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G Pen Connect E-Nail for Dab Rigs


The G Pen Connect fits any dab rig and operates like an E-Nail to vaporize wax better than traditional dab nails.  Guaranteed enjoyment!

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  • Product Details

    G Pen Connect Kit Includes

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    • Connect Battery 
    • G Pen Connect Tank 
    • G Pen Connect Housing 
    • G Pen Connect Glass Male Adapter (14mm)
    • G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter Connecter 
    • Micro USB TO USB Charging Cable 
    • 3-pack Replacement O-Rings 
    • G Pen Connect Travel Case

    G Pen Connect E-Nail Details

    • Designed for use with Wax Concentrates Only
    • The Connect is an E-Nail which is designed to attach to a dab rig to be used as you would any dab nail, except the Connect powers with the convenience of electricity versus a blowtorch.
    • Magnetic Tank Cap helps conceal the wax concentrates 
    • The heating element is made of high-quality ceramic 
    • Vape Battery Capacity - 850mAh
    • Battery has Three Variable Voltage Settings (Blue 3.1V, Green 3.6V, and  Red 4.1V)The Spring-loaded carb release allows you to effectively clear the chamber The glass adapter connects to any water pipe with glass to glass connection.