What is a Vape Charger

Vape Charger Definition

An electronic wire device that brings energy from a power source into the battery of a vaporizer. A connection is made via a usb cable and charging port or some other charger head design. Looking for guidance on charging your vape? Read our easy-to-follow instructions on how to use a vape pen.

Find a Charger for your Vaporizer device

Just like with cell phones, not every device can be charged using the same charger. However, the average vaporizer nowadays is equipped with a usb charging port and although a vape should always be charged with the included charging cable, using a standard cable should be okay, but using a cable of poor quality can negatively impact any device.

If you have been using your vaporizer than you should know at least the kind of charger that is needed. If not, you can always refer to the packaging inserts and manuals, the charging port on the side, or useful information like this on the internet. But for your convenience, below is a list of vaporizer brands and names available on the market. Click the name and you will be brought to a page that contains a compatible vape charger.