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Titan 2 dry herb vaporizer

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This dry herb portable vaporizer with fully customizable temperature control is one of the best vape deals around. It is very easy to use Vape anywhere and fine tune your vaping experience to get the right amount of vapor at the right time.

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  • Product Details

    Titan 2 Vaporizer Kit Includes

    • Titan 2 dry herb vaporizer
    • Extra Mouthpiece Set
    • 4-pack metal filter screens
    • 2-pack extended mouthpiece
    • 3-pack mouthpiece covers
    • Packing Tool
    • Cleaning brush
    • Micro USB Charger
    • User manual
    • Protective box

    Titan 2 Vaporizer Details

    • Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer - This is a dry herb vaporizer, designed and built for use with dry herbs
    • One of the best values in the market. This convection vaporizer is battery powered. The Titan 2 is lightweight, portable, and easy to use.  The heating chamber is large for hefty herb packs and the experience is fully customizable.  With a couple buttons you can fine tune the heat setting by a single degree to find the best temperature and vapor production levels.
    • Measurements - 5.5 inches Height, 1 inch diameter
    • Customizable Temperature Settings - Full precise temperature control between 200°F - 428°F for superior vapor quality
    • Display Screen - Vape features a display screen that shows the heat setting, current temperature, plus the battery meter and other indicators
    • Vape Battery Capacity - 2200 mah
    • Input  5
    • 3.7 ~ 4.2V
    • Resistance - 1.2

    See the other tabs on this page to learn more.  Plus see other information such as the User Manual, Troubleshooting and more.

    Vape Kit Options

    • Kit Only: this option includes everything listed above
    • Kit + Herb Grinder: this option includes a Sharpstone 2-Piece Herb Grinder
    • Kit + 2 Mouthpiece Replacements: this option includes a set of 2 mouthpiece replacements
  • User Manual

    How to use Titan 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer

    1. With the provided usb charging cable, make sure to charge the Titan 2.
    2. Grind up some dry herbs and remove the mouthpiece.
    3. Fill the heating chamber with the dry herbs and place the mouthpiece back over the top of the vape. Pack the chamber, but not too tight, you'll need room for airflow.
    4. Press the power button 5 times quickly in a row to turn the vape On. Do the same thing to turn it off. And don't be afraid to press the button 6 or 7 times, just don't press it less than 5 or it won't turn on.
    5. When powered on, the screen will display a few pieces of information including the current temperature of the heating chamber, either Celsius or Fahrenheit mode, and the battery meter.
    6. Use the arrows to choose your desired vaping temperature - the range of this vape is between 200°F and 428°F.
    7. When the vaping temperature has been set, press and hold the power button for 3 to 4 seconds and then release - the backlight on the screen will light up and the temperature will start to climb on the screen and in the chamber as well.
    8. The herbs will begin to vaporize at a certain temperature which may be before or after the preset temperature is reached. But as the vape begins to heat, you can start trying to take pulls from the mouthpiece.
    9. At first the vapor may be light, but especially as the chamber reaches higher temperatures, the vapor clouds will be heavier, but still nothing like smoke.

    How to Charge the Vape

    1. Plug the provided usb charger into a power source. Plug the micro usb end of the cord into the charging port on the bottom of the vape.
    2. When properly plugged in to a power source the screen will turn on. The backlight will not light up, but the screen will display the current temperature of the heating chamber and the battery meter.
    3. While the unit is charging, the battery meter will indicate so by filling up and going to zero repeatedly.
    4. When the battery is fully charged the battery meter will stop moving and will indicate a full charge. Remove the vaporizer from the charge once it has been fully charged.

    Titan 2 Vape Tips

    1. Use an herb grinder to mince the herbs before loading the vape chamber. The grinder will save time and do a better job of breaking up the herbs. You always want them broken up well to ensure airflow and an even vape throughout the chamber.
    2. Clean or replace your screen when the time calls. As the herbs are vaped and the vapor travels up through the screen and mouthpiece, particles tend to stick to the sides and in small creases. A screen with built up residue can hinder your ability to take a proper puff from the vape mouthpiece. A clean and clear screen is a smooth path for the vapor to travel through.

