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Yocan 94F Dry Herb Atomizer 510 thread


The 94F dry herb atomizer is a 510 attachment that can be used with most vapes and box mods. Simply attach and pack the chamber to enjoy your favorite herbs.

Is the 94F Atomizer Right for you?

This is a 510 thread atomizer attachment designed for use with dry herbs. It can be equipped to and used with just about every box mod on the market plus some 510 EGO vape pen style batteries. If you are looking for something like this, you may have found what you are looking for. See the check list below that identifies some important attributes.

  1. Combustion and True Vaporization The 94F coils are exposed and will come in direct contact with any herbs packed in, therefore combusting them and turning them to ashes like traditional smoking methods. However, just get yourself a pack of Large Glass Screens - just place the screen right on top of the coil - this creates a barrier that allows the buds to heat via hot air versus direct contact to the Yocan 94F Coils surface.
  2. 510 Dry Herb Atomizer Just a reminder, this is an attachment, so a box mod or some other vape battery is needed to power the unit. If you are looking for a dry herb vaporizer that has the battery and chamber within one device, you may be interested in the E-CLIPSE.
  3. Affordable Vape Parts If you turn the wattage output too high you will burn the coil out right away, or over time general ware and tare will have its way. Do not worry because replacement 94F coils are available if needed - the 510 atomizer set up comes with an extra one anyway.

What Size Glass Screen for the 94F Atomizer

In short, the best size glass screen to use is the Large size screen - the biggest size is what is needed to cover the entire 94F coil. A vaporizer glass screen can come in 3 different sizes from small, to medium and large - and respectively the diameter size for each of those is 7mm, 9mm, 12mm. It is important to use the proper size screen, at least if you are adamant about true vaporization, aka the healthier way to smoke. Leaving any part of the hot coil uncovered will expose the herb to getting burned, aka combustion which is what happens during traditional smoking methods.

Yocan 94F Tips and Tricks

  1. Start the Box Mod at the lowest Wattage Setting Try to rip 40 Watts through this atomizer and the coil will burn out very quickly. For this type of coil, not much power is needed and you should always start out very low because you can always increase output. For the 94F we recommend between 7 to 12 watts.
  2. Use an Herb Grinder This is just a good rule of thumb in the dry herb vaporizer world. With the Herb Grinder you can avoid sticky fingers and enjoy evenly ground up herbs that will easily pack into the heating chamber. This allows for the hot air to navigate its way around to evenly bake and vaporize. If you pack dense nugs, the outside will vaporize before the interior is even touched.
  3. Use Glass Screens for Healthy Vaping Use 1 or more glass screens to create a barrier between the herb and the hot coil to create a baking, convection environment versus direct flame type heat. The baking affect is true vaporization, aka buds being heated by hot air - this is the healthier way to smoke and multiple glass screens creates a slower, longer vaping session.

Yocan 94F vs Yocan Cerum

These are two of the hottest 510 Thread Atomizers offered by Yocan, a company well known for quality. Both atomizers will attach to every box mod vape out, and plenty of replacement coils are available for each. Expect quality from each but understand the key difference between the two below. Wax vs Herb The 94F is equipped with pancake style, spiral coils designed for use with dry herbs - technically you may be able to use it with wax but we do not recommend. The Yocan Cerum on the other hand vaporizes concentrates via dual quartz rod coils - again, technically you can use this for herb, but it does not make much sense, and the coil will become damaged quickly, so do not do it.

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    The Yocan vape company no longer makes the 94F dry herb vape tank. The 94F was discontinued many years ago and it is not likely you will find it anywhere. If you are looking for something like the 94F, have a look at the dry herb vape cartridge here.

    What's Included

    • Yocan 94F dry herb atomizer attachment
    • 2-pack Replacement coils
    • Cleaning brush
    • Protective box

    94F Atomizer Details

    • Vape attachment - is meant for use with dry herbs.  The vape will produce combustion in its original form.  With the use of Large Glass screens you can turn it into a convection vape.
    • RECOMMENDED Box Mod Wattage Output: For herbs you do not need a huge amount of wattage output from your battery.  anywhere from 7-12 watts will be sufficient and any higher will put the coil at higher burnout risk
    • Herb Atomizer Threading:  510 thread atomizer fits any standard 510 box mod or vape mod
    • Diameter: 20mm
    • Resistance: 2.5-2.6 ohm (dual coil)
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