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The difference is in the flavor with Storz & Bickel! Perfect for wax & dry herb, Storz & Bickel offers portability & quality from a name you can trust. Whether you are looking for wax vapes, pens, dry herb vapes, or accessories, NYVapeShop has you covered! We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our products, where shipping within the US is always FREE, and every order comes to you totally DISCREET!

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How to Choose the Best Storz and Bickel Vapes

World renowned for creating some of the best known and highly popular vapes on the market today, Storz and Bickel started developing their brand since the late 90’s. Today, this is one the most trusted & reliable brands that boasts some of the world’s top vapes, such as the Volcano Classic and most recently, the Volcano Hybrid. When choosing the best vaporizer from Storz and Bickel, consider that no matter what you end up with, you can be sure it will be your best option!

Types of Storz and Bickel Vapes

First specializing in a desktop model known as the Volcano (later known as the Volcano Classic), Storz and Bickel went on to become the leader in vaping technology, providing the vaping community with an alternative to smoking. Storz and Bickel initiated the vaporization movement that you see today. Whether you want an efficient desktop vape or a portable device on the go, you can trust that Storz and Bickel provides top-quality products to enhance all your vaping sessions!

Storz and Bickel vs Other Brands

Being one of the first to provide the vaping community with a novel concept of vaporizing dry herbs without combustion is what put Storz and Bickel on the map. No other company has come close to creating another ergonomic design suited to be the ideal desktop vape. The original Volcano became the gold standard for vaping enthusiasts worldwide. While other brands do not come anywhere close to boasting the accolades that Storz and Bickel is known for, you would be hard-pressed to find another unit or company that can top what they have accomplished.

Cool Storz and Bickel Accessories

Extending their product line to include awesome add-ons for your vape such as plungers, drip caddies and dosing capsules, Storz and Bickel also includes a product line of wearable merchandise! No other company has had so much success as to be able to reinvest their profits to further augment their brand the way Storz and Bickel has. From beach towels & lanyards, to stickers, shirts & hats, you can now wear your favorite model of Storz and Bickel product! You will always have what you need to maintain the long-term integrity of your vape with this company.

About Storz and Bickel

Developed in 1996 by Markus Storz, the original balloon capability that is so popular today was patented in 1999. In 2000 the Volcano Classic was born, paving the way for success within the smoking community. Jurgen Bickel joined in 2002, and the following year, opened up shop for the American market. They found their new headquarters in Oakland, California in 2005 and have been refining their vaporizer product line ever since! A trusted name with 5-star customer ratings, you will always have the comfort of knowing that support for your vaping products is just a click away.

Types of Storz and Bickel Vapes

Highlighting their greatest achievement, the Volcano Classic is their most popular device, perfectly suited for the medical patient. Not only will we be covering this product, but also others that have come to be critically acclaimed & recognized throughout the world. Dry herbs & concentrates can be used with certain models that are built around these materials, and so let us explore the options available from Storz and Bickel.

Storz and Bickel Volcano Classic Vape

Highlighting their greatest achievement, the Volcano Classic remains the top winner within the vaping community. Originally designed to vaporize dry herbs with a balloon, Storz and Bickel came up with a revolutionary concept that enabled the user to theoretically carry a balloon to use without the need for lighters, torches, or any other smoking paraphernalia. The result was a portable in-home method for consuming your favorite dry herbs. Still popular today, this remains the gold standard for desktop vaporizers.

Storz and Bickel Crafty+ Vape

A slick, ergonomic device suited for on-the-go use, this portable vape is perfect for dry herbs & concentrates. A quick heat up time means less waiting & more vaping. With a light weight and just reaching over 4 inches in length, the Crafty+ is a favorite among those who favor the trusted Storz and Bickel brand name. AN innovative feature of the Crafty+ is the ability to control remotely through an app! This makes it truly versatile & convenient, knowing that you can control your device even when you are not around it.

Storz and Bickel Mighty Vape

Another pocket-sized powerhouse capable of vaping your favorite dry herbs, wax & liquid concentrates, the Mighty is Storz and Bickel’s strongest portable unit. Combining both conduction & convection heating modalities, this ensures even coverage when heating up your vaping material. Capable of both battery power & plugin options, the practicality of this handheld vape makes it one of the investments for your vaping sessions. A bright LED display compliments the ease of use and is easily considered one of the best portable vapes in the industry.

Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid Vape

The latest & greatest design to come out of Storz and Bickel, the Volcano Hybrid is perfect for all forms of vaping preferences, from traditional tube & whip methods to the classic balloon style. Boasting the capability to vaporize all forms of dry herbs & concentrates, the Volcano Hybrid is arguably the world's most powerful commercial vaporizer. As a standalone desktop vaporizer, what makes this truly unique is its ability to be connected via Bluetooth or Android! No other vape comes close to the Volcano Hybrid.

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