What is an Atomizer


Atomizer Definition and The Different Types

An atomizer is a vaporizer attachment. Sometimes referred to as the coil or heating chamber, the atomizer is the component that is loaded with the herb, wax or oils - they are then vaporized within the atomizer as well. The atomizer term is most popularly used with box mod vapes which are compatible with a huge array of 510 threaded atomizers for wax, e liquids, herb and oils. Smaller wax and herbal vape pen 'atomizers' are typically referred to as coils or heating chambers but all 3 terms are interchangeably used.


Difference between Atomizer and Coil

It is possible to use the two terms interchangeably and make sense. At the end of the day, if you hear someone mention a replacement coil, chamber or atomizer, they are referring to the vape component that is responsible for vaporizing.

However, when you get more detailed, there are certainly differences. For instance, the average 510 thread atomizer will eventually need a replacement coil, but you never say the coils needs an atomizer. For example, the Yocan 94F is a 510 atomizer for herb and it attaches to all standard box mods. The coil part of the atomizer is interchangeable and replaceable. The entire atomizer itself may eventually die out one day, but it should go through many coil replacements long before that happens.


Benefits of using 510 thread atomizers


These attachments are available in so many different models for everything from herb and wax to oils and e liquids. The atomizers work with just about every standard box mod vape. If you already own a box mod from vaping e liquids, simply purchase a 510 atomizer for wax or herb and you are set to start vaping away. But to take the versatility a step further, you can not get an atomizer that vapes herb, wax and oils in one - however different coil attachments may be needed for each.


In the world of probability, when so many units are produced, it only makes sense that you will have some duds, or lemons, or bad units - even the almighty iPhone faces this situation. But the average attachment is composed of many little components that were carefully placed together. A 510 atomizer is not like the replacement coils for a Micro Vape which can be had for under $4 each. An atomizer can last you a very long time and it is usually lost or just upgraded from versus being replaced out of necessity.


Outside of the dab rig and domeless nail process, a vape pen is really the only option to consume wax concentrates. The average wax pen is great and gets the job done, but they typically lack wattage control and are not always super powerful. 510 thread atomizers for wax give you the wattage control through the box mod and with it you are able to fine tune the vaping experience and get as close to dabbing as possible.


Tips & Advice


The watt output is not controlled by the atomizer but is instead controlled by the box mod. So after attaching your new atomizer to the box mod, make sure the watt output is turned down to the lowest level. The higher the watts, the more energy that is being transferred into the atomizer, and the more energy, the hotter the coil which can lead to bigger dab hits, but it also is the biggest reason for burnt out coils. Some coils don't need much watt output, and you can always start from the lowest setting and raise it, but if you burn out the coil, there is no going back from that.


The coil that fits into the 510 atomizer is usually very small and will barely take up the corner of a pocket and it can be extremely handy if a coil happens to go in the middle of a vapor session. Plus, hand the box mod and attachment over to a newbie and by the time it is handed back the coil may be burnt out from the guy pressing buttons randomly.


E Liquid & Oil Atomizers List

KamryTech X6 Plus

Solid piece right here equipped with drip tip and a quality airflow control system to help deliver flavorful, smooth vapor hits.


This is a smaller but effective box mod attachment. Especially for those seeking discretion and smaller rather than larger vapes, check this out.


Wax Atomizer List

Yocan Cerum

The Cerum is very popular and will bring you as close to a true dab hit as possible without using a dab rig and domeless nail. Powered by 2 quartz rod coils, the cerum delivers solid hits and the atomizer features a newly designed capped-coil that helps to keep everything clean and sticky-free.

Yocan Mak 2 in 1

This atomizer was designed for use with different coil attachments so it can be used with either dry herbs or wax concentrates. If you are looking for versatility, you may want to check this one out.

Dry Herb Atomizer List

Yocan 94F

If you already own a box mod for the e juice, this 94F is a great attachment that will turn the box mod into an herbal vaporizer. The 94F heats the herb via an exposed coil so it will deliver combustion similar to traditional methods of smoking. BUT, there are glass screens available which will transform the atomizer into a True Vaporizer that delivers vapor strictly and no smoke - just place 1 large glass sreen over the coil to separate the coil from the herb and you will be good to truly vaporize.