Wax Vape Pens - The Complete List

This post gives you a quick review on all Wax Vape Pens, from the original pens, to the newer, more advanced wax vaporizers that offer a top-tier vaping experience.

by: Nathaniel C. | 12/24/18 2:30PM


Here is the most complete list of wax vaporizers from those classic back-in-the-day wax pen models to the newest tech. Scroll one-by-one to read a quick breakdown of each vape or jump straight to the wax vaporizer you want to know more about.

If you are new to the world of wax, shatter, and concentrates in general, here is a quick overview. Herbal concentrates have gained a lot of popularity over the last decade. Before then, just the dry herbs themselves were widely available. With modern technology and ever improving methods, the various herbal trichomes containing the most beneficial compounds can be extracted using butane, CO2 plus other methods. This creates a highly concentrated substance which could be labeled wax, shatter, sauce or oil depending on the consistency of the concentrate.


How Wax Dabbing Started

When wax first came to the game, it was usually consumed by placing a small dab on top of a bowl packed with dry herbs. Upon heating, the wax melts around your dry herbs, increasing the potency of the herbs. With the growing popularity of these concentrates, wax enthusiasts began consuming it using home-made dab rigs and commercial dab rigs were not far behind. At the same time that wax was gaining popularity, so were vaporizers. The two met with the invention of more user friendly dab rigs and wax vape pens. These allow the average Joe to consume wax easily and discreetly. Now that you know a bit more about wax, here is our ultimate list of wax vaporizers. We will keep this list updated as new models are released.


#1 - Saber Vape

The Saber vape is one of the best compact, easy to use wax vape pens. It is super slim, has three variable voltage settings (low, medium and high) and comes with two types of atomizers - one quartz-coil atomizer and one ceramic donut. These are the best two types of wax atomizers and we love both, but some users have a preference so Saber gives you the choice. Quartz heats up and cools down a bit faster than ceramic so we prefer to use quartz for bigger, heavier rips. Even better, this vape features all magnetic connections so packing, swapping atomizers, charging and using it could not be easier. The Saber is powerful enough to get some solid rips, especially on the high setting. However, this vape does not hit as hard as some more powerful dab pen. If you are looking for an ultra-compact, well-built and discreet wax pen, the Saber is perfect.

For a full, detailed review on the Saber vape, read the Saber Vape Pen Review here.


#2 - Yocan Pandon

In contrast to the Saber vape, Yocan’s Pandon is basically a mini-dab rig. It has two separate dual-quartz coil atomizers and a powerful battery to keep you dabbing all day. You can pack both atomizers and fire up all four quartz coils to generate massive clouds. Alternatively, you can use just one dual-quartz atomizer for more discreet vaping. The Pandon also features variable voltage settings - a feature rare for wax pens. This is a nice added feature as it allows the user to control the temperature of the wax coils. With its quad-coil functionality, set the Pandon to low voltage for sizable, smooth and flavorful vapor. Or turn it to medium or high if you want to get the full potential out of your concentrates. The Pandon set on high with both atomizers packed will give you hits as powerful as many dab rigs - but still fits in the palm of your hand. Any true dabber will love the Pandon.

To find out more about the Yocan Pandon, read the Yocan Pandon Vape Review here.


#3 - Yocan Evolve

The Evolve line is one of Yocan’s most popular line of vapes. The original Evolve is an excellent dual-quartz coil vaporizer. It features a smart coil cap that prevents leakage. This is a great feature, especially when sharing with friends. Wax pens should be held upright, but if a friend borrows your Evolve and holds it horizontal, the smart coil cap with keep all your wax inside the atomizer. This also comes in handy if your vape falls over. If this does happen, the air path holes on the smart coil cap can get clogged, but you can easily clear it by soaking the cap in rubbing alcohol. Like all Yocan products, the Evolve is made of high-quality components. It is dual-quartz coils sit in a ceramic tray which provides pure, clean flavor and powerful hits. The Evolve’s smart coil cap screws on for a strong seal, but the mouthpiece magnetically attaches for ease of use. Overall, the Yocan Evolve is one of the best mid-size portable wax vapes around.

To read more about the Yocan Evolve, check the Yocan Evolve Review here.


