What is the Best Wax Pen for Vaping

Wax Pens, aka wax vapes, vaporizers or whatever else you refer to them as, are taking the world by storm, and for some great reasons as well.

by: Seth C. | 11/29/19 2:30PM


Wax Pens, aka wax vapes, vaporizers or whatever else you refer to them as, are taking the world by storm, and for some great reasons as well. But as there are pros and cons to everything you might have to compromise what you want and get what is available. There are many types of vape pens, ranging from a cheap battery to full box mods. Today we are going to be covering many of these wax vape options, the pros and cons as well as why you might want to get one. Of course, personal preference is going to be a big part of this so please keep that in mind – what you think is the best may be different from the next person. We are here to present the facts so that you can make an educated decision as to the type of vape pen you want to get. With so many options out there, things might become overwhelming making it tough to zone in on a product and decide. Well with our help here, you will be able to discern what will work best for you. So, sit back, relax, and get ready because we are going to explain some of the wax vape options you will run into while browsing and shopping. Let us get started!



Ceramic Coil Wax Pens

Ceramic Coil Vapes are perfect for someone who is just started vaping wax. The ceramic rod is wrapped with a metal coil and they both produce the heat which vaporizes the wax. Wax coils with ceramic rods come with a single rod, and sometimes they can have up to four rods, but more commonly and popularly, are the two rod coils. Ceramic rod wax coils are available in all sorts of vape pens. They first debuted with Micro Vape Pens and can now commonly be found in other vape coils for other wax pens. Ceramic is great for certain things, including coils, and the flavor profile you achieve while vaping is fantastic. A ceramic coil won’t heat up as fast as a metal or quartz coil, but it will retain heat longer, allowing you to control the temperature of the coil a bit easier. A good example of this is the Yocan Magneto Wax Vape. This pen is a great option for those looking for a ceramic coil wax pen.


Quartz Coil Wax Pens

Very similar to the ceramic coil pens, these are made purely of quartz rods wrapped in a metal coil. Each rod can have one, two or even four coils in a single chamber, just like ceramic. This is a good option if you want a vape that is smooth and powerful plus great flavor profile. They provide more pure flavoring than their metal counterparts, but in general, are very similar in how they work. These are a great option for beginners or experts, and the quality and power matched together to make a wonderful vaping experience. The lifespan of the coils is similar to that of ceramic, metal and others, and ultimately will depend on how often it is used and handled during that time. The coils are fairly delicate, so when packing always be careful. Once packed, as quartz coils start to heat up, you will develop a voluminous, smooth puff. Quartz heats and cools more quickly than ceramic so the exact method of heating to control the coil temperature will be a bit different than if you were using a metal or ceramic coil. A great example of some vapes that use quartz coils are again the Micro Vape Pen as well as the Yocan Pandon which can utilize two chambers at once for a mega puff creating thick, great tasting vapor. The Evolve Plus Xl, and even the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 utilize quartz wax coil attachments – many of these vapes offer metal and ceramic vape coil options as well.

Wick Coil Wax Pens

Another type of vape coil is the wick, which is used with e-liquid, oils, e-juice, and liquid-like wax concentrates. These were the first types of wax vapes, and we have come a long way since then. That does not mean however that these dab pens are useless. They are perfect for the extremely viscous wax concentrates that are almost a liquid. The wick soaks up the wax and when heated, it offers a great taste and a smooth draw. These are still perfectly good options for today, however they are less popular than they used to be. Bad wicks can be known to taint the flavor of the vape oil or wax concentrates. In addition, heating the coil without any wax or oil inside can burn the wick, rendering the vape coil useless. Wick coils can still be found in the Micro Vape Pen and are still commonly available in the larger atomizer vape tanks designed for use with box mod vapes.


Coil-less Vape Pens-Ceramic Donut Coils

Most vape coils are equipped with a metal coil along with the heating element of choice, whether it be wick, quartz, or ceramic. Some vape coils do not have a metal coil part that heats up though. These vapes are made for those who do not want to deal with a metal coil for one reason or another. The coil-less vape pens usually come with a vape coil that has what looks like a ceramic donut at the bottom – a ceramic donut instead of a quartz coil or something else. The ceramic donut offers amazing flavor and provides a very smooth vapor puff. However, they take a bit longer to heat up than other vape coils, and the temperature does not get as hot as some other coils. So if you want a slow, smooth vapor puff, coil-less vape pens like the Saber Vape Pen with ceramic donut coils may be the way to go. But if you are looking for something that offers more of a traditional dab hit, you may want to seek a coil that gets hotter more quickly.



