What is Vape Battery

Vape Battery Definition

Any battery that has been built in to a vaporizer or has been made for use with vape mods that utilize interchangeable batteries. A vape battery is the core part of any vaporizer and it provides the power needed to heat the coil. A battery supplies the power, the coil heats the herb, wax or liquid, and vapor forms. Without this component, vaporizer function is not possible.


What battery should I look for in a vaporizer

The average vaporizer has a built in battery and the specifications for it should be readily available for you on the packaging, user manual or product detail page on the website. It is difficult to know the true quality of a vapes battery but for information on that it is always good to checkout customer and product reviews. The features that will differ among vapes which you should pay attention to are the following:

Battery mAh

If you really want, you can read a techier, in-depth explanation of mAh. But in short, the mAh is essentially a measure of how much power the vaporizer can hold within the battery.   The higher the number the more energy that can be stored. This is important to pay attention to especially if you plan to travel often without access to power or outlets for charging. If you're always on the go you may want a higher mAh battery but if you are an at home user, this should not matter much.

mAh Definition

Officially stands for Milliamp Hour. The Milliamp Hour is how electric power is measured over time, in other words it indicates how much electric charge the battery can give off. Within the vaporizer world, mAh specifically refers to the total amount of energy that a vapes battery can store on a single full charge. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will take to charge but also the longer the battery will last.

What mAh is best for a vaporizer

There is no definitive answer to this question. The higher the mAh, the more energy a battery can store and therefore the longer it will last. So as much mAh as possible is great, right, so then you never have to worry about the unit dying in the middle of vaping. But the amount of mAh is completely correlated to the size of a battery. So the higher the mAh, the larger the battery will be and vice versa. The mAh level is an important aspect of a vaporizer and should certainly be known and taken into consideration when evaluating the different vape options. But we would not recommend it as a starting point, especially because most vaporizers are very similar in terms of the battery capacity and if you find yourself choosing between some options, the difference will likely vary by only 1-200 mah but possibly more.


What is the mAh of my vape battery

The user manual or even the vapes packaging should contain this information as well as available in the websites product descriptions. There are some common mAh levels available in different vaporizers but from product to product each can be different. Below is a list of the different vaporizers in the market accompanied with its mAh level. We have it broken out by herb, wax and e juice to keep it simple.

1. List of Herb Vaporizers mAh

E-CLIPSE - 2200

Titan 2 - 2200

PAX Plus - 3500

AGO - 900

Titan 1 - 2200

Stoner Joe's - 2200

Yocan iShred - 2600

2. List of Wax Vapes mAh

SteamCloud EVOD - 900

Micro - 360

Yocan Evolve Plus - 1100

Yocan Evolve Plus XL - 1400

510 Glass Globe Vape - 650

3. List of Oil E Liquid Vapes mAh

SteamCloud Box Mod - 2600

Kamry Vape Mod - 2100

Stylus Battery for Skinny 510 cartridges - 280