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The essential piece of any dabbing setup, we offer a variety of uniquely designed glass dab rigs in multiple sizes. We also offer a handful of glass dab rigs that include percolators at budget-friendly and big-ticket price points. Our glass products are made of high quality materials and will not let you down! NYVapeShop includes FREE SHIPPING on all U.S orders with discreet packaging! Join our Loyalty Program to earn points with your purchase to take advantage of discounts and sales!

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How to Choose the Best Glass Dab Rig

Choosing the best glass dab rig may seem like a daunting task. After all, while traditional pipes and dab rigs have many similarities, it is the differences that really set them apart. Thankfully, by keeping a few key areas in mind (including your personal preferences), you can make your decision drastically easier.

Glass Dab Rig Size

When determining the proper glass dab rig size, the goal is to choose one with just enough space to place your water and to keep the vapor from being too hot when it is time to inhale. While it may seem like having more water will help to prevent this, having too much water will actually hurt your hits, as it runs the risk of losing part of your dab. Due to this, most glass dab rig enthusiasts will opt for a smaller sized rig.

Using a Glass Dab Rig

Do you like to dab in the comfort of your home or are you looking for a more portable option you can take for whenever the mood strikes you? How you plan to use it will be essential in choosing the right glass dab rig. For instance, someone who plans to use their dab rig at home may want to opt for a classic glass dab rig, while someone looking for more portability may choose to go with a nectar collector.

Glass Dab Rig Construction

The way a dab rig is built is very important. Unlike other smoking devices, a dab rig requires the use of a torch. Therefore, you need a durable piece you can safely use with the extreme temperatures it can reach. When purchasing a glass dab rig, make sure it is made from a scientific grade of borosilicate glass, as this type of glass is specifically designed to be able to withstand the high temperatures associated with using a torch. You also will want to make sure the piece looks stable. It should have thick glass, a sturdy base, and a bent neck that allows your rig to safely sit on the table while you heat up the dab nail.

Filtration of the Glass Dab Rig

A key feature for a great glass dab rig is the filtration. You will want a simple and singular filtration system. The resin from wax and oil concentrates is very sticky and can get left behind in the rig, however, a reclaimer is an extra glass attachment between the dab nail and rig that collects wax runoff. For the smoke filtration, when choosing a glass dab rig, you want to choose something with only one inline percolator or fixed downstem. Steer clear of pieces with multiple or more complex percolators. Not only will these cause wax build up in more complicated places, but they are also harder to clean.

Types of Glass Dab Rigs

When it comes to glass dab rigs, it can seem like there are endless possibilities. Due to this, it can be overwhelming for some people when it comes time to decide on which is the best rig option to choose. To help make things a little easier, here are some of the most popular types of glass dab rigs.

Classic Glass Dab Rigs

Classic glass dab rigs are your standard rig. They are perfect for daily users and typically resemble a bong, just smaller in size. In most cases, classic dab rigs are around 7 to 9 inches tall and feature a simple filtration system designed to provide smooth, clean hits. It is the most common type of glass dab rig and is a great option for first-time users.

Mini Glass Dab Rigs

Mini glass dab rigs are pretty much precisely how they sound. They look like a small version of a typical dab rig, and you can fit in the palm of your hand. This type of glass dab rig is great for those looking for portability, preserving flavor, and potent hits.

Glass Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors (also known as honey straws) are long and slender in shape, offer a very simple design, and are great for users looking for portability. Unlike traditional dab rigs, glass nectar collectors are an all-in-one style device and do not utilize a dab nail. Instead, you simply heat the tip of the nectar collector and place it directly into the wax concentrate. These devices are very simple to use and can be found in a variety of sizes.

Dab Nails

Without a dab nail, you cannot do a dab. Like bong bowls, they are an essential component to smoking from a dab rig and are also a category of items all their own. The dab nail is what holds your wax concentrate and is heated in order to turn your wax into vapor. Typically dab nails are made from one of four materials - ceramic, glass, quartz, or titanium. While the material choice will not typically affect the overall flavor, it does regulate how hot your dab nail will get and how long it will stay hot.

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