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SteamCloud Stylus Oil Vape

This is the best oil cartridge vape pen for under $15. Simply screw the 510 oil cartridge to the battery to start vaporizing. The vape is discreet plus it doubles as stylus pen so you can play around on the phone at the same time.

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  • Product Details

    SteamCloud Stylus Vape Kit includes

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    • Stylus Vape Pen Battery
    • USB vape charger

    SteamCloud Stylus Vape Pen Details

    • Simple, straightforward battery for your oil cartridges.  No power button, just inhale to get the vapor.  Extremely lightweight and portable, plus it functions as a stylus pen for your cellphone.
    • 510 Threaded
    • Compatibility - to be used with the skinny, 510 oil cartridges
    • Battery Capacity - 280 mah
    • Voltage - 3.7 volts
    • Measurements - 3.25 inches long, about the width of the average pen or pencil
  • User Manual

    How to use the SteamCloud Stylus Vape Battery

    1. This battery is compatible with the common 510 oil cartridges that you see everyday.
    2. If needed, charge the battery using the provided usb charger. Specific charging instructions and details are below.
    3. Screw the oil cartridge to the top of the battery and make sure it securely fits. Do not screw it in too tightly or too loosely.
    4. Once attached, just take a puff and you will get vapor. You do not need to turn the battery on or press a power button to make it work. Just sit back, relax, and take a puff. As you take that puff, the red lights on the bottom of the vape battery will light up.

    How to charge the SteamCloud Battery

    1. Plug the provided usb charger into a power source. When the usb is properly plugged the the led will light up green.
    2. Next, screw the battery into the end of the usb charger.
    3. When the battery is screwed-in properly it will begin charging, and the light on the usb will turn red. LED lights at the end of the battery will also light up red.
    4. When the battery is fully charged the lights on the usb will turn green and the lights at the end of the battery will shut off.
    5. The battery should take about 1-2 hours to charge.

    What Cartridges work with the SteamCloud Stylus Battery

    The SteamCloud Stylus vaporizer battery is designed for use with skinny, 510 thread oil cartridges. It will also work with the skinny, 510 thread wax cartridges, however, for wax we would recommend a stronger battery such as the Micro or the Mini 2.0. The Stylus doesn't give out the strongest current and it only activates as you are taking a pull.

    Troubleshooting the SteamCloud Stylus Oil Vape Battery

    The battery will not turn on or operate - Please see the tips and manual tab for exact operating instructions. We also provide exact charging instructions. But with just one or two hours, the vape battery should have more than enough power to operate. There is NO button. The battery activates when you take a puff from an attached oil cartridge. When a puff is taken, the battery sends power into the attached oil cartridge. The LED lights on the bottom of the vape battery will light up as the puff is being taken. If the LED lights never turn on as you take a puff there is likely an issue somewhere. Also, if the light goes on and off while you are still taking a puff, there is also likely an issue somewhere. There is likely an issue with the battery itself, or it is possible that the cartridge itself has been burnt out.

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