    Vape Parts and Accessories for the Titan 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer

    3 Pack Mouthpiece set

    Mouthpiece with Filter Screens

    Troubleshooting the Titan 2 portable vaporizer

    Welcome and if you are reading this, you likely have an issue with your Titan 2 dry herb vaporizer.  You either found this page on your own or were directed here by our friendly customer service.  Whether you just received this vape, or you have owned it for a while, this troubleshooting section will help you determine if the vape has any issues, and if so, what to do.

    Vaporizers are electronics, and although rare, it is possible for issues to occur. Even the almighty iPhone has defects. Issues can be related to the battery, the PCB chip (brain of the vape), the wiring connections or something else.  Some issues can be fixed while others cannot be. Please read through this section as we uncover and explain any potential issues you may be experiencing.

    Make Sure you are Operating Properly

    The first thing to check is the basic operation of the unit. This simple step often solves the issue for many users. Remember, to turn the vape on, press the power button 5 times quickly in a row. Once the unit is on, the screen will display the battery meter and the current temperature of the heating chamber. Press the up or down button to display and change the temperature setting.

    Once the desired temperature is chosen, press and hold the power button for a few seconds and release.  At that point, the display screen will light up and the vape will start heating up to that set temperature setting. You can adjust the temperature up and down as the vape is heating.

    The Vape does NOT power on, charging

    If the vape is not powering on after the 5 clicks, then it needs to be charged.  Do not leave the vape charging for more than 4 hours.  After 4 hours, the vape should be fully charged, although it will likely charge faster than that.

    If you have tried charging the vape for 4 hours and it still will not turn on, before pronouncing it dead, there are some solutions.  Try more than one power source just in case the first wall outlet does not work.  Another solution would be to try another charger.  The Titan 2 uses a standard micro USB charging cable 

    If you have tried multiple power sources and chargers, yet your Titan 2 still will not charge, then there is an issue with your vaporizer.  At this point the vape cannot function and you will need a replacement.

    Vape powers on, but does NOT heat up

    If the vape has power and you are able to turn it on, then you should be able to heat it up to its highest temperature.  Once the vape is powered on, you still have to press some buttons for it to start heating.  To start heating, press and hold the power button for a few seconds and then release it.  The screen should light up and the temperature on the screen should start to rise. 

    If the vape has power, turns on, but does not start heating after you performed the above instructions, then there is an issue with the vaporizer.

    To make sure the vape is heating properly, start the heating process with the proper clicks, and then click the UP button until you reach the highest temperature setting.  The vaporizer should heat up until it reaches that setting.  If the vape stops before then, just make sure you have clicked up to the highest heat setting.

    Vape Turns on, Heats Up, but NO vapors, or vapors seem light

    If your vape turns on and heats up, but you cannot get any vapors, it can be a few things.

    For starters, make sure it is really heating up.  You can easily test if the vape is working by putting it at the highest heat setting, and after 5 or 10 minutes of vaping, the dry herbs will be vaporized into browned herbs or dust.  If the herbs are browning but you still cannot seem to get vapors, you may either expect thicker clouds or have a clogged vapor pathway.

    Please understand that vapors are different than smoke.  Don’t expect, thick, heavy clouds.  Vapors are lighter than smoke, and you must give the vapor time to form.  Vapors produce more slowly at a lower heat versus what happens with a lighter, so take gradual, smooth pulls as you get a feel for your device.

    The issue may also be a clogged mouthpiece or more likely, the filter screen in the mouthpiece.  A clogged screen blocks the vapor pathway and will make it difficult to take a pull.  That screen can be removed and cleaned very easily.  It can also be changed out with a replacement screen.  Clear the pathway and vapors should be easy to pull.

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