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Offering affordable vaporizer options to consumers everywhere is a core part of the mission. We understand that especially in today's economy, people are struggling and it is not easy to pay top dollar for vaporizer products. Keep reading to see our top deals that will make you smile and keep your wallet fat, or at least not empty.

by: Joe C. | 07/11/16 1:30PM


AGO Jr Wax Pens

Top Rated wax vape pens for ONLY $29.99


This deal is for TWO Vape kits, yes TWO vape kits. This might be the best vaporizer deal on the planet. If you are looking for a wax pen, not to be commonly confused for a box mod vape. You do not need look any further. This deal is too good to pass up and for less than $30, these vape tank pens are worth a try. The AGO Jr kit comes with the vape pen, a usb charger, dabbing tool, silicone wax container and a user manual.


The vape is very easy to use and has 4 main components--the battery, the heating chamber, the chamber connector and the silicone mouthpiece. Simply load your heating chamber with a ball of wax and with the press of the power button you will be vaping. The Jr is extremely portable and is only 4 inches long. Users love this vape and it is available in 17 colors, however some colors may not be available for this offer.


Micro Vape kit Wax Pen Deal

ONLY $49.99


Take advantage of this amazing deal to reward yourself and maybe even surprise a friend. This deal is for TWO Micro Vape kits and each comes in its own travel case. Each kit comes with a micro vape pen, 3 extra ceramic rod coils, a dabbing tool, silicone container, usb charger and more.

The Micro Vape Pen is the hottest style out when it comes to portable wax vapes. It is only 4 inches long and very discrete, but it also looks cool and is very stylish. It is very easy to use and all of the parts are interchangeable and replaceable.

The WAXMAN Bundle

ONLY $79.99


This Waxman Bundle is an INCREDIBLE DEAL and you should check out the details and buy it here. This might be the best bundle ever. It was designed with the wax concentrate connoisseur in mind and comes with all the tools needed to enjoy the #dabsdaily. This bullet points below will give you a quick look into what the Waxman is all about:

  • 1 Micro Vape wax kit (comes with 2 vape pens)
  • 1 Micro Vape glass globe coil attachment
  • 1 AGO Jr wax vape kit with an extra heating chamber
  • 1 Ceramic Dab Nail
  • 1 Titanium Dab Nail
  • 1 Titanium Carb Cap
  • 2 Wax Dabber Tools

When it comes to the wax concentrates, this Waxman has you completely covered from vaporizer to domeless nail and more. Buy this for yourself or use it as the most amazing gift ever. There are so many components that you can share this bundle with friends and enjoy it for yourself. You won't find a better deal anywhere else.

Micro Vape and AGO Jr Bundle

ONLY $44.99


Can't decide which vaporizer to buy for wax?Take advantage of this deal and you'll have two options to choose from. With this deal you get TWO vape kits--1 Micro Vape kit and 1 AGO Jr vape kit. Both kits are for wax and both are very popular vape models. Each kit comes with accessories such as dab tools, charges and wax containers.

Both the Micro and Jr are very easy to use and conceal. At only 4 inches long, both vapes can fit into most pockets, bags or a travel case. All components are interchangeable and you won't have a problem finding low priced replacement parts. To use the vapes, simply load the chamber/coil with wax and press the power button. In no time you will be vaping, and you will have options.

Ceramic Domeless Nail Bundle

ONLY $19.99


So this is clearly not a vaporizer. But this deal is too good to go unannounced. This bundle comes with 3 ceramic domeless dab nails (all interchangeable) plus 2 ceramic adapters. No matter what size rig you have, this bundle offers several options to satisfy all of your needs.

If you are a fan of using dab rigs, then getting a dab nail bundle deal is right up your alley! Domeless nails come in titanium, ceramic and quartz. The ceramic nails have become very popular because they are low cost, retain heat well, and are more durable then quartz. To see more details and specs on each nail and adapter, just visit the link here at our online vape shop.

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