Glass Chillum Pipes

A great hand pipe to add to one’s collection, the glass chillum pipe is portable, easy to use, and can come in an endless amount of designs, sizes, and colors. Chillums are fantastic pipes for quick smoke sessions and can be concealed with ease. We offer a HUGE selection of high-quality handblown glass chillum pipes that should meet the demands of any smoker. All orders with NYVapeShop include FREE SHIPPINg and discreet packaging.

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How to Choose the Best Glass Chillum

Choosing the best glass chillum can be difficult with so many options out there. While there is not too much variation among chillums, there are some big differences that can affect your choice. We want to provide you with the most information about glass chillums as you shop so that we can be sure we get you the best glass chillum.

Types of Glass Chillums

Glass chillums are all similar in shape. The stem is more or less a straight pipe all the way to the end, with a bowl being at the end of the pipe, where it is open. This allows you to clear a chillum faster than any other apparatus. There are all different thicknesses and lengths of glass chillums. Additionally, you can find color changing glass chillums, themed glass chillums and even custom glass smoking chillums.

Sizes of Glass Chillums

Glass chillums can come in many different lengths and diameters. That being said most chillums are between three to five inches in length. The longer and thicker a chillum is, the more smoke you can milk out of it. Chillums are a straight pipe shape but many have cool, unique shapes mixed in as opposed to just a boring straight pipe. Many chillums are blown to have an extra cool grip since holding a chillum can be slightly harder than a spoon pipe.

Cool Glass Chillums

Glass chillums are often hand blown so they can have all sorts of unique designs. We offer US blown glass. Check out the smooth design work and color changing glass on the chillum glass pipe by Cherry Glass USA. Or if you are into sea life, we have a cool octopus glass chillum available in various colors.

Glass Chillums vs Glass Spoon Pipes

Glass chillums and spoon pipes are very similar but there are a few key differences. Chillums often do not have a carburetor and instead just have the bowl head at the end of the chillum pipe. This allows more airflow to quickly clear the chamber. Many chillums also have thicker stems and mouthpieces than spoon pipes, meaning you can milk bigger hits into the chamber before clearing it. Otherwise, there is not much difference between chillums and spoon pipes and both are great choices.

Types of Glass Chillums

Glass chillums do not have a ton of variation but sometimes this can make it even harder to choose the best one. Read about some different types of glass chillums below so you can find the perfect one.

One Hitter Glass Chillums

These are the smallest chillums and made for a quick, discreet smoke. Chillums are the best one hitter pipes in terms of airflow and don’t get clogged as easily as the smaller cigarette one hitters. Although small, they can still have cool, unique designs and colors. These are great to bring golfing or to the beach. One hitter glass smoking chillums are also budget friendly.

Color Changing Glass Chillums

There are many color changing glass chillums that develop cool color patterns as you use them. One of our favorites is the chillum glass pipe by Cherry Glass USA. Color changing glass can be fun because you never know exactly what it is going to look like and you get to watch the colors develop over time.

Themed Glass Chillums

You can find all different designs of glass chillums including some cool themes. Our octopus chillum is great for sea animal lovers. You can also find glass chillums with other characters or animals as part of the pipe design. There are also all sorts of color themes to match your preferences.

Custom Glass Smoking Chillums

A local glass blower can always make you a custom glass chillum. While we have a large selection of glass smoking chillums, it is possible you will not find exactly what you are looking for. While it will cost you quite a bit more, a glass blower may be able to make exactly what you imagine for a custom glass chillum.

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