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With one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market, Arizer Vaporizers offers quality that is unmatched, at a price that is affordable. Featuring all top-quality food-grade materials, Arizer Vaporizers is known for being one of the best! NYVapeShop is proud to feature all popular brands & accessories for all your vaping needs. Shop now and get FREE shipping with all US orders, and DISCREET delivery on every package!

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How to Choose the Best Arizer Vaporizer

A leading brand within the vaping community, Arizer stands out as one of the first companies to produce an exceptional line of award-winning desktop vapes. When considering which vaporizer to choose, the best option will always be what suits your personal preference. We will be comparing Arizer products with other brands on the market and taking a closer look at the individual devices offered from Arizer.

Types of Arizer Vaporizers

Initially started as a desktop vaporizer company, Arizer has expanded to include some of the best portable vaporizers on the market. No matter what you choose, Arizer is at the top of its class when it comes to efficiency & reliability. Whether you are looking for a high-powered desktop vape or a new go-to portable device, Arizer is a name you can trust. With a track record in 5-star customer satisfaction, you can be sure to find a vaporizer that suits your needs.

Desktop Vaporizers vs Portable Vaporizers

Arizer specializes in both modalities, so there really is not any true competition between the two here. It all comes down to what you want, and you can always have the best of both worlds! While desktop vaporizers are technically portable, they do not offer the convenience of being able to vape on the fly. They make up for it with their high-powered & long-lasting efficiency, however. Portable vapes offer stealth, while desktop vapes offer strength. Both are designed for maximum convenience to your personal preference.

Cool Arizer Accessories

With a variety of desktop & portable vapes to choose from, Arizer has some of the most popular vaporizers on the market, such as the Extreme Q & the Solo 2. A reputable company with durable replacement parts & accessories, Arizer excels at providing the consumer with everything they need to ensure the life & integrity of your vaporizer unit. Whether you need carrying cases to protect your vape, or preloaded aroma tubes to expand your vaping experience, Arizer has it all. Another cool aspect about every vape from Arizer is how easy they are to clean!

About Arizer

As part of the vaping movement, Arizer started with a concept of providing a means to consume dry herbs without combustion. As one of the first pioneers in the vaping industry, Arizer has come out with upgraded models consistently throughout the years. Smoking has fallen out of favor to introduce a healthier alternative that has taken the world by storm. The popularity explosion has been impacted by companies such as Arizer to provide high standards & quality products for the consumer. One of the few companies that can boast an award-winning model, Arizer is a leader in the vaping industry.

Types of Arizer Vaporizers

When choosing the right vape, you can trust a brand name like Arizer to provide you with a variety of products to suit your individual needs. Manufactured to meet ISO Quality Standards, all of Arizer’s vaporizers are also CE, FCC, and RoHS Certified to ensure the utmost safety to the consumer. Whether you prefer a hard-hitting desktop vape or your new to-go portable piece, Arizer has just what you have been looking for.

Arizer Extreme Q

A giant leap from the V-Tower, the Extreme Q is known for its ability to convert to both the classic whip & balloon style vaping methods. The versatility of the Extreme Q brought the popularity of incorporating the balloon style of vaping dry herbs. What made it stand out however was its innovative ability to be controlled remotely! Known as the original hybrid, the Extreme Q has all the perks of the V-Tower, plus a quiet 3 speed fan to assist with drawing in vapor through the whip.

Arizer Solo 2

Boasted as being Arizers most powerful portable unit, the Solo 2 is a straightforward, no-nonsense vape that provides the user with a practical vaping session. Perfect for on the go users, the Solo 2 has a digital display with adjustable brightness, digital temperature control, and an ability to track your vaping sessions. A pure glass vapor path gives you only the purest vapors without residual contact with unwanted plastics. A 3-hour rechargeable battery life makes this one of the best investments for your health.

Arizer V-Tower

Arizer’s first desktop model, this unit is one of the most reliable & efficient products within the vaping community. Renowned for being one of the most versatile & economical vaping devices, the V-Tower stood above the rest with its quality construction utilizing a ceramic heating element, precision digital temperature controls, and an adjustable shutoff timer. Each unit is built to last and provides the user with a truly innovative experience.

Arizer Air 2

All the benefits of the Solo 2, the Air 2 is Arizer’s slim line of portable vaporizers. The easiest to clean by having a removable mouthpiece, the unit itself is maintenance-free! With a super-fast warm up time & micro-USB charging capability, the Air 2 remains one of the most popular portable devices from Arizer. An affordable unit that can also be customized with your own personal settings means more time to vape, and less time fidgeting with controls every time you turn on the device!

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