How to use a Box Mod Vape - Easy-to-follow Instructions

Box Mods Vaporizers are essentially high-tech vape batteries that can be equipped with many 510 atomizers for dry herbs, wax, plus oil and e liquids. Learn the best box mod practices here along with great mod tips.

by: John B. | 04/23/18 1:30PM


How to Use a Vape Box Mod

Box mod vape starter kits come with everything needed to get vaping. Box mod vapes are a unique and powerful way to vape. They come in all sizes, colors and have a wide range of capabilities not usually found in other more basic vaporizers. Box Mod Vapes give you complete control over the vaping experience by allowing you to adjust the watts or temperature control up and down in very small increments. Mods are essentially high-tech vapes run by an advanced PCB chip, powered by either a built-in battery or one that is interchangeable. And then all of the information and other functionality such as vape battery life can be seen and sometimes controlled on an LED or OLED screen. Cool tips are available in our article about improving your vaping sessions.

Box mods work with all vape tanks, especially the best wax atomizers, though they first became popular with the e-juice vaper crowd. The powerful, adjustable mods gave this crowd the ability to blow huge clouds of vapor which they could use to perform vape tricks. Today, box mods are used for much more. Because they usually come standard with a high charging capacity, the average mod set up can be used throughout the day without needing to be recharged no problem. And because they can be equipped with just about any 510 atomizer, they also have the power to vape almost anything, from e-liquids to wax concentrates and dry herbs, which makes them a staple in the vaping community.

Guide to Using a Vape Box Mod

If you are new to vaping box mods, then learning how to use them may seem a bit daunting at first. Unlike other basic smoke cessation products, box mod vapes have different capabilities and functions. In some, the battery can be removed to be charged, in others the battery is fixed in place. In the content below, we will go over in detail how to use a box mod vape starter kit, from turning it on to choosing the correct type of atomizer.

1. Select the Appropriate 510 Atomizer - Choosing the correct atomizer for your vape box mod will depend on what you are vaping. There are attachments for e-liquids, wax concentrates, oils, and dry herbs. Each can only be used for what they are designed for, so you do not want to put dry herbs in a wax atomizer, or vice versa. Each variant can be found online or in most vape shops. Most box mod vapes accept only 510-threaded devices, so ensure the atomizer you choose will screw on to your mod properly.


2. Fully Charge Your Box Mod - If you just got your box mod, you will want to fully charge it if you plan on going on a long adventure. Most devices will come with a micro USB charger that plugs into the mod and then a USB outlet. Other devices may have removable batteries that can be charged with either USB or a special dock to charge. The mod will come with a booklet on how to properly remove the battery, though most will slide right out. Depending on how powerful the battery is, it may take two to three hours to fully charge.

3. Attach Vape Tank Atomizer - Attach the herb atomizer or whatever atomizer you may be using, to the top of the box mod vape, just screw it in place. However, you do not want to over-tighten it as this can cause a myriad of problems. Lightly screw it into place, but do not crank on it. When done properly, the atomizer should stay in place but still be easy to unscrew when you want to remove it.

4. Turn the Box Mod On - Almost all box mods turn on in the same way. You simply click the main button (the fire button) five times fast. When done properly, the device’s LED screen will light up, indicating it is on. You can perform these five clicks again to turn the power off.


5. Use the Appropriate Watts - Most box mods will have the option to adjust the watts or temperature. There should be two buttons for temperature control, one to turn it up and one to turn it down. The correct number of watts to vape at will depend on the atomizer you are using. Sub-ohm e-liquid tanks and wax atomizers can handle a lot of watts and will have their limits written on the coil or inside the packaging. Oil vape tank atomizers only need a small number of watts to work, especially the popular, skinny vape cartridges. Dry herbs require a small number of watts as well. Going too high on the temperature control can fry the coil immediately. The suggested number of watts for each device can be found further down in this article.