#4 - Yocan Evolve Plus

The Evolve Plus features everything we love about the Evolve - dual-quartz coils sitting in a ceramic tray, smart coil cap, and magnetic mouthpiece. However, Yocan added some extra features that we really love. The battery is almost twice the capacity (1100 mAh compared to the Evolve’s 650 mAh battery). It also has an attached silicone dab jar that screws onto the bottom for easy wax storage. This dab jar is air-tight and wax easily pulls off the silicone so you never waste any of your precious concentrates. This makes the Evolve Plus the perfect travel dab pen. At 120 mm tall, the Evolve Plus is the same height as the Evolve but it is just slightly thicker to fit in the larger battery. It’s less than a half ounce heavier than the Evolve and 5mm thicker so you will barely notice the difference. If you plan on traveling with your dab pen, we recommend going for the Yocan Evolve Plus over the original Evolve.

For a full, detailed review on the Yocan Evolve Plus, read the Yocan Evolve Plus Review here.


#5 - Yocan Evolve Plus XL

The Evolve Plus XL is the ultimate travel portable dab pen. It is the thickest of the three Evolve pens, but still quite portable. Yocan steps up its game with the XL’s quad quartz coil atomizer. Unlike the Pandon, the Evolve Plus XL has all four quartz coils in one chamber. These coils sit in a ceramic tray so you get the same great flavor as the other Evolve vapes. This vape still features the smart coil cap which is especially important with the amount of wax you will be loading into the atomizer. Load dabs of wax on all four coils for a massive rip or just load a dab on a pair of them for a smoother, more discreet dab. This pen also features an adjustable airflow valve to control the size of your clouds. Open it up all the way for huge dabs or close it for lighter rips. The Evolve Plus XL keeps the Plus’ silicone dab jar but since it has a wider base, Yocan split this dab jar into two compartments. So you can store two different concentrates without mixing them. To power the quad coils, the Plus XL has a powerful 1400 mAh battery. While this dab pen might be wider and heavier than the industry standard, its added features make it worth its weight.

To find out more about the Yocan Evolve Plus XL, read the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Review here.


#6 - Micro Vape Double Kit

One of the originals, this vape kit comes with two ultra-compact wax pens At only four inches tall, these micro vape tanks and pens fit anywhere. They are easy to use and have single ceramic rod coil atomizers – although quartz and wick coil replacements are also available. We receive excellent reviews as these micro dab pens have solid battery life, provide excellent flavor and are the best deal around. If you just want a simple, compact dab pen with no frills, the micro vape double kit is perfect for you. Plus it comes with an extra - so keep one at home and the other in your travel bag! If you are like us, you might not always remember to keep your dab pen charged. With an extra on hand, you never have to wait for your pen to charge. In addition, this kit comes with a dab container, a dab tool, five mouthpiece protection sleeves, a retractable usb cable, a wall charger, a user manual and a protective box. If you really want to save money, pick up one of our blemished color options for a discount!



#7 - Glass Globe Wax Pen

The Glass Globe wax pen is one of the most unique wax pens available. It functions like most dab pens - a battery attached to an atomizer and then the mouthpiece. However, this pen has a glass globe between the atomizer and mouthpiece. This glass globe allows you to cook your concentrate, filling up the glass globe with vapor before clearing the vapor. Waiting a second or two before clearing allows the vapor to cool slightly, providing smooth, flavorful rips. You can think of the Glass Globe wax pen as a mini-bong for wax. It works great, provides a unique dabbing experience and the price can’t be beat. This wax vaporizer is 510 threaded, the industry standard, which means you could attach any 510 battery, atomizer or 510 charger. We all know batteries and atomizers don’t last forever and sometimes it is nice to mix and match. If you already have a 510 thread vaporizer, you can also pick up just the glass globe atomizer to get this unique bong-like wax rips on your existing vape.

To read more about the Glass Globe wax pen, check out the Globe Vape Review here.


#8 - Box Mod with Wax Atomizer

There are several box mods available that you can pair with a wax atomizer. Using a box mod means you can have one battery (or vaporizer) to vape multiple substances - dry herbs, waxes, oils, and e juices. Box mod vapes use variable voltage to control the size of your clouds but you should always check the atomizer’s limit so you do not push it too far. One of our favorite box mods for vaping wax is the SteamCloud. This can be paired with a wax atomizer like the Yocan Cerum to get some solid clouds. Most wax pens do not have temperature settings, they just heat up hotter and hotter as you hold down the power button. Once you get used to your wax pen, this heating method works fine for most users. However, using a box mod with variable voltage gives you more control over the temperature of your atomizer. This means you can have it on a low setting to vaporize concentrates into a cool, smooth and flavorful vapor. Alternatively, turn up the voltage to generate massive clouds.

To find out more about box mods and how to use them with a wax atomizer, read the box mod guide here.

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