Best Vapes Under $60 - Dry Herb, Wax Pens & Oil Vapes Best

We list out reliable Vapes that can be purchased for under $60. From the best dry herb vaporizer, to wax pens, plus the best vape pen for oil, see the pictures and read the reviews.

by: Aaron B. | 02/15/21 8:19PM


There are a lot of things to consider when buying a portable vaporizer. Some of these things to consider are its overall size, its weight, and how it feels in your hands. Most portable vaporizers and pens come with LCD temperature displays, intuitive buttons for selecting temperature ranges, and impressive battery lives. You could be adding to your existing collection of vaporizers or just wanting a durable pen sized unit that will be easy on your bank account. Having a set of guidelines to use during this stage of your purchase can be extremely helpful. You want to be happy with your decision and know that your new product will handle your daily use. This article covers the 3 main Vaporizer categories – dry herbs, wax concentrates, and oils.


Dry herb vaporizers have a heating chamber where the dry herbs are placed and heated. Key temperature ranges are used to release desired compounds from within your dry herb. Wax and Oil Pen vaporizers are often quite small, pen like, and use exposed heating elements to release vapor from the concentrates. Most users have a preferential type of plant material and there are vaporizers that will accommodate their needs. All of the selected examples of vaporizers described below are less than $60 and many of them fall well below that price point.

Best Dry Herb Vape Pens


Titan 2

This is a very powerful and attractive upgrade from the popular Titan 1. You are going to love the grip you get while holding this. The rubberized finish gives you a confidence that this vaporizer will not slip from your fingers. There is a ton of room in the convection heating chamber for your prime herb. A screen in the mouthpiece filters any particulates, giving you a clean, smooth vapor. Change the temperature to suit your needs then enjoy the results. The draw through the elongated mouthpiece is natural and the clouds are superb. Cleaning this vape is a breeze and this kit comes with all the essentials. When the time comes, replacement screens are readily available, so you can get back to business. The construction is fantastic, all of the displays are easy to read, and it looks cool too. Finally, a quick charging battery will send you on your way knowing that you’ll get a quality sesh every time. This item can be found at our vape shop!


Titan 1

The Titan 1 is a dry herb vaporizer with a great look, a nice feel in the hand, and proven ability to produce quality vapor. There is a smooth exterior that allow you to easily rotate this vaping device in your hand. It’s easy to cycle through the heat settings (360, 389, 420℉) giving you full control of the temperature. With convection heat the essential oils from your herb are released without combustion adding to its flavor. Load your finest herbal blend into this ⅞ inch deep heating chamber and then head out on your next adventure. Throw a protective cap on the mouthpiece before you pass this around the table for added sanitation. Clean the exterior of this vaporizer with a damp cloth or with isopropyl alcohol for those tough stains. This is a great choice for those people wanting to try vaporizing herbs for the first time. More experienced users will also find this device easy to use while providing quality vapor on the go. When the power light turns green, you are ready to vape.


AGO Vaporizer Pen

The AGO Vaporizer for Dry Herb, a portable device used to smoke dry herbs – although you can also vape wax concentrates by attaching a different chamber. A small LCD screen at the base of the vape battery shows information about the battery life and puff count which would put it on the higer end of box mod vapes. A single coil heats your herb to just the right temperature. The rubber tipped mouthpiece is comfortable and its length helps the vapor to cool. Multiple colors are available and can be used to compliment any attire. For such a compact vaporizer, the AGO is a wonderful way to smoke dry herb or vaporize it by adding glass filters between the heating coil and the dry material. If that’s not enough, wax atomizers can be attached to this battery, giving you multiple vaping options. Give this powerful little unit a try and feel the difference.

