AGO Vaporizer vs Micro Vape - Vaporizer Comparison

The AGO and Micro Vape Pens are both hugely popular portable vaporizers for use with both wax and dry herbs. Very compact, easy to use, and very affordable. You will be happy with either choice, but read on to learn about the key similarities and differences between these two vapes.

by: Joe E. | 08/24/17 1:30PM


Most of the vaporizers that are on the market perform many of the same functions: They rely on technology that heats up dry herbs and extracts to produce a vapor or smoke that is then inhaled -- and hopefully enjoyed -- by the user.


As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Vaporizers rely upon different functions, styles and different technologies in order to produce their desired effects. To put it another way, though the end result for the user of the vaporizer is largely the same, many vaporizers rely on different methods in order to get there. And even with the same method, there are so many variables that can be different.

A perfect example of this phenomenon is the AGO dry herb vaporizer and Micro Vape Pens. Though the two vapes perform essentially the same function being able to be used as a dry herb vaporizer and produce the same end result, their different specs make choosing between them a choice that is worthy of consideration.

AGO - Micro Vape Pen Chambers

Heating Chamber Size and Design

The first thing that a prospective customer will often want to know about a vaporizer is the way in which it heats the substance being vaped.

The AGO Vape and the Micro Vape Pen both rely upon combustion technology in order to produce smoke for the user to inhale. This essentially means that the dry herbs come into direct contact with the heating element -- in both of these cases, a pancake coil -- which slowly burns the herbs for desired effects. Think of it as a pipe in vaporizer form and instead of a lighter as the direct heat, it is a red hot coil.

So now that we know both combust the herbs in the same manner, it is important to next look at the size of the heating chamber so the consumer can then determine the amount of dry herbs that are able to be put into their respective heating chambers.

The Micro features a screw-in style heating chamber that can be swapped out for one that heats waxes and concentrates (more on that later.) While its portability and ubiquity are awesome, the Micro’s heating chamber is nonetheless noticeably smaller than that of the AGO Vape. This means that the AGO Vaporizer Pen is able to vape a greater amount of dry herbs, which means it is able to last longer without needing to swap in some fresh herbs. Additionally, the AGO Vaporizer can also swap out the coil for dry herbs for a wick-coil for a wax pen.

Though the two vapes have identical atomizers, and thus have similar ways of producing smoke, the sizes of their respective convection ovens makes the AGO Vape the better bet in this regard. It can fit about twice as much herb as the Micro vape.

David vs Goliath

Vape Pen Size Shape

The size and shape of any vaporizer matters as they affect the manner in which the user is able to carry them around -- and set them down. Technically the Micro Vape appears to be the better choice because it is smaller and very slim - but both of these vape pens are compact and very easy to travel around with.

The Micro is noticeably smaller than the AGO Vape, as it stands at 4 inches versus 6.25 inches for the AGO. So although we're only talking inches, this makes a difference for the on-the-go vaper who is looking to carry their vape around. To note though, if length is the only issue, the AGO can be unscrewed in the middle to separate into two parts that may make travel easier.

The other big difference is their respective shapes. The AGO comes in a spherical shape, which, when laid on a flat surface, leaves it susceptible to rolling off and potentially breaking. The Micro Vape, on the other hand, comes in something of a flat oval shape and is unlikely to roll anywhere. The flatter shape also makes these a great portable vape pen.

Additionally, there is a noticeable difference in their respective weights. The AGO vaporizer is the heavier of the two, which means that, while its weight is not remotely high when compared to many other vaporizers out there, it is nonetheless heavier than the Micro.

Micro Vape - AGO Vape Battery


Vape Pen Battery Durability

Another major difference between the AGO and the Micro is the battery life. Part of the reason the AGO is bigger and heavier is because it carries a much larger battery, which obviously means that -- you guessed it -- it has a longer battery life than does the Micro. This makes a difference not only in the vape’s functionality but also in how much the user can use it in a given day without having to recharge. The AGO vape has a 650mah battery, while a Micro Vape has a 360mah battery.

The AGO vape pen is sturdy and, depending on how and when you use it, can last a good deal of time before finally crapping out. The Micro Vape is also durable and not easier to break - but if you took a hammer to both, the AGO would likely outlast the Micro. This gives an edge to the AGO in terms of its shelf life.

The AGO vape battery also features an LCD screen that shows the battery life and a “puff count” feature -- that is, it adds up the number of times you’ve puffed from the herbs currently contained within the chamber. This helps to keep track not only of the battery power that has been used, but also allows the user to determine approximately when the supply of dry herbs might be replaced.

Both vape pens feature a 5-click on/off switch, which keeps it from turning on in your pocket or bag, but the Micro lacks an LCD screen or anyway to track the battery level so the AGO definitely has the edge in terms of battery life and user experience here.


It would be a mistake to think that purchasing either of these vape kits will simply get you the vape itself; to the contrary, the vapes are each accompanied with a number of vaping accessories. These include a wax dabber tool, a wall adaptor and USB charger, a silicone container, and a protective case.

It is the rest of the accessories, however, that probably give the edge to the Micro Vape in this regard. It comes equipped with three extra dry herb coils, ensuring that you will have some backups for if and when the coil finally craps out on you - also, more importantly, the Micro chambers have tops so you can pre-pack the chambers for easy changing on the go. The Micro kit also features 5 mouthpiece sleeves -- for the germaphobes out there. While the AGO features a cleaning brush, I’d hand this category over to the Micro Vape.

Vape Pen Verdict


Ultimately, both of these vapes accomplish similar goals through similar means; however, it is the AGO that I have found to be preferable in terms of usage, durability, and battery life. If you’re having to choose between the two, I would say to go with the AGO Vape, but they both have pros and cons and ultimately it is up to you!

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