all different sorts of vapes & vape batteries, making this a very versatile cartridge for your personal vape pens. As a refillable cartridge, this makes it a very convenient & versatile e-liquid tank capable of vaping all your favorite liquid flavors & concentrates. One of the more popular types of e-liquid tanks.

Oil Vape Tanks for Dry Herb Vapes

An innovative product that can turn a dry herb vape into an oil vape with the new oil chamber inserts such as the cotton absorbent sheet. Simply fill up the tank with your favorite oil concentrate, slip the tank into the heating chamber of a traditional dry herb vape, and start drawing in! An incredibly easy concept that can add value to your existing dry herb vaporizer, these oil tanks are excellent for converting an ordinary vape into a versatile dab pen. A very popular product, come and see why this is capable of instantly creating your next go to vape!

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