How to use a Wax Pen - Best Wax Vaping Advice

This article provides easy-to-read information about wax vaporizers. This guide will get you vaping properly, plus detailed tips about wax pens make you sound like a pro.

by: John B. | 06/18/18 1:30PM


Wax vaporizers are a new way to consume concentrates. They follow in the footsteps of their relative, the dab rig, and put more emphasis in being portable and easy to use. If you are new to the world of wax, or have never used a wax vaporizer before, then worry not. Learning the ropes of these devices is quick and easy.

There are a lot of different styles of wax vaporizers available these days, ranging from small to large and cheap to expensive devices with display screens. In essence, they all work the same way: a battery sends an electric current to a coil attachment of some sort, which in turn puts off enough heat to turn the wax into a cloud of vapor. The coil, also known as the atomizer, wears out overtime and needs replacement.



Some wax vapes operate on one wattage setting, while others allow you to adjust the wattage which changes the heat output. This allows you to fine tune the temperature and amount of vapor produced. In almost all cases, you turn a wax vaporizer on by clicking the fire button five times, just like most vapes for sale. The same button is also commonly used to adjust the watts if the vape supports it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using your Wax Vaporizer

Though the way each wax vape and vapes by works and model, they all normally work in the same fashion. Below is a general outline on how to use your wax vape, start to finish.

  1. Always test your coil before loading any wax into the chamber to avoid having to scoop it back out if the coil is dead.
  2. You want to load the chamber with a good amount of wax, about as much as you would use to take a dab.
  3. If your vape supports it, select a temperature or wattage that is right for the wax you are using. Use this guide for a detailed look into how to choose the best temperature for your vaporizer.
  4. Once you’ve loaded the wax, you can hold the main fire button on the vape tank and start inhaling the vapors.

Make Sure the Coil Works

Checking if the coil works is one of the first things you want to do before using your vaporizer. You want to do this before loading the wax into the chamber to avoid having to scrape it all back out if the coil is dead. Coils will slowly start to burn out over time, and it is always better to check if you need to replace the coil before moving forward.

To ensure the coil is functioning properly, remove the mouthpiece covering the chamber and observe the coil as you hold down the fire button for a brief second or two. You should see the coil turn red with heat. If it does, then you can move forward.


Load the Wax into Your Vaporizer

Packing your wax vape is an easy process. However, some caution should be used when packing the chamber. You do not want to overpack the chamber. There needs to be enough oxygen in the chamber for the wax to vaporize properly. Since wax is very sticky, it is a good idea to use a poker or dab tool to transfer wax into the vape. Many wax vapes or the concentrates themselves come with a free dab tool. Read this user guide for more information about loading your vape!

Start by collecting a small ball of wax with your tool. Use an amount not much larger than the tip your tool. Then, you want to gently drop the wax onto the coil. Avoid coming in direct contact with the coil, as even a gentle poke can cause damage to the fragile wires. If you are having trouble getting the wax off the tool, you can gently scrape it along the inside of the chamber to nudge it off.


Choose the Right Temperature for Your Wax Pen

The average wax vaporizer comes with a battery that operates on a single wattage. Others come with more advanced technology that allow you to adjust the wattage at which you vape, known as variable voltage batteries or box mod vape. By changing the watts either higher or lower, you can change the temperature of the coil for a cooler or warmer vapor.

The best temperature for wax depends on your own preferences and whether you want a cool vapor or a warm vapor. Low temperatures, between 390-570 degrees F, will produce a milder vapor and will also sufficiently vaporize all the terpenes for a flavorful and smooth hit. Temperatures between 570-750 degrees F will produce a warmer and fuller cloud of vapor. Some wax vapes will also heat up o 895 degrees F, which will give you a much hotter and larger cloud of vape, similar to a dab rig.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Wax Vaporizer

Wax is a sticky, messy substance, and on occasion you may need to clean your wax pen. Since your vape is an electronic device, you want to avoid using water or any other liquids to clean it. Instead, use a dry cloth to wipe down the exterior. Being sure not to overpack the chamber is the best form of maintenance, as it will save you from most messes and prolong the life of your coils.

Sometimes wax in the vape may splatter onto the chamber walls as it is heated and cause a buildup. To clean up this mess, you can use your dab tool to gently scrape the wax down towards the coil, being extra careful not to poke the coil itself. The wax you scrape closer to the coil will vaporize the next time you use the vape.


Wax Pen Tips

The more you use your wax vaporizer, the more you will get a feel for what to do and what not to do. Below we have highlighted some tips that will make your vaping experience more enjoyable and less frustrating.

  • Keep your vape pen upright: When heated, wax becomes fluid-like and turns into a runny, sticky mess. To avoid spills and messes, always keep your vape in an upright position, especially right after use. Otherwise wax will flow up the chamber walls towards the mouthpiece, getting stuck to everything in its path. You can read more about it in this article.
  • When you have the option of changing the temperature, start low and work your way up. This will allow you to find a sweet spot for the perfect combination of vapor production and flavor.
  • If it is your first time vaping wax, start with a small amount of wax to get a feel for how much you will need for a normal vaping session. This will help keep you from overdoing it. Even small amounts of wax can put off a lot of vapor.
  • Keep your battery charged: This seems like a no-brainer, but it is often easy to forget to charge your vape after using it for a while. There is nothing worse than going to vape and realizing the battery is dead.

Wax Vape Replacement Parts

As we have mentioned above, maintaining your wax vape can prolong the life of the coil. However, as time goes on, you will want to replace the coil, whether it get lost, burns out, or just doesn’t hit like it used to. Replacement coils are readily available online or from the store where you bought the vaporizer.

Using a fresh coil will make the wax pen hit like it is brand new, so the vapor flavor will be at its best. There are also several different kinds of coils that you can choose from, such as quartz rods, metal pancakes, and ceramic donut coils. It is a good idea to experiment with each type of coil to see which one works best for you.

Charging Your Wax Vaporizer

You always want to make sure your wax pen is fully charged before you use it, especially if you are taking it with you on a trip. Most wax vapes come with two main styles of charging attachments: either a micro USB charger, or a USB screw-on port charger.

The amount of time until your battery finishes charging will vary model to model, though in most cases it should not take more than a couple of hours. Usually a light on the battery will come on or turn off when it has finished charging. You do not want to leave your battery charging too long, especially overnight, as this can damage the battery.

Where to Find More Information About Wax Vaporizers

We have gone over all the basics to using a wax vape, from loading the wax to enjoying the smooth vapor. If you are looking for more information about wax or the different kinds of vaporizers our online vape shop is for you! Read our guide about choosing the right vape pen and visit our vape shop dictionary for industry terminology! Be sure to check out our blog or vape dictionary for more info. We also have a customer service page where you can ask any questions. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope you have learned a lot about wax vapes on this page, and that you are ready to start enjoying your vaping experience!

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