Stylus Oil Vape Pen Review

The Stylus Vape Battery for the popular, pre-filled oil cartridges is one of the most popular vapes available on the market. Read the review and learn all about the oil vape pen everyone has been talking about.

by: Chris H. | 05/28/18 1:30PM



Stylus Introduction

Many say that simple is almost always better. There might not be a better example of that concept than the Stylus Oil Vape Pen Battery. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t want to mess around with complicated machinery and expensive electronics, then this product might be the right choice for you. The stylus Vape Pen is essentially a battery that can attach to any skinny, 510 oil cartridge. Once the connection has been made with the stylus battery, you can start to enjoy the oils right away—there’s not even a power button, just pull. All you need to worry about is charging the battery.


Thanks to its e-cig-like appearance, the Stylus is completely inconspicuous and quite easy to take with you. There may be no more portable vaporizer pen around. This type of vape battery has been exploding in popularity, especially in areas with dispensaries and smoke shops. There’s just no easier way to vape essential oils.


Best Attribute of Stylus Vape Pen

It’s hard to beat the portability of this Vape Pen. Weighing no more than a ball-point pen and about the size of an actual touch-screen stylus, the relatively small size of this unit is remarkable. If you are an on-the-go vaper, you owe it to yourself to consider this as an everyday option. It can fit anywhere. You can stash it in your front pocket if you don’t carry a bag and no one would be able to tell you had anything. It’s even small enough to be completely concealable in your hand when you take a drag—meaning it’s very good to use in open spaces if that is your thing.

The Stylus Vape is obviously limited in terms of what you can vape, pretty much oils only, but it does what it does very well. If you are new to vaping, this can be a great option to get your feet off the ground with using any skinny, 510 oil cartridge. It’s an incredibly effective, inexpensive option to start vaping away.

Quick Vape Specs

  • Compatible with just about all, skinny 510 oil cartridges
  • Battery Capacity: 280 mAh
  • Voltage: 3.7 volts
  • Dimensions: 3.25 in. long with the width of a pencil

Vape Kit Includes

  • Stylus Vape Pen Battery
  • USB Charger


How to use the Stylus Vape

At the NY Vape Shop, we take pride in being able to inform our customers about the use of their new devices. This time, however, there is not much to say. This is such a simple vaporizer device that you will likely have no trouble operating it. Just remember that as long as the vape stays connected to the skinny 510 vape cartridge, it will continue to operate and generate heat. So be careful not to leave it running or you could run the risk of damaging the battery. In any case, here is a short list of the steps you need to take to use this vaporizer:

1. Charge the vape battery by plugging it into the provided USB vape charger and connecting that to a working power source. This can be your laptop or even your phone charger. You will know that the battery is being charged when its LED light turns red. A green LED indicator will appear when the battery is charged in 1-2 hours.

2. Grab your 510 oil cartridge and screw it onto the top of the stylus battery. The threading refers to the bit of the cartridge that screws into the battery, once this is done, the circuit will be complete and the battery will activate.

3. As soon as the battery is connected, take a pull and vapor will begin emanating from the mouthpiece of the 510 cartridge. All you need to do is continue taking pulls.

4. Again, be mindful that the battery will be activated at all times the threading is connected.Once you are finished, you can unscrew the cartridge and save it for later use.


Maintaining and Cleaning the Stylus Vape

You can go ahead and take the same approach you would with any rechargeable battery when it comes to maintaining the Stylus Oil Vape Pen. That means keeping it away from moisture and intense heat. Either one of those things can be extremely damaging to any device with a battery. There have been many cases of mixing intense heat and batteries and they almost always go poorly. A hot battery can explode and/or catch fire, causing severe injury or property damage.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing dangerous about this device, just be sure to keep it in a drawer or something and away from the heat of an enclosed car on a hot, summer day. Having good habits with your batteries can ensure they function for as long as possible.

Occasionally, you might need to wipe it clean of hand oils and grease that may accumulate over time. This can also be caused by a leaky oil cartridge if not dealing with the best quality oil tanks. Concentrates can be a messy business. But, considering the oil is already in the cartridges, this device will likely stay clear of any major accidents.


Is the Stylus Oil Vape Pen for me?

If you have access to pre-filled oil tanks and don’t want to go the extra mile for an expensive vaporizer, then this is likely a great option for you. For those that know how to use an oil vape pen in a stealthy manner, you will find a lot to like here. It’s becoming more and more common for all types of people to carry around some form of vaporizer and there is no way this little thing will stand out. I’ve even heard of people using these on their lunch breaks or taking a puff when everyone else is smoking. The options seem limitless.

If you want more control over your vapor production or just a device that will last you a long time, you will likely have a hard time settling down with the Stylus Oil Vape Pen, but it’s a great starting point for anyone. Ultimately, you should choose the vaporizer that will make you happy and fit into your budget. For $14.99 with FREE SHIPPING from, trying out this vaporizer comes with low risk, and at the end of the day, it gets the job done.

SteamCloud Mini Vape with Oil Cartridges on the Ground

SteamCloud Mini vs Stylus Vape Pen Battery

There are all types of vape batteries for sale. The Stylus vape batteries emerged on to the scene along side the pre-filled oil cartridges. But with everything else, product development and advancement works its way in. While shopping for the Stylus vape you might have noticed a similar product called the SteamCloud Mini 2.0. The SteamCloud Mini 2.0 is a quality, new approach to the ever so popular, oil cartridges. If you interested in the Stylus, you will definitely be interested in the SteamCloud Mini – and with that, we thought it would be a good idea to differentiate between these two vaporizers to give you a better idea of which could be the right choice for you:

Stylus Oil Vape

Original, most popular design with a tried and true quality. The Stylus Vape Pen is a simple, classic operation with easy upkeep.

SteamCloud Mini

Twice the price of the Stylus Oil Vape, the Mini has revolutionary features including the battery and cartridge sitting parallel to each other in the device—creating an even more slim and stealthy product. Plus the Mini is just a big larger, but has a higher quality battery with up to three times the power and life at 650 mAh. Also included is a more reliable construction that is longer lasting.

Despite the differences listed above, these two products are quite similar. The SteamCloud Mini is still ridiculously easy to use and has all the appeal (and more) of the Stylus when it comes to portability and stealth. The main difference is going to be the price—but you get what you pay for. The SteamCloud Mini is likely going to last you a long time and will be less prone to wear and tear due to its stronger construction. That being said, the original Stylus design is hard to beat.

The SteamCloud Mini came around at a time when 510 oil cartridges had already caught on with the general public and quickly became an easy upgrade over a traditional battery-stylus. If you would like the same experience as the Stylus Oil Vape Pen, but with a  bit more to offer, you should check out the SteamCloud Mini here.

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