Silicone Sherlock Pipes

Aptly named after the character Sherlock Holmes, these pipes have an old-fashioned aesthetic and look great in any collection. NYVapeShop now offers this iconic pipe in silicone which can give smokers the Sherlock Holmes experience without the fragility and higher price point of glass. Order with NYVapeShop today and receive FREE shipping on all orders! Loyalty Program members can receive additional discounts and sales on Sherlock pipes and tons of other items in our store!

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How to Choose the Best Sherlock Pipe

One of the most famous and most coveted types of pipes out there is the sherlock smoking pipe. This is for many reasons but largely is because of a certain Sherlock Holmes who popularized the pieces as we know them today, but also because of their portrayal in fantasy movies. In choosing the best sherlock pipe to smoke from, one made from silicone has many advantages.

Size of the Silicone Sherlock Pipe

There are many, almost infinite, shapes of sherlock pipes. The shape of the overall pipe has to do with the material or silicone’s thickness, the stem’s length, the bowl’s size, the angle of the bowl to the neck, and the curvature of the neck and stem itself. With all of these variables, nearly every sherlock pipe can look completely unique while still staying to the same homage to the ‘sherlock’ name of the pipe. There is no one right shape to sherlock pipes, all variables come down to the preferences of the smoker.

Length of the Silicone Sherlock Pipe

The longest of sherlock pipes are called Gandalf pipes, named after another famous fictional character. Sherlock Holmes popularized the original short pipe, this design is called a Peterson. Gandalf pipes oftentimes taper from a thicker to a thinner stem from its bowl to the mouthpiece, in addition, Gandalf pipes also curve more than most sherlock pipes do in their stem but this does not affect the smoke, only its handling.

Cleaning Silicone Sherlock Pipes

One of everyone’s favorite parts to silicone is its simple, easy, and efficient way to clean. Most pieces, unless otherwise told, can be cleaned with hot water and soap, and more importantly, they can be tossed into a dishwasher. Some silicone sherlock pipes and bongs can come apart for easier cleaning; otherwise, can be bent to shape to clean any hidden nook and cranny.

What is Cool About Silicone Pipes

Silicone smoking pipes are made very differently than other types of materials, such as glass or wood. More than often, silicone is either a solid color or a tye-dye compilation of many colors with a similar look to melted crayons in the shape of a bong, pipe, etc. The largest bonus to silicone over other materials is its indestructible quality; silicone is used in cooking and can be heated to incredibly high temperatures, in addition to not breaking or cracking when fallen. Silicone’s durability also makes it easy to squish, fold, and shove into bags or pockets.

Types of Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes can come in all of the materials that all other pipes can come in: silicone, wood, glass, and acrylic. The largest difference between all of these is in their taste and durability. For those looking into sherlock pipes, the material widely depends on the smoker’s preferences. Here is a comparison sheet to the other common materials including the traditional wooden sherlock pipe.

Silicone versus Wood Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes are greatly sought after for their beautiful shape and the wisdom they convey. The traditional sherlock pipe is made from wood and other materials, usually in two separable pieces. These wooden pipes can be difficult to find in everyday smoke shops and headshops, as they often only carry glass, silicone, and acrylic. In addition, wooden sherlock pipes can give the smoker a unique smoky taste in its combustion, making to a very different experience than other materials.

Silicone versus Glass Sherlock Pipes

Glass sherlock pipes are perhaps one of the most common variations of sherlock pipes because of glass’s ability to take shape as well as it’s neutrality in its flavor. On the other hand, sherlock pipes are made to have a long, thin stem, which in glass can be difficult to clean and can be easy to break. For regular use, silicone can give assurance to the smoker in its durability but does not have the amount of neutrality that glass does.

Silicone versus Arcylic Sherlock Pipes

Both silicone and acrylic can affect the overall taste of a sherlock smoking pipe. In comparison to each other, acrylic is far more intense in its own flavor than silicone. Moreover, acrylic sherlock pipes are often made in the same of wooden sherlock pipes and thusly can tend to have too large of a bowl compared to a normal pipe. What can be said is that silicone and acrylic have similar color limitations but this is in line with the traditional sherlock pipe’s overall look.

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