Best Vape Pen for Oil


SteamCloud EVOD

The SteamCloud EVOD battery packs a lot of energy into its lengthy body. It is a bit longer than some other vape pen batteries and adapts to most vape tanks, and it also has a solid feel to it. The design is very basic with a single button to power on/off the battery. The really important feature of this battery is the variable voltage dial found at its base, taking you through a wide range of voltages allowing you to customize your vape session to the fullest. Globe vapes, ceramic donut atomizers, and standard oil cartridges and many other heating elements can be equipped to the EVOD vape battery which is a powerful, 900mah battery. For your daily commute or hike in the wilderness, this SteamCloud EVOD won’t let you down.


SteamCloud Mini 2.0

Now you see it, now you don’t. Discreteness makes the SteamCloud Mini oil cartridge battery so desirable. Slim cartridges with 510 threading are accepted through a small hole on the upper corner of the battery. You will love the ease of switching cartridges and viewing your oil or wax levels. You will be wondering why your other cartridges aren’t magnetized for optimum convenience. At a price just two thirds that of our $60 limit, The SteamCloud Mini 2.0 oil cartridge battery is a discreet and powerful unit with features typically seen on larger more expensive devices.



SteamCloud Micro

The SteamCloud Micro battery will accept most 510 threaded attachments. It has a short and thin build with a button that switches between temperature ranges – 3.2, 3.7, or 4.0 volts. The uses for this stylish battery are nearly endless. The stealth of this battery allows you to grab a quick pull of your favorite oil, dab, or herbal blend without drawing attention to yourself. Quickly press the button five times to get the power flowing and if you forget to turn it off, there is an automatic ten second shut off built into this battery. In a purse, shirt pocket, or perhaps computer case, the SteamCloud Micro is one of the most popular, discreet battery on the market.

Best Vape Pen for Wax


Saber Vape Pen

The Saber Vape portable vaporizer is durable, effective and loaded with features. Anyone starting their search for an affordable pen sized vaporizer can take a moment to review what this device has to offer. The construction of this unit is high quality and comes with two types of atomizers for your waxes, dabs, and thick concentrates. The glass mouthpiece acts as a “neutral” material during the passage of vaporized materials between the device and your mouth. A small screen in the mouthpiece will keep your lips and mouth free of unwanted splatter and your concentrates will taste amazing. The Saber Vape is easy to use, has magnetic parts, and has a battery that will effectively vaporize your wax, dabs, or thick concentrates. It is exceptionally easy to charge this pen because it magnetically snaps into place. No more sticky threads or gunked up parts. There is an “S” on the bottom that lights up when you’re using the Saber Vape, use it as an “icebreaker” at your next party. The price of this portable unit falls below our $60 mark and spares you any frustration with cleaning sticky threads.


Yocan Evolve Plus

If you are looking for a powerful and affordable wax vaporizer, the Yocan Evolve Plus. It has a great weight to it, meaning that this vaporizer is well built and is constructed of metal pieces. The chamber cap restricts splatter from heated waxes while controlling the amount of vapor entering the mouthpiece. It is easy to take enormous hits with the large mouthpiece.  The mouthpiece fits over top of the heating chamber and provide cool refreshing clouds of vapor. A non-stick concentrate compartment on the base of this vaporizer enables every bit of your concentrate, wax, or dab to be used. All in all the Evolve Plus from Yocan is well built, durable, and has an exceptional battery life. Novices and experts alike will find this vaporizer a reliable portable wax pen to have on hand during their daily travels.


Glass Globe Vape Pen Kit

This globe vape pen gives you true flavor at a price everyone can afford. You will find the dense vapor from your favorite concentrate so tasty. The powerful battery allows you to enjoy your concentrates, waxes and dabs throughout the day and night. It feels great holding this and watching the vapor build up in the glass globe before drawing it out. Allowing the vapor to build in the globe enhances its flavor and density while cooling it. If you like to customize your gear, globes and atomizers are easy to find. Rubber gaskets eliminate any of the vapor from escaping the globe. This style of vape pen is a “classic”. It is an entry level vaporizer pen that is well below our $60 price cap, so think about grabbing two of these.

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