Vape Starter Kits

Vape starter kits are a fantastic way to break into the wild and wonderful world of vaping without having to worry too much about whether or not all the necessary components had been purchased. Not to mention that the starter kit will usually come with a simple device that doesn’t require extensive knowledge of vape technology or have complicated features. For anyone looking to get a start in vaping, it’s difficult to pass up a kit that takes all of the hassle of researching and locating all the necessary parts.
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How to Choose the Best Vape Starter Kit

Vaping is the newest, most modern route to smoking, they can be seen everywhere. Vape starter kits are made easy to use, producing consistent vapor for its users. When wanting to get into a portable piece that is more simple and smoother than most traditional smoking devices, a starter kit can help in making the decision as to which type to choose.

Vape Starter Kit Basics

The largest difference between a vaping starter kit and a regular vape kit is the simplicity and user-friendliness. Because these kits are made for beginners, they generally have preset modes to smoking so that the user does not have to deal with guesswork in temperatures or airflow. Very similar to plug-and-play vape pens with cartridges, vape starter kits offer users the most manageable experience without the hassle of adjusting settings.

Types of Vape Starter Kits

There are as many types of vape kits as there are conventional and this includes starter kits, so there should be no worries in what they can be used for. There are vape tanks made for all varieties of smoking, some work with multiple types and most others are design specifically for dry herbs, concentrates, or oils. When choosing a vape starter kit to get started with, be sure to select one for your intended purposes.

Best Vape Starter Kits for Flavor

For those who are looking for the best experience in flavor, it is important to look at what each vape starter kit is made with. For instance, there are many different ways for vape pens to operate and heat, and each type can affect the way the substance is burned and how it can taste. The best heating coils are made with either quartz or ceramic, these are neutral in flavor and will not highly impact the substance’s original quality like some other materials can.

Vape Starter Kit Features

Because vape starter kits are made for beginner vapers, they often come with different features and accessories that may not be found in some other vape kit options. This includes things such as a re-chargeable battery and cable, small scraping tool, cleaning accessories. In addition, many vape starter kits come with varying temperature settings. Bouncing between these settings, to choose the ideal one, can help create the best smoking experience. As a rule of thumb, lower temperatures can carry over more flavor and vapor, while higher temperatures lead to less flavor and thicker smoke.

Vaping vs. Smoking for Beginners

In switching over from traditional smoking, like pipes, bongs, and papers, the greatest difference is the vapor versus the smoke. While smoke can be produced with vape pens, they largely deal in lower temperatures which offers smooth and steady use. The black ash that forms when materials are burned is what causes smoke; whereas vapor is the material itself turned into its gaseous state from being combusted at a lower temperature.

Types of Vape Starter Kits

Dependent on each user’s own preferences, there is a vape kit made for all types of materials. And with starter kits starting at lower prices than more modular vape kits, they can be more reasonable for those looking to get into something new. In looking for a piece to use, be sure to check out all of their features and other additional options.

Dry Herb Vape Kit

Dry herb vape starter kits are made for dry herbs, these are often more enclosed than other vape pens and kits and have ceramic chambers. After grinding herbs to a fine quality, depending on the device’s own specifications, they are placed into a chamber of some sort and are either burned by a hot coil and gently heated by the hot air. Dry herb vaporizer kits are usually pretty straightforward without many moving parts, however you will definitely get some useful accessories like a cleaning brush and more.

Wax Vape Pen Kit

Concentrate vape kits are the perfect on-the-go piece as they are the least noxious between concentrates and herbs. And for those who want one chamber, or one bowl, to go farther and last longer, concentrates generally offer more hits per amount of material as it does not burn as much or as fast like in dry herb vape kits. Some concentrate vape kits come with a chamber that has an exposed coil, for it to melt down into, but it is important to play with these as to not melt too much at one time. Sticking material to the side of the chamber often does the trick.

Oil Vape Kit

Oils are made differently than wax concentrates and herbs which means they are more liquidy versus other concentrates that can range between a vicious and solid state. These vape kits frequently have cartridges, refillable or replaceable, and some brands offer these in a myriad of flavors, in ranges of strength, and in different variations of materials. Some of these vape starter kits are also frequently called e-liquid or e-juice vapes.

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