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How to Choose the Best Atmos Vape

Specializing in high quality portable vaporizers, Atmos is a comprehensive brand that creates innovative products for the vaping market. Considering which product to buy is a matter of personal preference, as all Atmos products are built for reliability & efficiency. A leader in the industry, you can be sure that these guys know their stuff! Here we can take a look at some of the more unique types of vapes that Atmos has to offer.

Types of Atmos Vapes

It does not matter if you are looking for a specialized unit, such as one that only vapes dry herbs or concentrates, but Atmos also has some more sophisticated models capable of vaping both! Slim line or box mods, all vapes are built to last and come in a sleek & stealthy design. Ergonomic construction makes these vapes truly fun & convenient to use. We can take a look at what makes these vapes so innovative in terms of offering the vaping community a piece that is truly unique.

Atmos Vapes vs Other Brands

As leaders in the vaping industry, the pride & workmanship shines through each & every model showcasing their product line. Their quality control measures produce a streamlined efficiency in providing the consumer with a high-quality product. Very few brands are featured in various magazines & article sources the way Atmos is, which testifies to their customer satisfaction. Truly pioneers in the innovation of products that can combine more than one vaping modality, Atmos is one of the best brands you can hope to get your hands on!

Atmos Accessories

Showing the company’s success is made evident by their extensive product line. From some of the best vapes in the industry, to replacement batteries, cartridges & atomizers, Atmos provides you with a comprehensive catalogue to keep your devices going with routine maintenance. Along with providing various local & international e-liquids for your cartridge, Atmos also has carrying cases, battery chargers, and even their own clothing line! You can have everything here, including keychains, dab tools, and very specific replacement parts to fully customize your personal vapes.

About Atmos

Pushing the boundaries of portable vaping technology, Atmos is dedicated to providing the vaping industry with top-quality devices & gear to compliment all users & their personal preferences. No other company comes close to creating innovative & resourceful vapes that are capable of multiple vaping materials, and also being portable. A comprehensive brand that you can trust is paramount when considering what type of vape to go with. Since all are exceptionally well made & efficient, it will come down to your own personal preference. You can be sure to find your next go-to with Atmos!

Types of Atmos Vapes

Hailing as one of the most versatile companies producing high-quality vapes, Atmos has some rather unique combination devices that can vape all your favorite dry herb & concentrates. If you are looking for a specialized unit that only vapes your favorite method of consumption, you will find what you are looking for with Atmos. From single dry herb units, to oil & wax units, all devices are versatile & effective at providing the user with a high-quality session. Atmos boasts some of the highest standards in the industry!

Atmos Kiln

Like the name suggests, the Kiln is specially made to precisely heat up your most favorite wax concentrates. The heating element is made of pure ceramic, delivering one of the purest flavor profiles of any portable dab pen. Powered by a 950 mAh lithium ion battery, the Kiln is a beautifully constructed vape pen that is compact, stylish, and made to vape your concentrates between 300 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. A simple design, the Kiln is one of the more popular models to come out of Atmos.

Atmos Vicod 5G

The 2nd generation vape to the original Vicod, the Vicod 5G addresses the drawbacks of its predecessor. The Vicod 5G is now much more compact & discreet, boasting a powerful 2200 mAh lithium polymer battery. Using advanced temperature controls ranging from 300 – 435 degrees Fahrenheit, the Vicod 5G’s ceramic heating chamber not only vapes your favorite dry herbs, but also your most cherished concentrates! The memory function heats up your device to its previous setting, providing a more convenient session. One of the best multi-purpose vapes on the market!

Atmos Vicod

The Vicod 1st generation vape was well received by the vaping community as being one of the more affordable models offered by Atmos. As a highly efficient convection vape, the Vicod delivered a smooth flavor, was easy to transport, had a longer battery life than most other portable units, came with an LCD screen with a bright temperature readout, and was conveniently made with a variable temperature technology that allowed for a tailored vaping experience. The only pronounced drawback was its design not being as compact as other models. The Vicod 1st generation model has been discontinued since then.

Atmos RX Vape

Ideally designed for users who prefer an on-the-go method, the sleek style and stealthy build makes this one of the more popular types offered by Atmos. Capable of both dry herb & concentrates, the most distinguishing feature to remember here is its 710 threading. A ceramic heating chamber ensures the most flavorful, pleasant, and aromatic vapors coming from a simple pen design. An innovative unit with multiple uses, the RX stands out against other vapes for its versatility. The Atmos RX is similar in design to the AGO Vape except the RX does not have an LCD screen with battery meter & vaping puff count like the AGO. The RX and the AGO G5 may or may not be compatible with each other; it is entirely dependent on the threading on both models. Atmos is dedicated to providing only the highest quality vaporizers and coming out with new & better vapes as a testament to their dedication in quality.

Atmos R2 Vape

Another high-quality vape pen capable of handling dry herbs & wax, this stealthy little design is perfect for being your next go-to device. Made for those with an active lifestyle, the R2 is slim, sleek, and truly stylish. Utilizing an advanced ceramic heating chamber makes the R2 versatile with its additional anodized heating coil chamber. Powered by a rechargeable 900 mAh lithium-ion battery, Atmos has outdone itself by providing a truly unique & versatile device.

Atmos Micro-Pal Vape

A lovely box-mod style vape that is stylish & discreet, the Micro-Pal can be used with prefilled or refillable cartridges for vaping your favorite e-liquids. Using the common 510 thread makes this a convenient portable vaporizer that can also be used to vape wax concentrates! Variable voltage settings allow you to be in full control of your vaping experience. No other portable vape comes close to providing you the versatility and full flavor profile that the Micro-Pal can!

Atmos Greedy M2 Vape

One of the most advanced & versatile portable vapes to come out of Atmos, the Greedy M2 does it all! From being capable of vaping your favorite dry herbs, to dialing in the right temperature to allow for the best vaping experience for your concentrates, every vape session will be enhanced with the Greedy M2. Innovative battery technology automatically adjusts to the correct wattage and voltage for the attached cartridge, giving you a truly unique experience that is practical, resourceful, and memorable!

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