Dab Pens

Dab pens, like dab rigs, pack a powerful punch. Even better, dab pens are able to do so in a much more convenient, much more condensed package than a regular dab rig. There is no need for a blowtorch, no need for heavy equipment, and it can all be used on the go with the most minimal effort. Dab pens, because of all this, have become enormously popular. If wax is a preference but dealing with a traditional dab rig is a complete turn-off, look into a dab pen.
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How to Choose the Best Dab Pen

When you are on the go, you want something that is quick, discreet, and effective. A dab pen is the way to go for vaping your favorite wax concentrates. Luckily, the pens on the market are vast, and the functionality of each of them are virtually identical. Choosing the best dab pen factors in a few considerations, though it will ultimately be your personal preference that decides what you get.

Navigating the various Types of Dab Pens

Unlike some traditional vaporizers out there that utilize a special cartridge, a dab pen differs by its individual parts. Most are meant for wax concentrates, hence the name “dab pen,” though one can also find some meant for dry herbs & oils. The heating element is a battery powered coil that heats up your wax vape at just the right temperature to provide the right melting point, creating terpene-rich profile from your dab pen. Wax is loaded directly onto the pen’s heating chamber. The convenience of just pushing a button delivers the hit in all its full-flavored glory.

Dab Pen Sizes

In terms of size, we can determine a dab pen’s vaping capacity in width versus length. The more heating coils, the more room for your wax vape which naturally delivers a bigger hit. Fatter dab pens can use 4 quartz coils to give the user massive dabs while still remaining short & discreet. The most popular size utilizes only 2 coils to produce decent vape sessions, however. With just the push of a button, hits are easily dispensed and taken at a moment’s notice.

Dab Pen Kits

Some dab pens also come as part of a comprehensive vaporizing kit. In it you will find not only the dab pen, but also some tools used for traditional dab rigs, such as a dabber and coil replacements. Most dab pens on the market are sophisticated enough to come equipped with rechargeable batteries instead of replaceable ones. The charging cable accompanies the kit, though you will also find dab pens alone that come with charging cables and replacement parts as well. If you have an oil rig at home, you can go with just a solo dab pen.

Dab Pens vs Oil Rigs

Both options are golden standard when it comes to vaping concentrates, though as stated earlier, it will always come down to preference. There are clear advantages to owning a dab pen, however. One of them is the convenience of not having to carry around and use a blow torch to heat up your wax vape. Another is not having to lug around your oil rig. Dab pens are small, super convenient, and can be used almost anywhere without raising an eyebrow. This is what sets them apart from the rest.


Types of Dab Pens

The market for dabbing has extended to include ways to vaporize concentrates without having to rely on dab rigs & blow torches. Other than what has been available in the past for dry herbs & oil, popular methods are now emerging to include wax without the cumbersome equipment. When it comes to traveling & maintaining an active lifestyle, the dab pen is clearly a winner. Here we will be exploring popular dab pens on the market.

Temperature Controlled Dab Pens

Usually much thicker than other standard wax vape pens on the market, temperature-controlled dab pens can incorporate the use of a single setting, while others are setup to heat to your preferred temperature. Box-styled dab pens like the SteamCloud Box Mod are sophisticated and truly reserved for the serious dabber on the go. The freedom to control temperatures with your dab pen can deliver hits that are tailored to your personal liking. This makes owning a temperature-controlled dab pen a valuable investment for your lifestyle.

Dry Herb & Oil Dab Pens

There are some variable dab pens on the market with interchangeable threads & chambers. Along with dab pens that specialize in only one material or concentrate, the combo pens are unique by offering the user an easier experience, some even designed with preset temperatures for certain concentrates. Dry herb pens by themselves are not considered to true dab pens, since the use of dry herbs cannot be classified as such. In combination pens however, they are considered part of the dab world.

Glass Globe Dab Pens

Specially designed to be subtle yet visual while drawing in a hit, the glass globe allows the user to see the vapors come up and can actually signal when the concentrate is all but consumed. Made for wax concentrates, care must be taken to ensure the integrity of the pen to prevent it from accidental breakage. An added bonus to using a glass globe is the cooling effect the globe has on the vapor, which allows for much larger hits.

Portable Dab Pens

While most dab pens on the market are considered to be portable, there are other vaporizers out there such as the Volcano Hybrid, that while technically portable, it is not designed for vaping on the go. This makes the portability of dabbing so appealing to many people, which has only been rapidly gaining popularity. With the advents of smokeless methods, vaping your favorite concentrates has never been easier! Another appealing aspect is the subtlety of being discreet and vaping on the go.

Why Buy a Vape

If you are looking to enjoy some oil or wax concentrates, then getting a vaporizer pens is the way to easily enjoy. If you need to stop smoking dry herb and instead prefer to start vaping, a dry herb vaporizer is the way to go. Vapes are very easy to use, portable, and more discreet than smoking. Some can be expensive, but many great, affordable vape options are available.

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