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Atmos Vape & AGO charger set

Wall adapter and usb set for use with AGO and Atmos vape pen batteries. USB adapter also works with the Jr vapes and is compatible with the orginal atmos vape 710 threading.

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  • Product Details

    USB Charger Set Includes

    • FREE USA SHIPPING - Priority, Signature & International options available
    • AGO USB Charger 
    • Wall adapter

    Vape Charger Details

    Charger set can be used with a variety of vape batteries from the AGO to the Atmos vape pens.  The usb charger is compatible with the original atmos 710 threading and NOT 510 threaded batteries.  Plug the usb into a computer or use the wall charger.  If you need a usb charger for your battery or are looking for a backup, enjoy this amazing vape deal.

    USB charger

    • threading: 710
    • Input: DC 5V 500mA
    • Output: DC 4.2V 300mA

    Wall Adapter

    • Input: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 0.15A
    • Output: 5V, 1A

    Charging adapter can be used with the following vaporizers

    • Atmosrx dry herb vape pen
    • Atmos Jr
    • AGO
    • AGO Jr
    • Plus more!

    click the other information tabs for videos, user manuals, tips plus other information provided for your learning convenience!

    • Tips & Guides

      Will this charger work with my vape pen?

      This vape charger set is for use with AGO and Atmos vape pen batteries. Similar style batteries with the same threading will also work as well. To charge the battery, it is screwed into the usb charger. To fully and properly screw the battery into the usb, the threading of both components needs to be the same. This charger set is for use with batteries with the original 710 atmos threading. This is NOT compatible with 510 threading. If you are unsure, just reach out to customer service for help.

      How to use the AGO & Atmos vape charger set

      If you are going to use the wall charger, plug it into the wall outlet and then insert the usb. The battery can also be charged by using the usb only. If you do not want to use the wall adapter, plug the usb directly into a power source either on a computer or something else. Once plugged in properly, the led light on the usb will light up green. Once green, screw the battery into the usb charging adapter. Make sure you have the proper 710 atmos vape thread. When the battery is properly screwed in, the light on the charger will turn red and remain red until the vape battery is fully charged. At a full charge the led light on the vape charger will turn green and you can unscrew the battery and remove the charger from the power source. Always store your battery and charger in a cool dry place when finished with use. Do Not leave your battery charging overnight and Do Not leave the charger plugged in.