How to Improve Your E-Liquid Vaping Session

E-Liquids can seem complicated, or maybe too simple. For helpful information about vaping e juice, read this post. We break down some important things to know about the vaporizers and the e-liquids they vape.

by: Jason A. | 08/20/18 1:30PM


The 5 Things to Improve Your Vaping Experience Right Now

Vaping is very different from smoking. That statement probably seems self-evident to you – but perhaps you’ve never stopped to really consider all the possible variables in vaping. You can change your vaping experience with different vape options. your tank, your coil, your e-liquid, your wattage – and those aren’t even half of the small things that can drastically alter the vaping experience. What variables can you change to alter the smoking experience? You can try a different brand of cigarettes; that’s about it. With vaping, you have great freedom to customize your experience because there are so many different things that you can change at any time.

When you read online about ways to improve the vaping experience, most of what you read will probably involve buying new products. Most websites do exist, after all, to generate a profit. This article is different. We’re going to discuss the things that you can do to improve your vaping experience right now – or at least change it significantly – using items that you already have. Trying the suggestions in this article won’t cost you a dime. Let’s dive in!


Hydrate More and Use a Palate Cleanser

If you ever feel as though vaping dries out your mouth and throat, you aren’t alone. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are both hygroscopic, which means that they absorb water from their surroundings. The vapor that you inhale, in other words, draws moisture from your body. When you exhale the vapor, that moisture is gone forever. The only way to replace it is by increasing your water intake.

Drinking more water while vaping won’t just help you avoid dehydration; it’ll also help you taste the subtle notes in your e-liquid more easily. Do you ever feel as though your favorite e-liquid has lost its flavor? That’s vaper’s tongue. One way to combat vape tank, vaper’s tongue is by drinking more water. Another way is by buying a new e-liquid. We’re using this article to discuss ways that you can improve the vaping experience without spending money, though, so use a palate cleanser instead.

Some popular palate cleansers include:

  • Plain water, mineral water or sparkling water
  • Acidic foods such as lemons
  • Plain coffee, tea or wine
  • Pickled ginger

hands filling e liquid tank with e juice

Use Less E-Liquid to Get More Flavor

Companies in the vaping industry are locked in an arms race that never seems to end. Each year brings us more powerful devices and larger tanks capable of producing more vapor than the previous generation of products. Blowing huge clouds and vape tricks is fun, but one of the ways in which e-cigarette tanks produce more vapor is with the addition of air. You’ve likely noticed that opening your tank’s airflow results in bigger clouds – and faster consumption of e-liquid. You may have also noticed that introducing extra air doesn’t actually improve the flavor of your e-liquid – it dilutes the flavor. Are you tired of the fact that blowing bigger clouds uses your e-liquid more quickly without giving you more flavor? Try closing your tank’s airflow slightly and lowering your device’s wattage. Closing the airflow warms the vapor slightly while limiting the amount of air introduced. It also helps to focus the vapor on your tongue, so you’ll taste your e-liquid more clearly. Since you’ll need to lower your device’s wattage to keep the coil from becoming too hot, you’ll use less e-liquid – and you’ll save money. Try this tip if you purchased a high-output tank and don’t feel as though the tank has improved your vaping experience. In some usage scenarios, closing your tank’s airflow slightly can also reduce spit-back.

Man Blowing Vapor Clouds

Clean Tank to Remove Condensed E-Liquid and Reduce Spit-back

Since we’re discussing spit back, you’ve probably noticed that a spitting atomizer can completely ruin the vaping experience. Excess e-liquid caught inside the tank’s chimney and coil assembly can drop down to the coil and boil suddenly, squirting e-liquid into your mouth and potentially even burning your tongue. Some types of coils – particularly Clapton coils and any twisted or braided coils – are particularly prone to spitback because excess e-liquid gets caught in the areas between the braids or twists of the coil. There are still a few things that you can do to minimize spitback, though, which can dramatically improve the vaping experience with the equipment that you already have.

Using Cotton Swabs

If you have a tank with a narrow chimney, run a cotton swab or folded paper towel down the chimney periodically to soak up condensed e-liquid. When the tank is empty, you can also try blowing air through the tank to clear excess e-liquid from the coil and air vents.

Clean and Dry

Clean and dry your tank periodically. If you have time, it’s a good idea to do so when you change coils. Cleaning your tank removes stale e-liquid, dust, residue and other impurities. It both helps you avoid spit back and improves the flavor that you get when vaping. When you clean your tank, check for any cracked or stretched o-rings. Anything that disrupts the flow of air or e-liquid through your tank can cause spit back, leaking and poor vapor production.

Box Mod Vape Charging from Laptop


Keep Your Batteries Charged

Whether you have a simple vape pen with no adjustable settings or a two-battery 200-watt box mod, your device is going to have trouble reaching its target power level when the remaining battery charge is nearly depleted. If you suddenly have trouble getting complete satisfaction out of the vaping experience because your device isn’t producing enough vapor, don’t just change out the coil; make sure that the device is fully charged. You may find that charging your device is a simple way to restore its lost performance and regain your normal level of satisfaction.

Man Holding Box Mod Vape with Wax Atomizer

Vape Less Often to Maintain Your Interest

One of the key ways in which cigarettes and e-cigarettes differ is that tobacco cigarettes are self-limiting to a certain extent. You only have so many cigarettes per pack, and packs of cigarettes are expensive. When you were a smoker, you probably didn’t smoke mindlessly – you tried to conserve. When you had a cigarette, the need to conserve made you appreciate the experience more. Vaping, in comparison, costs very little. Your e-cigarette is always there and always ready to use. You may occasionally find yourself puffing away without really thinking about what you’re doing – and if you’re not vaping mindfully, you’re probably not fully appreciating the experience. Rather than keeping your e-cigarette next to you at all times, try placing it in a separate room and taking dedicated vape breaks.

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