Vape Tanks

The term ‘vape tanks’ simply refers to the part of the vaporizer that holds your e juice, oil, wax, dry herbs, and coils. Basically, this is where the ‘magic’ happens in a vaporizer. Vape tanks are where the herb, wax or oil come in contact with the heated chamber or coil to produce the vapor. Because of this, there are many different kinds of vape tanks available that may be compatible with different vaporizers and box mod vapes.

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How to Choose a Vape Tank

As mentioned, there are tons of different kinds of vape tanks and different, or better, uses for some than others. This means that there are going to be a lot of options to choose from and different specifications or features to consider before making a purchase. While, ultimately, it comes down to your own preferences, there are a few things to think about to help guide your decision.

Types of Vape Tanks

First things first – make sure that the vape tank is going to match the type of consumable or concentrate that is going to be vaped. Nothing is worse than realizing that you’ve splurged on one of the nicer, more advanced vape tanks and ended up with something completely unusable. For example, a Vape Tank for Wax is a wonderful piece of equipment if someone is looking for that, but not if you need a vape cartridge for e juice or oil. Just make sure you are looking into the right vape tank, and then the other options can be considered.

Vape Tank Sizes

Vape tanks come in all shapes and sizes (just like vape pens and concentrates, etc). Because of this, anyone can find anything from some super skinny pre-filled cartridges for oil or e juice all the way up to larger tanks most commonly associated with box mods. It’s not a requirement that a larger cartridge or tank goes with a larger vape pen or box mod but be careful not to overpower the vape tank and burn out the coil. This requires replacing the vape tank or the coil.

Vape Pen Compatibility

Another common mistake made out of misinformation is the mismatch of threading. If the vape tank and the vape pen battery or box mod cannot connect to each other, then it is impossible for them to work together. The threading or connection point on a vape pen, box mod or vape tank will determine what can or cannot be connected. So, for example, many vaporizers and box mods use the almost-universal 510 threading. While this is a good rule of thumb – be careful! Certain brands and manufacturers have their own threading sizes (usually pod vapes) so make sure you are 100% before making a purchase.

Best Vape Tank for Flavor

This will come down to preferences, ultimately. For the flavor fanatics out there, however, there are things that can be done to maximize flavor. For starters, don’t be cheap about the vape tank. A lower quality vape tank will not offer as many features and controls and be made of lower quality materials, and worse they can leak!. Otherwise, make sure to keep an eye out for other quality parts like quartz or ceramic coils (which are preferred for their superior, taste-free heating over wicks).

What is a Vape Tank

A vape tank, as mentioned above, is going to hold all the component parts that make the vaping happen. This means that the vaping substance of choice (oil, wax, e juice, dry herb) and the coils are included when you refer to a Vape Tank. The entire process functions because the battery sends power to the vape tank, and inside a coil heats up. Once the coil heats up the oil or wax around it will also heat up and they will begin to vaporize and create vapors, and that is when you can begin to inhale. Different vape tanks are going to work better with different vape pens, box mods, and different things to vaporize.

Best Vape Tanks

Depending on your particular wants and needs, the vape tank that is best will change dramatically. The highest quality oil vape tank is going to be worthless to someone who prefers wax or dry herb. For flavor fanatics, a powerful and harsh hit does nothing for them. When considering the specs and features make sure to consider what it is that you, specifically, want or need for the best vaping experience.

Herb Vape Tank

Herb vape tanks are just that – used with dry herbs. There are going to be two main types of tanks or attachments – combustion and convection. Combustion dry herb vaporizers are less common but still exist.  Both operate by heating the herb in the tank, but combustion will also use a hot coil that burns the herbs, which will produce ash and smoke. Convection on the other hand will work like a conventional oven, heat the herbs with hot air and create vapors. While convection offers a smoother, more even vape hit, combustion can be more powerful and better for typically heavy smokers. Choose accordingly.

Ceramic Vape Tank

Increasingly, ceramic is becoming a more popular product option in the vaping world. Ceramic coils and chambers are popular because they offer better management for heating and cooling as well as flavor. While quartz is arguably the closest to ceramic in terms of performance, flavor fanatics prefer the more even, slower process of using ceramic. In comparison to wick coils, it is almost unanimous that ceramic outperforms in terms of flavor and performance.

Oil Vape Tank

These vape tanks are designed to produce the best flavor and hits when using oil liquids. These come in the form of a reusable vape tank that can be filled more than once or simply come as a disposable pre-filled cartridge. These work by heating a coil inside the tank via the vape pen battery. Make sure that the power settings match the suggested wattage and power output to avoid burning your coil or the oil (affecting performance and flavor).

Wax Concentrate Vape Tank

These are vape tanks best used for wax concentrates. These work similarly to the oil vape tanks in that there is a coil within the tank that is heated via the attached battery. This coil then vaporizers the wax and turns it into vapor. There are different coil types from quartz to ceramic, and each have their specific advantages and disadvantages on heating times, flavor, etc. Wax tanks can get messy, but the bigger ones can offer a dabbing experience similar to what a dab rig or nectar collector would offer.

510 Thread Vape Tank

As mentioned before, 510 threading is the most popular form of threading for vape pens and box mods. This is going to be the most commonly found threading type and most vape pens, tanks, and box mods are therefore interchangeable. However, as mentioned before, make sure to check and see if the particular mod, pen, or tank is compatible with the current threading being used. Otherwise, there will be no way to screw them together. This can differ by brand.