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Yocan Evolve Plus vape pen kit

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This quality vaporizer by Yocan has a simple pen shaped design that is easy to load, operate and maintain. A new advanced wax coil design helps prevent the typical sticky mess and dual quartz rod coils get super hot to create huge vapor clouds.
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  • Product Details

    Pen Review

    If you are lookng for a vape pen for wax, you should check this out.  At under 5 inches tall you get a powerful battery that can easily last all day, dual quartz coils for big hits and a small storage compartment for wax.  This vape is not only convenient but it is a great deal for solid quality and advanced functionality.

    Vape kit includes

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    • 1 Evolve vape pen for wax
    • 1 extra dual quartz rod
    • 1 dabber tool
    • 1 usb charging cable

    Wax Pen Details

    • for use with wax concentrates
    • Heating atomizer  dual quartz rod coils
    • Battery Capacity  1100 mah

    Read the other tabs below to find out more information about this vape pen including a user manual, tips, videos and so much more!

    • User Manual

      How to Use the Evolve Plus

      1. Remove the mouthpiece from the top of the vape to expose the coil attachment. Unscrew the coil top to expose the quartz rod coils on the inside of the chamber. 2. Press the power button 5 times quickly to turn the battery on. Once turned on, press the power button to test the coils to make sure everything is properly connected. 3. To pack the chamber, use a dab tool to scoop up some wax and gently place it inside the heating chamber. Push the wax downwards towards the coils but Do Not poke the coils directly and Do Not overpack. 4. Once packed, screw the chamber top back on and place the mouthpiece over the coil. 5. With the battery powered on, press the power button to heat the coils. As the coils heat up, the wax will begin to vaporizer and you can start to gradually take pulls from the mouthpiece.

      Why Buy this Vape Pen

      1. Advanced Wax Coil System If you have used wax vapes before, then you know that things will get a bit sticky as time goes on. The average coil has an open top which will usually lead to some sort of wax leak, usually because a vape has been turned on its side right after use. But the Evolve Plus vape pen coil has a uniquely designed cap that will keep the wax inside the chamber, but airflow holes will still allow for the vapor to travel up through to the vape mouthpiece. 2. Dual Quartz Rod Coils If you are looking to dab on the go then you will happy with the power of the dual coils, and the quartz is great for smooth, pure tasting vapors. The quartz heats up quickly and gets to vaping immediately, plus the dual coils make sure not to leave any wax behind. 3. Battery Life This A vape pen battery is a compact, high quality one with 1100mah energy storage capacity. It should easily last you all day and is durable for long term use.
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