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Wax cartridges are a lot like oil cartridges except that they contain a few more ‘moving’ parts. In essence, the oil simply gets vaporized on a hot wick that soaks in the juices while a wax cartridge typically will deal with ceramic or quartz rods and dishes. This is where the wax will sit and then progressively get hotter until it is vaporized. This means that there is usually a longer of a charge time for a wax cartridge than an oil cartridge but the wax cartridge retains heat longer.
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How to Choose the Best Wax Cartridges

As the industry continues to grow, more and more types of wax cartridges are added to the market increasing both the diversity and quality of the cartridges. If you are thinking of making a wax cartridge purchase, you should keep these four considerations in mind. While they may not include every area a user will consider, we have laid out some key areas should consider when making a wax cartridge purchase.

Vape Battery Compatibility

When choosing a wax cartridge it is important that it will work with your current vape battery, or the one you plan to purchase. After all, like many other devices, not every component is created equal. Therefore, to ensure the vape and cartridge work together, many of our vapes will have the option to add a cartridge that goes hand-in-hand with the vaporizer. Many new users will often opt to purchase a vape battery along with the particular wax cartridge.

510 Wax Cartridges

Whether you use quartz or ceramic coil wax cartridges, it is vital to know what type of threading is used with your vaping device. While the most universally used threading size is a 510, this does not mean your device (or the wax cartridge) will automatically use this size threading. Before making your purchase, always check both your device and the wax cartridge threading size to ensure they are compatible threading sizes.

Different Types of Wax Coils & Cartridges

Coils come in all types and can be made with a wick, ceramic quartz and even all metal coil. There may be one coil or up to four coils in a single cartridge. The design of the actual coil can vary drastically, especially when you are talking about custom cartridges made specifically for one vape pen or something else.

Wax Cartridge Usage

When choosing a wax cartridge, you should always consider the type of usage you are looking for. Do you plan to smoke at home or are you looking for a more portable option? Do you vape daily or are you a more casual vaper? Each of these areas can help determine what type of cartridge will work best. For example, a more regular user may prefer a box mod vape cartridge as they tend to have a larger chamber for the wax concentrate, while someone looking for a more portable option would probably prefer a more discreet option.

Flavor of the Wax Vapor

When it comes to vaping, connoisseurs tend to enjoy more than just the effects they receive from the vapor. They enjoy the taste (and even smell) of the wax concentrate. Unfortunately, in this sense, not all wax cartridges are created equal. Depending upon your cartridge choice can drastically alter the taste (and even smell) of your vapor. While more experienced users will know what type of wax cartridge they are looking for, new users will either need to follow advice from others or use a trial and error method to find what works the best for them. Although wick is still popular, many users have gravitated towards quartz and ceramic for best flavor.

Types of Wax Cartridges

Like many other products, there are different types of wax cartridges to fit the various needs and wants of the many users in the community. While the basics of the wax cartridges tend to be similar, each can have very distinct differences or perks. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the different types of wax cartridges will help you to make a more educated decision when it comes time to make your purchase.

Wick Wax Cartridges

One of the first wax cartridges to hit the market was the wick cartridge. Known as the original heating element for wax cartridges, wick wax cartridges are still used today. Unlike some other wax cartridges, it is not recommended to power up the cartridge without any wax loaded into it – if you do so, you will risk burning the wick, and for the rest of the life of the wick cartridge, it can (and will) affect both the flavor and vapor from your wax concentrate.

Wax Ceramic Rod Cartridges

Ceramic rod wax cartridges came out after the wick wax cartridges. While some users say it gives a better flavoring, not all vapers agree. Ceramic rod cartridges are broken down into a few categories as they can come with as single rod cartridges, dual ceramic rod and even quad coils exist. Many users prefer the wick-less cartridge option, and many ceramic rod options have become very popular over the years.

Quartz Rod Wax Cartridges

Quart rod wax cartridges are another form of a wick-less wax cartridge. However, instead of a ceramic coil, it features a quartz coil. These cartridges usually consist of a metal wire wrapped around a small quartz rod. Like the ceramic rod coil options, quartz rod wax cartridges offer a better flavoring thank wick cartridge and can be found in both single rod, dual and even quad coil rod options.

Box Mod Wax Vape Cartridges

Wax box mod vape cartridges are a common choice for regular users because they offer a larger tank. They were first used with e-cigarette and vape juice vaper users. However, they quickly were adapted to work with wax vaporizer options like the Yocan Cerum atomizer. These wax box mod vape cartridges allow users to not only have larger chambers for their vaporizers, but they also allow the user to take much larger hits. Typically these larger tanks contain a quartz coil inside, but on occasion, they have also been known to utilize a ceramic donut coil too.

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