Disposable Wax Pens

Disposable wax pens are great if you plan on using a vape only for a while or testing out a flavor or strain! These come in many shapes and sizes and almost all strains if you know the right places to look! These use cartridges that are usually connected to a battery and form one piece. These are used either until they burn out, thanks to the cheap wax coils, or when you use up all of the wax. Either way, these are great for first-timers, and those who only need a little bit of use for their vaping needs. It's also very clean, and there is no mess when being used, you simply have the pen-shaped device and it does all the work for you! There are so many options here from simple batteries like the Vape Pen Battery for 510 Oil Cartridge, to all-in-one devices that you toss once you’re done.

Wax Pen Cartridges

These have become one of, if not the most iconic symbol of a wax vape pen. Very similar to a disposable pen, using the same cartridges, a wax pen that uses these cartridges can be used multiple times, over and over. Why? Because you can interchange the cartridges, you have your battery, which you pick from the throng of 510 thread batteries, get the cartridge of your liking both strain, and brand (for there are a lot of those) and you’re good to go! These provide smooth and medium-sized hits. If you’re looking for something to blow clouds with, you’re going to want to keep searching, farther down our list that is, but if you want something simple, easy to use that gets the job done, these are a great option. Another example of where 510 threaded cartridges come in handy is with wax vape pens, these guys live off these cartridges, we have disposable like above, or replaceable where you just have the battery and cartridge separately.


Globe Wax Pens

Now, this is an interesting option here, these will look like pens but with a big glass dome near the end where you will take the hit from. The glass globes allow the vapor to form and cool before you take the vapor puff – making for a smoother and less irritating pull off of the wax pen. These are great for those who may have more sensitive lungs, or throat tissue, or for anyone who just does not like the heat that can accompany vapor. Since the puffs are cooler, they can also be more voluminous without the risk of harshness, so you can really get some clouds with these globe vapes. The downside is that they are prone to shattering if dropped or put under some other stress, however, they are usually very affordable with a whole kit under $30 and globes often under $10. Globe wax pens are great and usually offer varying vape coil options as well – so whether you like ceramic, metal or quartz rod vape coils, you can still enjoy the glass globe vaporizer for wax!


Yocan Wax Pens

While not a category of wax pens, but rather a brand, Yocan has a large selection of vapes exclusively for wax, created to serve different people and different needs. Coming in various designs often with improvements from its predecessors, the wax pen line up by Yocan extends from smaller simple wax pens, to larger more powerful vapes that can offer huge vapor clouds. The reviews are great and their products truly meet those reviews. And within the Yocan vape line of products, you will find various vape coil options from ceramic to quartz and other options.

Micro Vape Wax Pens

The Micro Vape style wax pen is one of the original styles that at a point, could be found branded by many companies. The style is not as popular but it is still around, and for good reason. These qualify as they fit in the palm of your hand, can slip into just about any pocket, and are very easy to use, plus they are very affordable. Of course, do not expect maximum power here, but for the size, what you are getting is pretty impressive, and you have many coil options from quartz and ceramic to globes and dry herb attachments.


Box Mod Vapes for Wax

Now, these are for those who have probably vaped e-juice at some point and were possibly involved in the start of the whole cloud puff craze. Of course, these amazing box mod vapes eventually made their way from e-juice, to wax. This new creation became a powerful tool in the dabbing scene – a new dab pen is on the block. Why would someone want one? Well, the biggest hits of all can be had here. The vape coil attachments are often larger too, allowing them to take on more power so that you can achieve big puffs while maintaining the smoothest, and best tasting wax puffs, guaranteed. Why might you not want one of these behemoths? Well, they can be confusing – although they really are not. Nowadays box mod vapes are made pretty compact with a ton of vape battery, but still, there are wax pens out there at a fraction of the size.

Where to Buy the Best Wax Pens

Now it is important to remember that everyone's needs are different, something might work better for someone than for someone else. We all have our preferences. This comes into play once you are ready to buy a vape. Well, you are going to want a place that has a wide variety of options when it comes to vape styles, types and even colors. That is where online smoke shops come into play. With places like nyvapeshop.com you get FREE USA shipping, no minimums and here is where the ultimate amount of variety can be found. From models to colors, types, and uses, you can find everything you may want or need! There is no better option than an online shop for getting a vape, even if you explore multiple shops, there is just such a variety out there you would be very surprised!

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