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Our online shop carries popular batteries used with the skinny oil cartridges that are now seen everywhere. The store is stocked with various 510 threaded batteries but we also have random battery replacements for the popular vaporizers on the market. Products include the box mod vapes available and shipping on ALL US orders is Discreet and FREE!

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How to Choose a Vape Battery

The Vape Battery you choose is highly dependent on what you are looking to vape. If you already have some cartridges or atomizers and are looking for a new vape battery, just make sure the battery is compatible with your vape parts. The pre-filled oil cartridges are compatible with many options and If you are an e juice vaper, go with a box mod. If you need a replacement battery and want some guidance, just continue reading below for some quick, very useful information.

Replacing a Specific Battery

If you are replacing a specific battery then it is important that the battery you purchase is compatible with the coil you need to power. Many vaporizers will require a specific battery and only that one battery. Although, vape coil attachments like 510 e liquid tanks can sometimes work with more than one battery type.

Temperature Control

If you can choose between batteries, you will come across options with one standard setting for temperature or energy output. However, other options exist, such as box mods, where you can control temperature and create the most ideal, optimal vaping conditions to your preference.

Mah Level

The mAh capacity rating of a vape battery refers to its energy storage capacity. A vape pen battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh can usually supply a current of 3000 mah for up to one hour. The higher the mAh, the longer the vape battery can go without needing a recharge.

Long Term or Short Term

Some vape battery types are just build to last longer than others. The simple, stylus batteries used with the skinny, pre-filled oil cartridges not only need to be charged more often than others, but they will eventually die completely, much more quickly than that of a box mod which is usually higher quality with far more built in to it.

What is a Vape Battery

A Vape Battery is any battery that is used for the purpose of vaping. However, they can vary quite significantly, especially when comparing dry herb, was and oil vape batteries. Dry herb convection vaporizers come standard with the battery built into the unit versus oil batteries that are often sold alone to be used with pre-filled oil cartridges. Wax Pens often have batteries that are interchangeable or at least replaceable. When it comes to E Juice the Box Mod Battery is the go to option.

Box Mods

Box Mods were first made popular with the e juice community because of their reliability, large storage capacity, and the power to deliver huge hits. However, they are now popular with everyone because Mods are smart batteries that offer controls over voltage, temperature and more. They work with most 510 atomizers from herbs to wax and e juice. They even work the the skinny, 510 oil cartridges.

Vape Battery Tips
How to Extend Your Battery Life

1. Use your Vape Pen Regularly The more they are used, the easier power flows through the battery’s cells.

2. Store it Correctly Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. You should also protect your battery from sustaining any large impacts.

3. Don’t Let the Vape Pen Battery Hit 0% Ideally, you should recharge your battery after it passes 10% remaining power.

4. Never Store your Battery With Less than a 50% Charge Storing batteries with 50% or less charge will require them to work harder to deliver the power you need to use your device and therefore drain faster.

5. Disconnect the Portable Vaporizer from Battery When Not in Use Just like how you’re phone charger pulls electricity from the wall even when your phone is not attached, when a the vaporizer is connected to the battery, it’s always draining a little bit of juice regardless if it is being used.

6. Whether a dry herb vaporizer or some other vape pen, Do Not Leave the Battery Charging overnight. When you’ve finished charging, take your battery off of the charger as soon as possible to avoid overcharging, which can exhaust the device and reduce its lifespan.

7. Keep Threads and Contacts and Battery Clean Make sure the contacts between the battery and the vaporizer remain clean. Use a cotton swab, Q-tip or alcohol pad and regularly wipe down the threads and contacts where your vaporizer and battery clasp together.

Unprotected vs Protected Batteries

Protective batteries have a small circuit board that prevents the charging or discharging of the battery power in specific circumstances.  The protective functions account for and help prevent circumstances such as overcharging, overdischarging, short-circuiting and overheating.

Unprotected lithium batteries produce 4.2 volts of power when fully charged, and quickly drops to 3.6 volts output during use. The output continues at 3.6 volts until mostly discharged, at which point the voltage falls rapidly. If their discharged falls below 3 volts, they will be exhausted and no longer usable.

How to Read a Battery Name

Vaporizer Pen Batteries usually come with complex names that include various letters and numbers. As it so happens, that is not an accident. The name of a battery is a combination of the type, size, and chemical make-up. Breaking it down:

I = The battery is a Lithium Ion Battery.

M = Manganese (Mn) is the positive ion for the battery

C = Cobalt (Co) is the positive ion for the battery

N = Nickel “Ni” is the positive Ion in the battery

F = Iron “Fe” is the positive ion in the battery

R = Is either Round or Rechargeable

F = Flat

Why Buy a Vape Battery

Some vapes like the average dry herb convection vape, has its battery built in, so if it dies completely, an entire new vaporizer is needed. But with box mods and wax pens, often you can change up and replace your current battery if it dies completely or if you just want spares for long term traveling.

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Every Vape Pen Battery works a little differently. Each Vape Battery purchased at NY Vape Shop has detailed information including easy to follow charging and use instructions. If you have any additional questions about any vape battery, we also have blogs, a vape dictionary and more. If you need any further help, Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.