6. Powering aka Firing the Box Mod - Once you are ready, you can start taking puffs from your setup. There will be a power button, aka fire button on your box mod, named so because pressing it fires electricity to the atomizer’s coil. All you need to do is hold the fire button down while you draw vapor from the mouth piece. The various e-liquid and oil vape tanks in the market will put off vapor almost immediately, while it may take a dry herb atomizer a few moments to put off vapor. You do not want to hold the button for too long, as this can damage the coil. Most box mods have a cut off timer, so if you hold the button for more than 10 seconds, the mod stops the flow of electricity to avoid damaging the atomizer.

Hands holding Box Mod Vapes

Tips for Using a Box Mod Vape

Now that you know how to use your box mod correctly, we will go over some tips and highlights about these devices.

1. When using an atomizer for the first time it is best to get a feel for what wattages work best for you. To do this, start with the lowest setting and slowly work your way up. Some vape tanks, such as oil or dry herb atomizers, can only handle a small number of watts, so this will also help you avoid overdoing it and damaging the coils.

2. Pre-filled oil cartridges have grown in popularity recently. These small cartridges do not come with a battery; however, they perform wonderfully with box mods. You want to use the least number of watts possible with them as their small coils can burnout easily if you overdo it.

3. Box mods are also great for wax atomizers. Many vape pen batteries do not have enough power to properly vaporize wax. A box mod is more than powerful enough to turn wax concentrates into a plume of flavorful vapor. It may take a few seconds of holding the fire button before the coil is hot enough to vaporize the wax.

4. Most box mods contain high capacity batteries that retain their charges throughout the day. This makes their battery life great for taking on adventures without having to worry about charging them frequently.

5. One of the biggest draws of box mods are vapor production. There are very few vape batteries that can rival the cloud production and ease of use of these mods. If you are someone who likes the look and feel of blowing out big clouds, then a box mod is the way to go. A sub-ohm e-liquid tank will put off the most vapor.


Using 510 Atomizers with a Vape Box Mod

Box mods will work with any 510-threaded atomizer. This includes e-liquid, wax, dry herb, and oil atomizers. They are the only battery you need to use across all these attachments, which makes them a useful device to own. You will find more information about these devices below, including the best number of watts to use with each.

Dry herb Vape Tank atomizers

These are specially designed to vaporize or combust the dry herbs. By vaping the herbs, you cut out all the carbon monoxide and carcinogens that combustion produces. You will only need to supply your dry herb atomizer with a small number of watts for it to work efficiently whether combustion or not. We recommend running it between 7 to 12 watts to avoid damaging the coil.

Wax Vape Tank Atomizers

Wax pairs very nicely with box mod vapes. Wax requires a lot of heat before it turns into a vapor, and a good box mod can supply more than enough power. Before vaping, people consumed their wax using a dab rig, a domeless dab nail, and a blowtorch. Now all you need is an wax atomizer and a vape battery. When using your box mod with a wax atomizer, always start at a very low power setting and work your way up as usual. If you go too high, it can damage the wax vape coil and ruin the taste of the concentrate.

Pre-filled 510 oil cartridges

have taken over the market recently. They come ready to vape, all you need is a battery. Box mods work well with these cartridges and will hold a charge much longer than a vape pen. However, you want to use a lot less watts than you would with other attachments as the coils in these cartridges are very small and delicate. As a general guideline, you should start with the lowest possible setting and slowly work your way up until you are happy with the vapor production. If you get a burned taste, then you have gone too high and want to dial it back down.


E-liquid atomizers

These are the original go-to attachments for box mods. You can always find e-liquid vape tanks at any vape shop online or in store. These atomizers can handle the most watts and will give off the biggest clouds. Almost all e-liquid contains vegetable glycerin, which, when vaporized, turns into huge plumes of vapor. Every e-liquid atomizer is different and will have its own limits. In most cases, you can find the recommended watts on the atomizer’s coil or inside the packaging.

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