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Looking for a deal on a new herbal or wax vape pen, or perhaps some vape parts like coils and dabbers? Continue reading to find out about some of the best vape deals on the market so you can take advantage today.

by: John Winston | 06/06/17 1:30PM


The vaporizer market is now filled with an array of options when choosing and shopping for a new vape or replacement part. Whether shopping for yourself or thinking about what gifts to give those closest to you the options can seem endless.


Thankfully, NY Online Vape Shop has got you covered. The usual high end, and some unusual, vapes with all sort of functionality can be found on our website but we also pride ourselves on the vast array of Deals on superior vaporizer merchandise we carry -- with everything from dry herb vaporizers to wax and oil vape tanks and box mod vapes, as well as accessories of all kinds -- you should have no trouble finding the perfect gift for your special someone(s) at a reasonable price.

Several Micro Vape Pens for wax

Micro Vape Pen for Wax - 2 Vapes

This awesome kit is first off found commonly at online vape shops, available in 100s of color combinations from the usual black and red to zebra, polka dot and glow in the dark. Each kit includes, among other things, 2 Micro vape pens, each pen equipped with ceramic rod coils designed to vaporize wax and deliver great vapor. These vape pens are accompanied by a dabber tool, storage container, chargers, and mouthpiece sleeves for when sharing. Never leave home without it!

AGO Jr Wax Pen

This model has been around for a long time but remains popular because of the size, versatility and ease of use - not to mention the amazing value. The wax concentrate enthusiast in your life will be greatly appreciative, but so will the herb consumer, particularly if you are looking to vaporize the herb via combustion. This deal comes with 2 kits for LESS THAN $40! Each kit hosts some useful accessories -- including a USB charger, ensuring that your vape will never go hungry again, plus a dabber or scraping tool used for handling product and clearing chambers -- the affordable price on this baby cannot be beat. Portable vape pen lovers, unite!

Ceramic Domeless Nails and Carb Caps

Domeless Nail Carb Cap Bundle

Dabbing, dabbers, domeless dab nails and all of that stuff has gotten popular right alongside vaporizers -- the ceramic, titanium, and quartz options are the usual choices seen when shopping, plus the new e-nails that use electricity to heat versus a blowtorch. This bundle is SUPER AMAZING and for those in the market, we highly recommend taking advantage before its too late. This medical grade ceramic material is able to hold heat for the longest period of time versus quartz and titanium. These three ceramic nails, along with one female adaptor, ensure that your dabbing experience will be done safely and affordably!

micro vape pen wax coils 6 pack deal

6 Pack Micro Wax Coils

There are few things more irritating in this world than a coil that stops functioning properly. As a result, it’s always good to keep a spare cache of coils on hand for when things might go awry. This deal of 6 micro vape coils -- which come in an assortment of fun and bright colors -- will ensure that you’ll never again have to utter the dreaded phrase, “I’m sorry, this has never happened before.” (Who are you kidding, you probably will.)

3 wax containers and 3 dab tools

Wax Containers with Dab Tools Bundle

When transporting wax, it is important to use a silicone container that is both convenient and guaranteed to keep your wax pen safe and secure. The same goes for dab tools: the last thing a vaper wants is to have to tote around a wand that will either be too cumbersome or will run the risk of damaging their precious vape. With our special offer of three dab tools and three wax containers for under $10, it’ll be a long time before you’ll ever have to go without the essentials again. With 3 sets you can separate flavors, have storage at more than one location and the no stick cover on the dabber tool ensures travel without a sticky mess.

Dry Herb Coils for Micro Vapes


Herb Coils for Micro Vape Pen

Quality dry herb pancake coils -- which are used to heat the dry herbs in the chamber are compatible with screw-in style micro vapes such as the snoop dogg micro g, cloud pens and more. They are often hard to come by but our coils are not only guaranteed high-quality, but this special offer comes with 5 full coils, with a choice between two colors.

Titanium Nails and Carb Cap

For the serious dabber, titanium nails are the real deal -- they take only 15-20 seconds to heat up, they are able to retain heat for long periods of time, and they are the most durable of the nail options available on the market. With our bundle of domeless titanium dab nails, you’ll receive 3 quality nails along with a carb cap for a smooth vapor experience. Happy dabbing!

Micro Vape Pen different color travel kits

TWO-FER Micro Travel Kit Deal

These Micro vape kits are the ideal setup that will have you comfortably vaping in no time. This ridiculously, amazing deal comes with 2 vape kits. And each kit comes with a Micro vape pen equipped with a ceramic wax coil, 3 extra ceramic wax coils, a storage container, as well chargers and other accessories that will make your next wax vaping experience one to truly remember. This is a deal that WILL NOT LAST, so take advantage.

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